Our Involvement in Saving the World from Complete Destruction


Charles Mercieca, Ph.D. – TRANSCEND Media Service

At this stage of history, the world is going through numerous serious problems, which could be fully brought under control only if we develop the habit of becoming involved. Problems should always be faced with courage, hope and perseverance. Needless to say, when we encounter a problem we may choose to solve it momentarily or permanently. If we choose the first one, then the problem keeps on coming back over and over again.

Focusing on the Problem’s Source

However, if we choose the second one, then that same problem will never surface again. This will simply involve getting to the source of it and block it there. If we were to make a study of the general tendency the governments of the world tend to adopt to solve our manifold problems, we would soon discover that they always tend to use the first option. This means, they make sure that the problem in consideration is brought under control momentarily.

Of course, once people see the problem solved, they all tend to take a sigh of relief. However, when the problem surfaces again, they all become frustrated and many may start to lose hope. Besides, many may become quite angry, an element that guarantees the loss of one’s happiness in life. As the Scholastics used to say, quidquid contingens est causam habet – whatever comes into being there must be a cause, that is, a valid reason. In fact, another scholastic logical saying goes like this: ex nihilo nihil fit – nothing comes out of nothing.

Each time we face problems in life we need to seek for solutions that are in the best interest of all people without exception.  The great problem of most government officials in the world at large lies here. Instead of solving problems in the best interest of all people, they proceed to solve problems in the best interest of some to the exclusion of others. Over the centuries, this approach has created animosity and numerous conflicts needlessly.

A careful study of the history of the last 6,000 years of civilization demonstrates that the nation that was viewed as super-power at the time, it always served as a blessing or a curse. It served as a blessing when it took the initiative to provide positive and constructive solutions to encountered problems, where everyone tended to be a winner in some way and no one a loser. It served as a curse when it took the initiative to furnish negative and destructive means that was based on fear, annihilation and death.

US Addiction to War in Perspective

When the Soviet Union collapsed, the United States emerged as the sole world-power in the world. Instead of taking the initiative to develop an international program of disarmament and arms control, the United States embarked upon the largest military build-up in the entire history of humanity. Foreign US military bases were built around the world in 146 nations out of some 193 countries. Without further delay, the USA assumed the role of becoming the policeman of the world without the consent of the United Nations.

The United States is a capitalistic society, which is controlled with iron fist by big corporations that finance the election of virtually every major government official. Needless to say, those US government officials that were elected in the office they hold through the money of big corporations feel the sacrosanct obligation to promote their product regardless as to whether it is beneficial or detrimental. The weapons industry and the military industrial complex invest more money in time of elections than any other imaginable industry.

This means that for the US government to justify the manufacture of more and more weapons and the waging of more and more wars, it has to instill an atmosphere of fear in the American people. To this end, billions of dollars are spent weekly on the hundreds of US foreign military bases, which are equipped with highly expensive weapons, not to mention the numerous warships that are virtually found in every ocean. As a result, the United States ran out of money and has had to borrow billions of dollars amounting now to a few trillions.

And to turn an insult into injury, the US government is seeking to cut social security and health care, which are vital for the American people under the pretext of balancing the budget. Of course, those that are familiar with US politicians know very well that such is not the case. They want to deprive Americans from their necessities of life so that the US politicians at large would be able to spend such money on the manufacture of more weapons and the promotion of more wars. This American addiction to war is endangering the lives of all people around the world.

The time to reverse this trend is now before it will be too late. The first gigantic step that is needed to reverse this trend fast and smooth is for all people in every nation to be aware of such facts. It is our responsibility, individually and collectively, to reach as many people as possible to this end. The best available means of contact today is the internet. There was a time when the news media were used for such a purpose. But this is no longer the case since the major TV stations and newspapers in the USA are controlled by big war corporations.

War-Oriented News Media

If an American that runs for a political office, dares to advocate the closing down of needless US foreign military bases and to cut money from the bloated military budget, the US news media will not bring any news about him. They simply try to make people, to the best of their ability, not to know that he even exists. Out of the present eight Republican candidates running to become the next US president, with the exception of one, they are all saying that as President they would seek for more weapons and promote more wars as needed.

The only one that is advocating drastic cuts from the US bloated military budget and the closing of needless US foreign military bases, Representative Ron Paul, has been totally ignored by the US news media. When Ron Paul in the Iowa straw poll of republican presidential candidates came third, very close to be second, the US television ignored him and reported to the nation as the one who came third the one that came distant fourth lagging behind Ron Paul! Since the US news media cannot serve as an instrument to promote peace and harmony in the world, we need to explore ways to remedy this sad situation.

We learn from history that the most powerful element we have in a nation that is mostly feared by every government is the people who, once they draw the line, no one will stop them, not even the military, until they straighten things out. We have seen this in India, following World War II, and recently in Egypt to mention just a couple of examples. Why is it that the United States, in its determination to police the world, relies heavily on the military? The military is the only entity in the world that is subject to no national and international laws.

As far as the military is concerned there is no protocol. When the United States decided to control Iraq, it simply invaded that country. No passports, no identifications, no documents of any kind were needed. At least, when the Mexicans entered the United States illegally, their intention was to do menial work just to provide their families with a livelihood. They did not represent to the American people any threat except for giving needed services. On the other hand, the US military entered Iraq to demolish cities and destroy human lives.

No one tries to hold accountable the military for its disasters. Among other actions, we see destruction of nations, the merciless killing of thousands of innocent people, along with millions of refugees and thousands of children left orphans. And to comprehend the bizarre mind-set of our earthly society, the military individuals that commit these awful crimes are viewed as heroes! Are we living in a society that may be characterized as being mentally deranged?

Bringing the Military under Control

We all need to work together to turn things around. Our ultimate goal is to eliminate anything that is negative and destructive. Here are some vital steps that we need to take to this end, no matter how long it would take us. These steps are not enlisted in any specific order. Since the USA is fully involved in the business of weapons and wars, we need to concentrate on this country.

1. In political elections, the American people should remove from office any official that advocate more money for weapons and wars and have them replaced by those who advocate more money for health care and education.

2. Pressure should be put on senators and congressmen to close down quickly 50% of all US foreign military bases. This would save countless billions of dollars and to have such money used for the vital needs of the people.

3. Those that work for the weapons and military industries should quit their job while asking God to forgive them for having let themselves to be used as instruments to demolish nations and to massacre innocent people.

4. Those who live in countries where there are US military bases should insist with their respective government officials to have such deadly and provocative instruments closed down.

5. Government officials everywhere should refuse any offer made by the USA to provide them with weapons and military equipment; instead, they should state that they will accept only medical and educational means.

6. Pressure should be put on the US officials to change the role of the military from one that is destructive to one that is constructive; for example, using warships as floating hospitals to help the poorest nations on earth.

7. Americans should insist with their government officials to change drastically their philosophy of retaliation with that of reconciliation; we need to keep in mind that one catches more flies with honey.

8. Those that join the US military should be trained to do humanitarian work. They should be trained to help those in dire need to the best of their ability; no more training to destroy nations and massacre people.

9. Let us keep in mind that what makes a country great, productive and secure does not come from our reliance of a so called “strong military,” but it comes from the kind of education and health care we provide to the people.

10. We all know that charity begins at home; if the US government wants to help the people of other nations, it should start with helping its own people first by providing them with the vital necessities of life, not with weapons and wars.

11. If US government officials do believe that honesty is the best policy, they should device a plan to take all the money from every individual that became millionaire from the sales of weapons and the promotion of wars.

12. Such money then needs to be put in a general fund to be used only to provide people both in the United States and elsewhere around the world, with good health care, excellent education and adequate housing facilities.

Needless to say, we may go on and on since the topic under discussion, Our Involvement in Saving the World from Complete Destruction happens to be so broad! One traditional saying goes as follows: The journey of one thousand miles starts with the taking of the first step. Regardless of the position we occupy in life, we all have the potential to make substantial contributions to help make the world considerably better than the one we have inherited.

We should always make it a habit to support all those that are making good contributions in the best interest of all people without exception. At the same time, we should always demonstrate the courage to oppose all those who are performing actions that are detrimental even to a small segment of the population. This approach of ours should be adopted with determination regardless of the titles those performing such mentioned actions may carry.

In conclusion, we should try to acquire the seven gifts of the Holy Spirit, namely: wisdom to see things into true perspective, understanding for purpose of better communication, counsel to help people move on the right track, fortitude that enables us to do what needs to be done, knowledge to help us make a better value judgment, compassion that enables us to treat everyone with love and mercy, and fear of God, which consists not in the fear that such a powerful entity has the power to destroy us, but in being very cautious not to offend the one that gives me everything that is positive and constructive day in and day out.


Charles Mercieca, Ph.D. – President, International Association of Educators for World Peace, Dedicated to United Nations Goals of Peace Education, Environmental Protection, Human Rights & Disarmament.

-Professor Emeritus, Alabama A&M University.

-Hon President & Professor, SBS Swiss Business School, Zurich.

-Member, TRANSCEND-A Network for Peace, Development and Environment.


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