Heating Your Home Office Almost for Free


Antonio C. S. Rosa, editor – TRANSCEND Media Service

[Note from TMS editor: I post this video because I have tested the efficacy of the Flower Pot Heater in my own office/apartment. IT WORKS!]

I do not think the size of the flower pots makes much difference – as long as there is a passage between them for the air to flow up – once hot it does move pretty fast due to convection – as I explained in the words.

Yes, candles do give off C02 – but how many people do you know who have had a nice candle lit bath or shag and completely failed to suffocate themselves with Co2 or poison themselves with CO.

However: Do not go to sleep with candles on.

They are candles and it is a naked flame – keep an eye on it – do not add loads of extra candles.

Feel free to post that this will never work because you have to factor in the cost of driving to IKEA in your Mercedes

or that this will never heat a 5,000 square feet house in Canada in February.

As it says in the film this is for a home office – you can see it is a small room where two computers are running – I earn my crust editing videos.

Feel free to point out that your room is bigger than mine.

This is the web – you can say pretty much what you like.

Yes cats might knock it over.

Thanks for the thermodynamic lessons from the crypto scientists. Agreed there is not much energy in a few tea lights but this makes the most of anything that is available by getting a nice convection going – it like the difference between a radiant one bar fire and a convection heater – more air movement – fewer cold spots. In the winter I have it down to one side of my desk on the floor on a steel tray – not a copy of PBO.

Blimey there are some dozy people on this planet

– but there are also some pretty nice people and I have had some lovely emails –

If it makes any difference to anyone at all I am not earning a brass farthing from this vid as I am not in adsense.


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