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Music Video of the Week, 3 Jan 2011

Nick Marks, TED Talks – TRANSCEND Media Service

Forget the GDP. There’s a new way to measure the good things in life.

In the words of Robert F. Kennedy, why does Gross National Product “measure everything […] except that which makes life worthwhile”? Happiness and health are what we really want, but we have the perception that those things can be measured on an economic scale. If happiness is what we want most, why aren’t we measuring it directly?

Good news: statistician Nic Marks does just that. Watch as Marks explains the Happy Planet Index, his alternative to GDP, and what it tells us about which countries are really the happiest.


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  1. Gidge says:

    With all the inexperience that has filled the government slots lately, why oh why can’t we have people like this in those spots???? *sigh*