War of the Sexes

JOKE OF THE WEEK, 9 May 2011

TMS Editor

A plane is falling rapidly from the sky and the passengers are dead scared. Suddenly a woman in the front stands up and taking off her blouse and bro yells, “Is there a man in this plane who can make me feel like a REAL woman before I die?!”

She yells this a few times when a man in the back gets up and replies, “Yeah I can make you feel like a REAL woman.”

He then takes off his shirt, throws it to her and says, “Iron this!”


Women are like computer virus… they ENTER your life…, SEARCH your pocket…, SHIFT your balance …, CONTROL your life…, and when you become an old version they DELETE you from their system.


Young man: Do you have a book called ‘Men, The Masters of Women’?

Salesgirl: The fiction department is on the first floor, sir.


A lady went to see a tarot reader to predict her future.

Taro Reader: I’m sorry to inform you that your husband is going to be victimized by an untimely death in the near future, madam.

Lady: Don’t tell me things that I already know. Tell me if there will be an investigation, and if so, will they find out?



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