Black Fever, White Eldorado – by Rais Neza Boneza


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In his new novel, Rais Neza Boneza explores the collapse of the communities and social relationships in relation to the exploitation of Coltan in the Great-Lakes region of Africa (Kivu/DRCongo). A  dull back metallic ore used in our everyday Hi-tech devises such mobile phones, ipad inter alia; has been one of the cores in the armed conflicts in the region.

Author Rais Neza Boneza is based in Norway; he is originally from the Great-Lakes region of Africa. Now, he taps that background and work as a peace researcher and practitioner to create a work of fiction and fact to bring in the awareness about the plight of people and simple individuals in the conflict-ridden Eastern-Congo.  The book is published both in French and English and it is entitled “ Black fever, White Eldorado” or in French “Eldorado Blanc, Fievre Noire”.

Boneza drew from his many experiences both life and field work to come up with plot ideas:  “… I see the gods in the flowering landscape that passes by … The beauty enlightens my thoughts and makes my heart cheerful and happy…. For miles you can see no houses or huts, as if to say that this idyllic landscape has been empty of men and women. We are really playing the Wild West in this country lost in the far-south; alongside the dreams, nightmares, beauties and darknesses coexist in a common household. “

The story captures the foibles, heartbreaks, and hope of life and friendships.  It explores a serious and dramatic side, but will show a lighter side as well.

 “A very informative story with lots of moral lessons that African youth in particular in search of El- Dorado, would benefit from.  To remind them of the importance of being loyal to the principles of life, like the Doctor, and not Bethel betraying as a result of a relentless quest for prosperity. It is therefore in the hardest trials that we know the actual quality of a person.  This book portrays the true value of each character to be brought to make choices that oppose reason and feelings, while scrambling for riches in the Kivu’s war zone.” Nzwamba Simanga, researcher and specialist in  historical  cultures of Africa today Kemet in the past.Uhem Meshut

Raïs Neza Boneza has written 3 poetry collections, 2 non-fictions and several articles or essays. He has travelled extensively in Africa and around the world as a lecturer, educator and consultant for different NGOs and institutions on peace and conflict transformation and human-rights issues. Besides being a writer and poet, he is also a freelance journalist based Trondheim, Norway.


Rais Neza Boneza is a Member and Convener for Africa of the TRANSCEND Network for Peace, Development and Environment. He received an honorary doctorate degree (Honoris Causae) from the Institute of Management (ISGM) and the University of CEPROMEC in Burundi.



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