Demand from the Nepalese Government That the Terrible Gadhimai Animal Slaughter Festival Must Never Happen Again

APPEALS, 1 Dec 2014

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Gadhimai slaughter animals nepal

Gadhimai slaughter festival

Eyewitness Report – 29 Nov 2014:

“Our Investigators are today on the ground in Nepal, documenting what we believe to be the world’s biggest single-location animal slaughter festival. The Gadhimai festival takes place in such a remote area that our team is cut off from most forms of communication – but I have just received this short message:

‘I’ve never ever seen anything quite like this and hope I’ll never ever witness it again.

‘The scale of the suffering is vast – before me lie the bodies of thousands of buffalo, staining the earth, and the soles of the slaughtermen’s feet, red. What I’ve seen can only be described as a massacre. These animals have suffered great pain at the hands of an army of unskilled men and this is just the start….thousands of chickens, goats and other animals are next up in this 48 hour frenzy of killing [500.000 this year].

‘After documenting the horror I shut my eyes for a few minutes to escape the bloodshed but the air is heavy with a sickening smell of death and I know I’ll never be able to forget this event.’”

Please, if you haven’t already, call on the Nepalese government to ensure this festival never happens again.

For months Compassion campaigners have been working tirelessly to stop the inhumane slaughter at this festival. Together with like-minded organisations and individuals around the world, we’ve turned what was a local issue into a global issue.

The Indian Government has committed to stop animals crossing the border into Nepal and we have pushed hard for enforcement of relevant legislation designed to protect animals and people within Nepal. As a result, we are hopeful that fewer animals will be involved in the festival this time around, but it is still taking place.

The world is watching as the Nepalese Government stands by and allows many thousands of animals to be brutally slaughtered.

Our investigators are watching too. They are documenting this terrible festival to back up our demands to those who can help stop it.

The Nepalese Government has not stopped this year’s festival. But please, call on them to ensure this is the last time it ever happens.

Tell the Nepalese Government: Never again.



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