Beating Climate Change, either Lead or Get Out of the Way

ENVIRONMENT, 22 Sep 2014

Arin de Hoog - Greenpeace

Greenpeace at London Climate March

Yesterday [21 Sep 2014], over half a million people in 160 countries across the world marched against climate change. What clearer signal can there be to policy leaders that they need to either lead or get out of the way?

Leading means using tomorrow’s climate summit to show that governments are going to take decisive action towards capping runaway CO2 emissions and stand up to the fossil fuel industry. If they are unable or unwilling to do this they need to get out of the way of the millions of their electorate who see the fatal cracks in the ice. Yesterday’s global act of solidarity adds an exclamation point to the rapidly growing number of people who are demanding that industry be accountable to the planet.

Alongside yesterday’s historic march was the announcement of historic CO2 emissions in 2013. On Sunday a report was released that, with China emitting more per capita than the EU, global emissions surged last year to previously unheard of numbers. India and the US were cited as being complicit in this massive blow to our planet, but they are far from alone

In light of this, we are millions who necessarily must not back down. Now is the time, en masse, to be ready to step into the vacuum left behind by our leaders if they continue to shy away from resource-hungry businesses and their desperate cash-grabs.

UN Secretary General, Ban Ki-moon’s ask to our world leaders tomorrow is clear: “arrive in New York armed with bold ideas to stem the impact of climate change.”

For us, our mission is clear: at every possible opportunity remind the people who we’ve elected that we want them to put Planet Earth first. This means that, even as the sun set on our fragile globe yesterday, the march does not end there. It continues in our hearts and minds and is expressed through audacious acts to keep climate change at the top of our leaders’ agendas. Whether they discuss economics, health or security, if tackling environmental threats doesn’t figure into their plans, there is no discussion at all.

Join us on October 4th as we again stand up for our planet and take to the streets to remind our leaders about the biggest threat to our planet’s future.


Arin de Hoog is the interim head of news at Greenpeace International.

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2 Responses to “Beating Climate Change, either Lead or Get Out of the Way”

  1. Michael Spurrier says:

    Please don’t be mistaken Climate Change has now become a tool for the same governments waging war all over the planet and also for the massive multinationals who are supplementing their oil interests with the massive renewables industry and the massive grants that are also available.
    There is no scientific evidence for man-made climate change being damaging on a large scale but the 17 year pause in temperature rise does show that CO2 is not the major driver of climate as it has been rising over those years and reflect have any of the climate predictions from 10 or 20 years ago come to pass.
    I’m afraid Greenpeace long ago lost its true environmental credibility and now encourage people to religiously cling on to views with no facts because its too hard to let go of preciously held viewpoints and say we need to reassess due to the facts.

  2. Michael Spurrier says:

    Just to add the article is not peace journalism it actually leads to conflict…….
    The climate change movement is based on fear, the same fear as of weapons of mass destruction, fear of Muslims, fear of Russians and all the other fears that we are told to believe and the fear the governments use to push damaging policies.
    I write as vegetarian who tries to lead an environmentally responsible life