How to Kill a Democracy


S. P. Udayakumar – TRANSCEND Media Service

Kuthenkuzhi Village, India, September 21, 2012

Anoint a colonized World Bank clerk as the Chief Executive with American blessings
And have him dance to imperial tunes and MNC notes with Swadeshi songs and swings.
Include all the rogues, rascals and rowdies as coalition partners and co-conspirators;
Make “Loot and Let Loot” the philosophy of governance and principle of administration.

Grant licenses, permits, and permissions for high amounts of kickbacks and commission;
Even if the country loses income and profit, just increase your cuts without any remission.
Appropriate real estates and properties, accumulate wealth and ascertain aggrandizement;
Hoard the money in Swiss banks, and have Quattrocchis operate ‘em without advertisement.

Open up national economy for Foreign Direct Investment and stringent structural adjustments;
Set up nuclear power plants all over and prop up foreign economies and nuclear establishments;
Build more nuclear weapons, blast more ballistic missiles with corrupt military procurements;
Turn the country into a super-poor superpower with these deadly political determinants.

If anyone challenges any of this, call them anti-national, unpatriotic and even seditious;
Claim they’re waging a war on the State even as you wage on them a war malicious.
Repeat the accusation they’re instigated by external powers, foreign money and spies abhorrent;
Foist false cases, vandalize their properties, raid their homes, send summons and arrest warrant.

Ignore global civil society, deem your citizens your own slaves and treat ‘em as you please;
Flout international norms, forswear human rights, forsake human dignity and citizens’ ease;
Stamp out democratic space, snub any political dissent, and silence any whispers and murmurs;
Turn hope and faith into fear and hate; engage media goons, and employ terrorism discourses;

And thus you can kill your democracy slowly, softly and surely!

S.P. Udayakumar, Ph.D. – Tamil Nadu, India:
* SACCER-South Asian Community Center for Education and Research (promoting life-long, life-wide and life-deep education)
* TRANSCEND Network, South Asia Convener (TSA) (For Rethinking South Asia)
* People’s Movement Against Nuclear Energy (PMANE)
* National Alliance of Anti-nuclear Movements (NAAM) (For a Nuclear-Free India that has No Deals, No Mines, No Reactors, No Dumps, and No Bombs).

This article originally appeared on Transcend Media Service (TMS) on 1 Oct 2012.

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One Response to “How to Kill a Democracy”

  1. satoshi says:

    Democracy is a phoenix. It is always born again from its ash as history proves.

    Even no dictator admits that his country is dictatorial. In fact, check the names of dictatorial countries in the world. The names of almost all these countries are “Democratic something,” “People’s something” or “Republic of something.” There is no country name such as “Dictatorial something.” The names of these dictatorial countries contain the seeds of democracy. Be aware of this fact: No communist or socialist country has ever put their country name such as “Capitalist something” or “Market Economy of something.” But remember, for instance, that India’s official name is the “Republic” of India (Bhārat “Gaṇarājya”). The phoenix of democracy is already in the name. Let the phoenix fly from its ash again. Time will prove it.

    But be patient. Democracy takes time. It is a long and winding road.