CyberPeace Demands from Computer Scientists for Peace and Social Responsibility

TECHNOLOGY, 10 Nov 2014

Computer Scientists for Peace and Social Responsibility-FifF – TRANSCEND Media Service

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Political Measures Demanded by FIfF:

  1. Renouncement of first strikes and offensive acts in cyberspace: States should publicly abandon the preventive use of cyber weapons to attack.
  2. Purely defensive security strategy: States should bind themselves to not develop offensive weapons for cyberwar, let alone use them.
  3. Digital Geneva Convention: Civil infrastructure for basic needs like electricity, water, health care, etc. may not be attacked. Violating this principle should count as a war crime.
  4. Online forms of protests may not be criminalized, let alone be an excuse for war.
  5. Economic interests, e.g. an offence against Intellectual properties, are not a legitimate reason for war.
  6. Conventional weapons may not be uses as an answer to a cyber attach.
  7. Governmental entities, companies and citizens have to be informed about the disclosure of weaknesses (deducible from the fundamental right to guarantee of secrecy and integrity of IT systems, which the state has to protect).
  8. Carriers of critical infrastructure should be obliged to protect themselves and to design, implement and run IT system in a secure way, instead of calling for the state or even the military.
  9. Transparent assessments and tests have to be a requirement for a license.
  10. We demand denetworking and decentralization of critical infrastructure (e.g. DE-CIX).
  11. Disarmament of political speech: Distinguish clearly between cyberwar, cyber terror, cyber crime, ethical hacking, and political protest forms.
  12. Democratic control, separation of powers, parliamentary prerogative for cyber security strategy and its implementation.


Translated by Malvin Gattinger, TRANSCEND member & webmaster.

Original in German:

See also: (Deutsch) “Cyberpeace”-Kampagne engagierter InformatikerInnen wird gefördert


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