Terrorism: Origins, Analysis & Resolution

TRANSCEND News, 9 Apr 2012

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University of California at Berkeley

Summer 2012

TRANSCEND Member Prof. Charles Webel


Terrorism: Origins, Analysis & Resolution

Session Dates:    05/21-06/29/12   

Summer Fees:

UC Undergraduate $1,624.00

UC Graduate $2,040.00

Visiting $1,660.00.

MTuWTh 3-5P, 109 Dwinelle Hall

4 units –  No Prerequisites

To register for this course, go to: http://summer.berkeley.edu/registration

Course Description

This course will focus on contemporary international terrorism, including the current “global war on terror.” While significant attention will be paid to conventional, “realpolitik” approaches to terrorism–widely understood as political violence committed by sub-national groups against civilian non-combatants–a distinguishing feature of this course will be the emphasis put on nonviolent solutions to conflicts between terrorists and the states and populations they attack.

Course Purpose

This course will familiarize students with contemporary theories and methods of understanding and preventing terrorism, focusing on international conflicts and conflict resolution. Special attention will be paid to the socioeconomic, psychological, ideological, and political reasons for terrorism, as well as to nonviolent alternatives to conventional counter-terrorist operations. We will examine conflicts drawn from the whole of human history and from different cultures. And we will assess the respective advantages and disadvantages of realpolitik and more unconventional approaches to the analysis and resolution of the form of political violence called terrorism.

Course Instructor

Charles Webel, Ph.D., teaches in International and Area Studies/Peace and Conflict Studies at Berkeley. A three-time Fulbright Scholar, he has published 6 books, including, with David Barash, Peace and Conflict Studies, as well as Terror, Terrorism & the Human Condition; with Johan Galtung, The Handbook of Peace and Conflict Studies; and, with John Arnaldi, The Ethics & Efficacy of the Global War on Terrorism.


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