Open Letter to University of Sydney to Reject Calls to Punish Palestine-Justice Supporters


Jake Lynch, Sydney Staff for BDS – TRANSCEND Media Service

Prof. Jake Lynch

Prof. Jake Lynch

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Dear Dr Spence, University of Sydney Vice-Chancellor,

We are compelled to write to you to register our serious concern about the concerted campaign being conducted against Palestine activists at the University of Sydney.

We are appalled at the virulence and insistence with which prominent supporters of Israel have been publicly calling on you to “take action” in response to events at Richard Kemp’s March 11 talk, by sanctioning both the students who conducted a small protest there, and those members of staff, present in the audience, who subsequently defended their right to do so.[1] These calls appear to be principally focussed on having Associate Professor Jake Lynch and Dr Nick Riemer dismissed from the university. In Lynch’s case, this is the demand explicitly being made by the Australasian Union of Jewish Students via their online petition, which we note has now been closed.[2]

Such ​demands ​for the dismissal of staff members or the disciplining of students are entirely unwarranted and unjustifiable. Dismissal of academics is the most serious action that can be taken against them, and is traditionally only done under the gravest circumstances of misconduct or moral turpitude. Whatever our various opinions on the legitimacy of the students’ protest, we call on you to firmly reject the suggestion that any action should be taken against anyone present at the lecture. Associate Professor Lynch is one of Australia’s most prominent human-rights campaigners and anti-racists. His unshaking commitment to the cause of Palestine justice has earned him formidable enemies. The racial discrimination lawsuit brought against him by the Israel Law Centre, Shurat HaDin, which he defeated in 2014, is the clearest example. Claims that Lynch’s response to the physical assault launched against him by a member of the audience at Kemp’s talk constitutes evidence of his anti-Semitism demonstrably have no basis in fact and are obviously politically motivated.[3] Dr Riemer, for his part, is ​an active participant in a number of anti-racist and human-rights campaigns.

There are no possible grounds on which either Lynch or Riemer could reasonably be disciplined. They asserted a right for students to protest at a campus political meeting. They supported justice for Palestine. They objected when students were in danger of serious injury through being violently ejected by the university’s security staff, for whom you are ultimately responsible. By any reasonable measure, none of these actions constitutes any justifiable grounds for dismissal.

Lynch and Riemer uphold the right to peaceful protest as a core civil liberty. For the University of Sydney under your leadership to take action against anyone, whether students or staff, for their actions on March 11 would seriously discredit your own commitment to the fight against racial prejudice, and the commitment of your institution.

Lynch and Riemer were acting in the context of the greater moral responsibilities which confront academics in light of the reality in Israel-Palestine. This constitutes the necessary background to any reasonable assessment of the present issue. Israel’s gross violations of human rights and international law, which Lynch and Riemer’s critics seek to excuse and thereby perpetuate, have been condemned by every international human rights organisation, including Israel’s own, B’Tselem. As we write, illegal settlement activity continues unabated, involving the rolling ethnic cleansing of Palestinians, the destruction of homes, farmland and heritage, the ongoing dispossession and displacement of large numbers of people, and the further subjection of Palestinians to the checkpoint controls, arbitrary imprisonment, and oppression of a brutal settler state.[4] Unarmed civilian protesters are regularly shot dead by the IDF on the West Bank. According to Human Rights Watch, over 3,000 civilians not participating in hostilities have been killed by Israeli Forces in the West Bank since 2000.[5] Over 2,200 Palestinians, 1,500 of them civilians, and over 500 of them children, were killed in last year’s war in Gaza, which also flattened whole areas of Gaza City and elsewhere,[6] led to the internal displacement of 100,000 people, and generated two million tonnes of rubble.[7] 2014 was, indeed, the deadliest year for Palestinians since 1967, on UN figures.[8] In light of these facts, Richard Kemp’s claim that “no army in the history of warfare had taken greater steps than the IDF to minimise harm to civilians in a combat zone”[9] is as serious and irresponsible a misrepresentation of the truth[10] as his nakedly racist claim, made in a February 2 tweet, that “The current price for a Palestinian to kill a Palestinian child to discredit Israel is $10,000. $8,000 to the family, $2,000 commission.”[11]

We call on you, Dr Spence, not to allow yourself to be made the agent of the Israel lobby’s persecution of those committed to a just peace in the Middle East. If the University of Sydney is committed to anti-racism and justice, as it claims, it would be deeply shameful, to say nothing of ironic, if you took any action against Palestine activists on your campus. These activists are engaged in one of the most important, and most symbolic, anti-racist and human rights struggles in the world today. A decision to sanction them would set back the struggle in Australia against racism, not just for Palestinians, but for all oppressed peoples, and would lastingly undermine any claim that Sydney is an institution opposed to historic injustice and racial prejudice.


[1] Peter Baldwin, ‘Where the right to speak is howled down’, The Australian, Thursday April 2, 2015, p. 12.



[4] On current settlement activity, see, for example,


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Signatories (as of Mon, 13 Apr 2015, 6 a.m. GMT)

  1. Associate Professor Peter Slezak, University of New South Wales
  2. Associate Professor Barbara Baird, Women’s Studies, School of Social & Policy Studies, Flinders University
  3. Rima Najjar, Al-Quds University, occupied Palestine
  4. Senator Lee Rhiannon, Australian Greens
  5. Professor Noam Chomsky, MIT
  6. Archbishop Emeritus Desmond Tutu
  7. Melissa Parke, MP, Federal Member for Fremantle, ALP
  8. Richard Falk, Princeton University, former UN special rapporteur on human rights in the Palestinian territories
  9. Michael Thomson, President, University of Sydney Branch, National Tertiary Education Union
  10. Professor Johan Galtung, Professor of Peace Studies, Dr hc mult, Founder of TRANSCEND International
  11. Associate Professor Cristina Rocha, ARC Future Fellow, University of Western Sydney
  12. Professor Emeritus Stuart Rees AM, Founder of the Sydney Peace Foundation, University of Sydney
  13. Dr Ben Golder, University of New South Wales
  14. Prof David Palumbo-Liu, Professor of Comparative Literature, Stanford University
  15. Dr Marcelo Svirsky, University of Wollongong
  16. Ahdaf Soueif, PalFest
  17. Dr Sarah Gregson, University of New South Wales
  18. Dr David Brophy, University of Sydney
  19. John Pilger, journalist and film director
  20. Dr Ben Miller, University of Sydney
  21. Vivienne Porszolt, spokesperson, Jews against the Occupation
  22. Jenny Leong, MP, NSW Greens
  23. Dr Ying Qian, Australian National University
  24. Dr George Morgan, University of Western Sydney
  25. Mary Kostakidis, freelance journalist
  26. Professor Jane Kenway FASSA, ARC Professorial Fellow, Monash University
  27. Professor Ghassan Hage FAHA, Future Generation Professor of Anthropology and Social Theory, University of Melbourne
  28. Dr Valerie Levy, University of New South Wales
  29. Dr Briony Neilson, University of Sydney
  30. Dr James Levy, University of New South Wales
  31. Emeritus Professor Jonathan Rosenhead, London School of Economics
  32. Dr Les Levidow, Senior Research Fellow, Open University, UK
  33. Mike Cushman, London School of Economics
  34. Associate Professor Alana Lentin, University of Western Sydney
  35. Dr Fiona Probyn-Rapsey, University of Sydney
  36. Latin American Social Forum, Sydney
  37. Dr Sophie Loy-Wilson, Postdoctoral Research Fellow, Laureate Program in International History, University of Sydney
  38. Dr Julie-Ann Robson, University of Sydney
  39. John Passant, University of Wollongong and Australian National University
  40. Dr Christopher Peterson, University of Western Sydney
  41. Mark Johnston, University of Sydney
  42. Dr Michael Grewcock, University of New South Wales
  43. Dr Peter Manning, Cosmopolitan Civil Societies Research Centre, University of Technology Sydney, and journalist
  44. Dr Scott Burchill, Deakin University
  45. Professor Jane Simpson, Australian National University
  46. Dr John Kaye, Greens NSW MP
  47. Honorary Associate Professor John O’Brien, University of Sydney
  48. Dr Mandy Treagus, University of Adelaide
  49. Dr Bruce Gardiner, University of Sydney
  50. Cathy Peters, freelance journalist and Coalition for Justice and Peace in Palestine
  51. Ray Goodlass, Riverina Greens
  52. Mark Goudkamp, ESL teacher and Refugee Action Coalition, Sydney
  53. Dr Jelle Stoop, University of Sydney
  54. Dr Beatriz Carillo Garcia, University of Sydney
  55. Dr Diane Fieldes, University of New South Wales (retired)
  56. Dr Christopher Black, University of Sydney
  57. Glen Smyth, University of Sydney
  58. Roger Grealy, University of New South Wales
  59. Kevin Lin, University of Technology, Sydney and University of Sydney
  60. Dr Timothy Steains, University of Sydney
  61. Harry Sargent, University of Sydney
  62. Dr Edward McDonald, University of Sydney
  63. Zac Widders, University of Melbourne
  64. Vivian Honan, University of Sydney
  65. Jane Brophy, Monash University
  66. Dr Tad Tietze, University of New South Wales
  67. Associate Professor John Grumley, University of Sydney
  68. David Robertson, University of Sydney
  69. Simon Rowe, University of Sydney
  70. Sheila Fitzpatrick, University of Sydney
  71. Omar Hassan, University of Sydney
  72. John Salisbury
  73. Zena Ghaoui, University of Sydney
  74. Haley Bent, Friends of Palestine, WA
  75. Nathalie Camerlynck, University of Sydney
  76. Dr Phil Griffiths, University of Southern Queensland
  77. Russell Ward
  78. Conall Cash
  79. Mira Wroblewski, University of Sydney
  80. David Rylance, University of Sydney
  81. Fahad Ali, University of Sydney
  82. Clare Fester, University of Sydney
  83. Mark Gillespie
  84. Tobias Manderson-Galvin, MKA: Theatre of New Writing
  85. Dr Alecia Simmonds, University of Technology, Sydney
  86. Georgia Valis, University of Sydney
  87. Dr Ron Witton
  88. Brian Brophy, University of Adelaide
  89. Leonidas Kontaxis, University of Sydney
  90. Haskell Musry, international OHS consultant
  91. Stefan Moore, Independent filmmaker
  92. Al Yazbek
  93. Dr Vacy Vlazna, Alumna, University of Sydney
  94. Noura El-Hajje, University of Sydney
  95. Sylvia Posadas
  96. Dr Jasmina Brankovich, Murdoch University
  97. Edward Barnes
  98. Stephanie Beck, University of Sydney
  99. Dr Lindsay Fitzclarence, Adjunct Associate Professor, Monash University
  100. Sylvia Hale, former Greens NSW MP
  101. Paul McLisky
  102. Hugo Weaving
  103. Eliot Hoving, University of Sydney
  104. Michael Coleman, Steering Committee Member of the Gaza’s Ark campaign
  105. Ian Rose
  106. David Sampson
  107. Moneta Wong, Alumna, University of Sydney
  108. Andrej Trbojevic, Free Speech
  109. Carlotta McIntosh, former student and tutor, University of Sydney
  110. Dr Marcus Banks, RMIT University
  111. Dr Ken McNab, University of Sydney
  112. Jepke Goudsmit, Kinetic Energy Theatre Company
  113. Dr Jen Harrison, University of Sydney
  114. Dr Martin Rorke, University of Sydney
  115. Ihab Shalbak, University of Sydney
  116. Luke Faccini
  117. Sarah O’Brien
  118. Jon Atkins
  119. Patricia Philippou
  120. Paul Duffill, University of Sydney
  121. Dr Michael Mitchell, Charles Sturt University
  122. Chris Breen
  123. Dr Wendy Lambourne, University of Sydney
  124. Patporn Phoothong, Rotary Peace Center at Chulalongkorn University
  125. Karen Collier, Brave Media
  126. Jennifer Haines, University of Technology, Sydney
  127. Marcus Campbell, University of Sydney
  128. Didy Yung, University of Sydney
  129. Ivan Niccolai, University of Sydney
  130. Tossapon Liptapanlop, Palestine Solidarity Campaign Thailand
  131. Daniel Grayson
  132. Antony Skinner
  133. Robert Martin
  134. Gerard Betros, University of Southern Queensland
  135. Pragati Chakma, University of Sydney
  136. Juliet Bennett, University of Sydney
  137. Shoraida Umpan, MSU-Iligan Institute of Technology
  138. Henry di Suvero, playwright
  139. Isabel Timmerman, University of Sydney
  140. Karen Dempsey, Planet Earth
  141. Naseer Mahmood, UCLAN
  142. Dr Melissa Hardie, University of Sydney
  143. Dr Bill Dunn, University of Sydney
  144. Andrea Pagella, University of Sydney
  145. Sara Saba
  146. Sarah Enderby, University of Sydney
  147. Dr Annie Herro, University of Sydney
  148. Shobha Varkey, Australian National University
  149. Stuart Ward, Palestine Solidarity Campaign, Thailand
  150. Professor Kevin P Clements, Director, NCPACS, University of Otago, Dunedin, New Zealand
  151. Pip Hinman, Socialist Alliance
  152. Nahla Nigroh, University of Sydney
  153. Jerome Boutelet, University of Sydney
  154. Rodinal Khalili
  155. Associate Professor Kate Lilley, University of Sydney
  156. Dr Tom Barnes, Australian Catholic University
  157. Reme Sakr, University of Technology, Sydney
  158. Issam Affaneh, Sun Moon University, Korea
  159. Belinda Lowe, University of Sydney
  160. Barry Mulligan
  161. Elena Ortega Tolosana, University of Sydney
  162. Nancy Gharib
  163. Dr Peter Banki, University of Western Sydney
  164. Baharuddin Ali
  165. Nenty Subarjono
  166. Sarina Jan
  167. Dean Ransevycz
  168. Patricia Gonzales-Masias
  169. Dr Jumana Bayeh
  170. Sara Dowse
  171. Dr Simon Lumsden, University of New South Wales
  172. Margaret Cassar, Convenor, Adelaide BDS
  173. Natilee McGruder, Director, River Region Food Policy Council, USA
  174. Matthew Drake-Brockman
  175. Nadeem Khan
  176. Sue Leigh
  177. Judith O’Conal-Prinz
  178. Dr Hamish Ford, University of Newcastle
  179. Jan Bartlett, 3CR Melbourne
  180. Rita Alfar
  181. Dennis Oppenheim
  182. Franklin Obeng-Odoom, University of Technology, Sydney
  183. Anne Sinclair
  184. Stewart Mills
  185. Shabbir Hussain, University of Sydney
  186. Margaret Slezak
  187. Carlota Arias, University of Sydney
  188. Dr Sebastian Job, University of Sydney
  189. Brenda Heard, Friends of Lebanon
  190. Adam Khan
  191. Kara Beavis, University of Sydney
  192. Dr Michael Richardson, University of Western Sydney
  193. Bridget Harilaou, University of Sydney
  194. Alissar Gazal
  195. Daisy Farnham
  196. Dr David Faber
  197. Mujib Abid, University of Sydney & University of Western Sydney
  198. Russell Casey
  199. Amina Youssef, Alumna, University of New South Wales
  200. Mohammad Azzam
  201. Diane Mantzaris
  202. Kareem Abedrabbo
  203. Sylvie Leber
  204. Arnold Hindhaugh
  205. Leonie Hitchenor
  206. Catriona Macleod
  207. Barvara Hush
  208. Sabine Wojtkowiak
  209. Dr Philippa Hetherington, University of Sydney
  210. Leigh Leslie, Curtin University
  211. Chris Warren, University of Sydney
  212. Dr Thomas Adams, University of Sydney
  213. Chloe Jungwirth
  214. Fatima Kheir
  215. Rita Appleby
  216. Professor Emeritus Martin Chanock, La Trobe University
  217. Dr Nick Thieberger, University of Melbourne
  218. Eng Amin Aljaberi
  219. Dr Huw Griffiths, University of Sydney
  220. Sandra Glasbeek
  221. Alessandra Atzeni
  222. Roberto Jones
  223. Issa Shaweesh
  224. Rafat Sub Laban, LL.M., University of Essex
  225. Dale Hess
  226. Dr Shamshudeen Jamal, University of Sydney
  227. Jacinda Woodhead, Overland Magazine
  228. Dr Cathryn Morriss, University of the Sunshine Coast
  229. Tahlia Birnbaum, University of Sydney
  230. Dr Eyal Mayroz, University of Sydney
  231. Rachel Weerasooriya
  232. Prof. Ahmad Shboul, University of Sydney
  233. Sarah Irving, University of Edinburgh
  234. Bianca Webb-Pullman
  235. Professor Bassam Dally, University of Adelaide
  236. Kenneth McLeod
  237. Dr Dena Olwan, USA
  238. Mac Halliday
  239. Michael Brull, New Matilda
  240. Smilja Jankovic, National Center for Peace and Conflict Studies, Otago
  241. Lucy Jones, University of Technology, Sydney
  242. Liz Prince
  243. Reda Al-Haddadeh
  244. Peter Fraser
  245. Christopher Weddle, HfMT Cologne
  246. Dr Aurelien Mondon, University of Bath
  247. Dr Chin Jou, University of Sydney
  248. Abbas Hassan
  249. Dennis Cormier, Gaza Through My Eyes Film team, Gaza City
  250. Edwin Montoya Zorrilla, University of Sydney
  251. Jennifer Bush, Alumna, University of Sydney, Member Jews Against the Occupation/Jewish Voice for Peace
  252. Mu’min Assafiri
  253. Ketty Montero
  254. Graham Matthews
  255. Shamaila Asad Khan, VU Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam, Netherlands
  256. Dr Anthony Leaker, University of Brighton
  257. Marty Morrison
  258. Martin Dobson
  259. Dr Siti Aishah Abdullah
  260. James Crawford, alumnus, University of Sydney
  261. Dr Ronit Lentin, Trinity College, Dublin (retired)
  262. Imogen Grant
  263. Mike Smith
  264. Rhoda Booley
  265. Simone Cher Roach
  266. Ruth Bird, University of Oxford
  267. David Nathan, University of Oxford
  268. Dr Marita Bullock, University of Sydney
  269. Souf Yacoubi, University of Amsterdam
  270. Marco Wanjura, Austria
  271. Helen Young, University of Melbourne
  272. Martin and Lois Griffiths, community radio, Christchurch, New Zealand
  273. Dr Robert Payne, American University of Paris
  274. Dr Neil Maclean, University of Sydney
  275. Diane Dounas
  276. Bob Biggs, University of Newcastle
  277. Greg Murrie, University of Sydney
  278. Chante Caesar, University of Cape Town
  279. Gilad Lebovic
  280. Adelina Dokja
  281. Ian Hollingworth, Nonviolent Conflict Workshop
  282. Sadia Lira
  283. Michela Callegari, Italy
  284. Ilona Milka Weisz
  285. Greg Johns, Vice General Director, SGI Australia
  286. Rami Meo
  287. Christopher Alderton, University of Sydney
  288. Margarita Windisch
  289. Philip Antigua
  290. Amar Okhai
  291. Dr A.F.J. Bell Medicine graduate (1968), University of Sydney
  292. Helen Bryan
  293. Jasmin Music, Universität Wien
  294. Andrew Heap
  295. Dr Raymond Dean
  296. Joanne Bennett
  297. Michael Lavalette, Professor of Social Work, Liverpool Hope University
  298. Alan Bishop
  299. Sabyasachi Chatterjee
  300. Elias Greig, University of Sydney
  301. Amal Awad, Love for Humanity
  302. Robin Dunford, University of Brighton
  303. Alexandra Hankinson, University of Sydney
  304. Professor James Martin, University of Sydney
  305. Emile RasheedPin, SCA
  306. Shaila Pezerovic- Marta, CSU
  307. Lorraine Paul, VU
  308. Lars Cornelissen, University of Brighton
  309. Louise Fitzgerald
  310. Anna London
  311. Federico Fuentes
  312. M Y Eastman
  313. Ahmar Mahboob, University of Sydney
  314. Gina Zoia, University of Technology, Sydney
  315. Arthur Chesterfield-Evans
  316. Paul Scrase
  317. Aamir Khan
  318. Nour Jandali, Grenoble Graduate School of Business
  319. Steven Chong
  320. Helen de Silva Joyce
  321. Ahmed Kadri
  322. Pauline Scutt
  323. Brigitte Garozzo, University of Sydney
  324. Marcus Phelan
  325. Maureen Delaney
  326. Dr Dalia Nassar, University of Sydney
  327. Maara Serwylo, Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology
  328. Mouna Kheir
  329. Professor Richard Jackson, National Centre for Peace and Conflict Studies, University of Otago, New Zealand
  330. Anjali Vishwanathan, University of Sydney
  331. Janet Molly, Bali, Indonesia
  332. Louise O’Brien
  333. James Cook
  334. Lawson Tanner
  335. Cris Matthews
  336. Honorary Associate Professor Rosemary Huisman, University of Sydney
  337. Simba Kuestler, University of New South Wales
  338. Gina Krone, RMIT University
  339. Nick Rowbotham, University of Sydney
  340. Dr David Kelly, University of Sydney
  341. Dr David Caldwell, University of South Australia
  342. Jemma Nott, University of Sydney
  343. Professor Emeritus Tony Blackshield AO, Macquarie University Law School
  344. Dr Victoria Mason, Australian National University
  345. Colm Bryce, Lecturer, North West Regional College, Derry, N Ireland & Ruskin College, Oxford
  346. Maureen Arnaiz
  347. Zehra Ahmed
  348. Dr Sophia Barnes, University of Sydney
  349. Dr Roderick McDonald, University of Iceland
  350. Alison Pennington, University of Sydney
  351. Patrick Harrison
  352. Zoe Lawlor, University of Limerick, Ireland
  353. Dr Annabelle Lukin, Macquarie University
  354. Christel Nathan
  355. Sonja Karkar, Australians for Palestine
  356. Josie Balsom
  357. Shazad Ibnul
  358. Dr Jasmine Westendorf, La Trobe University
  359. Tor Krever, London School of Economics
  360. Ola Mekari
  361. Dr Jemima Mowbray, Macquarie University
  362. Sai Brace
  363. Lucinda Matthews, University of Sydney
  364. Brian Newman, University of Melbourne
  365. Ola Daoud
  366. Rachel Lobo, University of New South Wales
  367. Dr Robert Austin, University of Queensland
  368. Margaret Berry, University of Nottingham, UK (retired)
  369. Helen Bayes, Silver Wattle Quaker Centre
  370. Miriam Hudson
  371. Mohammed Kheir
  372. Viviana Ramírez
  373. Professor Jeremy Keenan, SOAS, London University
  374. Hafiz Kasami
  375. Nada Pretnar, BDS Slovenia
  376. Dr Diana Shahinyan, University of Sydney
  377. Dr Susan Hood, University of Technology, Sydney
  378. Abdelghani Judeh
  379. Willy Bach, School of History, University of Queensland
  380. Soumyendra Nath Mukherjee, University of Sydney
  381. Jo Groves
  382. Doris Douglas, University of Queensland
  383. Carmen Abdelkader, Olive Kids
  384. Richard Larson, Stony Brook University
  385. Su-kyoung Hwang, University of Sydney
  386. Marina Lever
  387. Sonja Sedmak
  388. Sean Maroney, University of Sydney
  389. Dr Christina Neilson, Oberlin College, USA
  390. Waleed Othman, King Faisal University
  391. Dr Rick Kuhn, Adjunct Reader Australian National University
  392. Safaa Rayab, Swinburne University of Technology
  393. Dr Robert Zuber, GAPW
  394. Nadia Iftkhar, choreographer
  395. Osama Khalik
  396. Nisa Alam
  397. Ann Curthoys, Honorary Professor, University of Sydney
  398. John Frow, University of Sydney
  399. Cornelis Van Dijk, United Response
  400. Phillip Whitefield
  401. Micaela Pattison, University of Sydney
  402. Dr Zoe Crossland, Columbia University
  403. Dr Jordy Silverstein, University of Melbourne
  404. Hulya Aydin
  405. Amy Bird
  406. Lucia Sorbera, University of Sydney
  407. Gillian Pick
  408. Steve Taleb
  409. Omar Saleh, University of Sydney
  410. Dr Sarah Gleeson-White, University of Sydney
  411. Abdul Shakoor
  412. David Garland, Victoria University
  413. Melanie Morrison
  414. Alexandra Kelly, PhD, University of Wyoming
  415. Dr Nour Dados, University of Technology, Sydney
  416. Dr Alex François, Université Sorbonne Nouvelle, Paris
  417. Federica Pistono
  418. Stephen Campbell, Johns Hopkins University
  419. Alison Orr
  420. Jenifer Flintoft, Portsmouth SD Palestine Solidarity Campaign
  421. Anna Coccia, Roman Solidarity Network for Palestine
  422. Marco Avena, University of Sydney
  423. Gillian Silvester
  424. Peter Marks, University of Sydney
  425. James Auty (Dr), University of Manchester
  426. Jamal Daoud, Social Justice Network
  427. Nadira Auty, University of Cambridge
  428. Sam Rahman
  429. Christopher Santiago, Columbia university
  430. Nadia Fried
  431. Katherine Przewlocka
  432. Ken Enderby, Bankstown TAFE
  433. Dr Kevin Bray, Alumnus, University of WA and Australian National University
  434. Dr Camilo Zapata, Alumnus of St Georges Medical School, University of London; Member of the Royal College of Psychiatrists, London
  435. Jarrah Sastrawan, University of Sydney
  436. Aliya Mahar, SZABIST Karachi Pakistan
  437. Nadia Cambefort
  438. Rod Suleiman, USA
  439. Mahmoud Dalloul, PMC
  440. Michael Otterman, former Centre for Peace & Conflict Studies Visiting Scholar
  441. Dr Nina Parish, University of Bath
  442. Anna Farkas
  443. Fred Bohrer Hood College, Washington, DC
  444. Mahta Manzouri, University of Technology, Sydney
  445. Emilia Mostarda
  446. Marina Bicchieri, MiBACT
  447. Yazan Hammad
  448. Manal Taha
  449. Claudia Ortu, University of Cagliari (Italy) and University of Johannesburg (South Africa)
  450. Angelo Stefanini ,University of Bologna, Italy
  451. Frances Clarke, Department of History, University of Sydney
  452. Claire Ayling
  453. Tomas McBride Nadia Cambefort
  454. Sarah Haynes, University of Western Australia
  455. Nada Elzeer, School of Oriental and African Studies, University of London
  456. Rowail Javaid, University of Management and Technology, Sialkot, Islamic Republic of Pakistan
  457. Zena Youseph
  458. Lawrence Warner King’s College London
  459. Jamie Miller, Cornell University
  460. Professor Toh Swee-Hin, University for Peace, Costa Rica
  461. Ines Crespo
  462. Gay Leaker, Ex University of Sydney student and researcher.
  463. Virginia Cawagas Professor, University for Peace
  464. Kathlyn Gadd
  465. Muhammad Tarique Institute of Communication Studies, University of the Punjab, Lahore- Pakistan
  466. Marco Bianchini University of Edinburgh / University of Bologna
  467. Dr Marco Venuti University of Catania, Italy
  468. Nad Inxs, University of Westminster London
  469. Zeina Maasri, American University of Beirut / University of Brighton
  470. Dr Annie Pfingst, University of London
  471. Simon Warren, Nui Galway
  472. Anthony Jones
  473. David Letwin, Jews for Palestinian Right of Return
  474. Anton Wongtrakun
  475. James Godfrey
  476. Dr Ali Kazerooni
  477. Martine Wongtrakun
  478. Ingrid Wijeyewardene, University of New England
  479. Kerrie Lee, Alumna, University of Sydney
  480. Eugene Michail University of Brighton
  481. Yosefa Loshitzky, SOAS University of London, UK
  482. Francesco-Alessio Ursini, Stockholms Universitet
  483. Mary Theodorou
  484. Dr Gary Pearce
  485. Adalat Hussain
  486. Rebecca Rawsthorne
  487. Wahibe Moussa, RMIT
  488. Sam Byrne, Former Greens Mayor of Marrickville
  489. Katja Rebmann University of Warwick graduate
  490. Dr Amanda Kaladelfos, Griffith University
  491. Dr Wendy Michaels, University of Newcastle
  492. Dr David M. Pritchard, University of Queensland
  493. Evan Jones, University of Sydney
  494. Bryan Dawe
  495. James Anderson
  496. Suzanne King
  497. Ziyad Serhan, Muslim Students Association
  498. Alex Jones, University of Sydney
  499. Dr Ian Barnes, University of the Highlands and Islands, Scotland
  500. Mona Baker
  501. Ana Cleja
  502. Christie Brink
  503. Beatrice Scheepers
  504. Dr John Roy
  505. Christine Johnston University of Toronto (retired)
  506. Omar Sidaoui
  507. Hera Aquib
  508. Mohamed El-Saafin City of Port Phillip
  509. Christopher Skinner
  510. Professor Stephen Castles, Research Chair in Sociology, University of Sydney
  511. Martine Masse
  512. Francesca Dominello Macquarie University
  513. Brigid Rooney University of Sydney
  514. Claudia Hyles
  515. Elizabeth Jacka Emeritus Professor UTS
  516. Anna Gerarda Turic
  517. Eric Carwardine
  518. James McDougall
  519. Veroi Jacomb
  520. Fr Denis Scanlan
  521. Kevin Finney Hintertech
  522. Noel Ferguson
  523. Rex Williams Australians for Justice
  524. Mike Griffin Retired educationalist
  525. Robert Birch
  526. Tom Griffiths University of Melbourne
  527. Karen Burton
  528. Blythe Worthy University of Sydney
  529. Emma Clancy, Murdoch University
  530. Shahrizal Uzaini
  531. Monika Bednarek, University of Sydney
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  534. Dr Caroline Lipovsky University of Sydney
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  537. Dr Sarah Roche-Mahdi (Ph.D.) independent scholar, United States
  538. Jon Jureidini, University of Adelaide
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  540. Sam Lockwood
  541. Ismail [Dr.] Zayid
  542. Sareh Salarzadeh
  543. Francesca Dominello, Macquarie University
  544. Tim Hollo Alumnus, USyd
  545. Sean Clinton
  546. Martin Barker
  547. Carla Razzano
  548. Elizabeth Rechniewski University of Sydney
  549. Graeme Lindenmayer Retired
  550. Kia kaha
  551. Monty Wazam
  552. Steffi Leedham
  553. Jennifer Killen University of Sydney alumna
  554. Jenny-Lee Heylen University of Western Sydney
  555. Scott McKenzie
  556. Helen Caple University of New South Wales
  557. aleha banu
  558. Peter Karamoskos University of Melbourne
  559. Scott MacInnes
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  561. Fay Waddington
  562. Umut ozguc UNSW
  563. Murray Matson
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  565. Christine Hooper
  566. Mary Kelly AJPP Canberra
  567. Basil Yacoub CPA
  568. Anthony Clancy Member I.E.E.E
  569. Rev Gregor Henderson Past President, Uniting Church in Australia
  570. Fiona Yardley University of Sydney
  571. Richard Staig
  572. John Bransby
  573. Olivia Murphy University of Sydney
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  585. Anthony Langlois Flinders University
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  609. Dr Lyn Dickens University of Sydney
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  612. Michael Letwin Former President, Association of Legal Aid Attorneys/UAW 2325
  613. Bushra AL-Hakim
  614. Susan Sullivan
  615. Mary Kelly AJPP Canberra
  616. Dr Adam Broinowski ANU, ARC DECRA Post Doctoral Research Fellow
  617. Helen Jordan
  618. Brian Davies Journalist and one-time executive producer “Four Corners”
  619. Paul Heywood-Smith QC
  620. Dr Terry Lustig Affiliate, Department of Archaeology, Sydney University
  621. Liam Kesteven University of Western Sydney
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  623. Jason Koh
  624. Danielle Zorbas
  625. Anton Sabella Freelance journalist and translator
  626. Jessica Whyte University of Western Sydney
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  628. Khalil Hamdan Pacsi , Palestinian Arts Culture and Sports, Brisbane, QLD
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  630. Aksamseddin Baralak
  631. Dieter Barkhoff
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  643. Rocio Campos
  644. Byron Knight Treasurer – ANU Students for Justice in Palestine
  645. Assoc Prof Matthew Fitzpatrick Flinders University
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  647. Yarrow Andrew Flinders University
  648. Sebastián Gil-Riaño Postdoctoral Research Fellow, Laureate Program in Race and Ethnicity in the Global South, University of Sydney
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  674. Alan Roberts Ph.D. (University of Sydney), Monash University (Retd.)
  675. Joe Frank Australian Friends of Palestine Assn
  676. Rod Barton
  677. Tim Welfare, Artist
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  679. Dr Eulalia Reyes
  680. Pagella Franco
  681. Michael Severson
  682. Brian Boyd, Columbia University
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  684. Helen and Jos van den Berg
  685. Thomas Marcinkowski, Convener, Friends of Palestine WA (FOPWA)
  686. Mike Carlton, Writer
  687. Sophie Herms, UNSW
  688. Gwenyth Bray, Australians for Justice and Peace in Palestine
  689. Eliza Birse
  690. Patrick Carr
  691. Donald H Craig
  692. Yael Winikoff, The Australian Jewish Democratic Society
  693. Marie McKern
  694. Timothy Laurie, University of Melbourne
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  696. Saed Bashara, University of Sydney
  697. Blake Thompson
  698. Randa Farah, University of Western Ontario, Canada
  699. Karen Huggins
  700. Ali Kazak, Former Palestinian ambassador
  701. Michael Schembri, Trade union advocate
  702. Michelle Berkon, Jews Against the Occupation
  703. Melissa Martin, Sydney University
  704. Kitty-Jean Laginha, Sydney Uni
  705. Kelly Azizi, Department of Gender and Cultural Studies, University of Sydney
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  740. M L Cullen
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  743. Edgar Oswaldo Monroy Rodriguez
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  751. Edwin Jay Rutledge, Munich
  752. Dr Michael Neu, The University of Brighton
  753. Eric Willoughby, PMD, United Kingdom
  754. Dylan Jones, United Network of Young Peacebuilders
  755. Maarten Muskens, Randboud University, Nijmegen, The Netherlands
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  782. Charlotte Kates, US Campaign for the Academic and Cultural Boycott of Israel
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  784. Kevin Herbert
  785. Thomas Gilchrist, National Union of Students South Australian Education Officer
  786. Ray Jackson indigenous social justice association
  787. David Macilwain
  788. Samara Shehata
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  790. James Vigus, Flinders University Student Association President
  791. Kate da Costa, University of Sydney
  792. Declan Murphy, Victorian Education Officer, National Union of Students
  793. Bob Khan
  794. Danica Cheesley National Queer Officer, National Union of Students
  795. Alix Mandelson
  796. Julia Dimitriadis, University of Sydney
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  801. Peter Hindrup
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  803. Jan Brahe
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  808. Penelope Glass, Community theatre worker, V
  809. John Stanley
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  812. Belinda Chambers, University of Sydney
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  814. Vincent Fontaine
  815. Amira Drissi University of Ghent, Belgium
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  819. Sara Lee Apple
  820. Nouhaila Boukhlik
  821. Mona Abu Zalaf, University of Technology, Sydney
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  823. Mahmoud Bastami
  824. Abd Mohd
  825. Noraini A Fattah
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  837. Akila Elsherbiny
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  843. Blake Hamilton
  844. Tim Huzar, University of Brighton
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  849. Yakoob Motala
  850. Bill Corbett, Retired teacher
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  854. Orieb Masadeh-Tate, Salford University
  855. Andrew Greig, Coordinator, Nonlethal Security for Peace Campaign, Council Member CPACS
  856. Sallyann Garner
  857. Nicholas Evans, Australian National University
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  860. Sarah Thorne
  861. Miriam Pellicano, University of Sydney
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  863. Dr Nick Shimmin, Editor and Publisher
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  866. Percy Wee, UK
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  869. Dr Harry Feldman
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  871. E. Sanbar
  872. Narendra Mohan Kommalapati, Activist
  873. Jorge Sotirios
  874. William Winser, University of Adelaide
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  876. Tom Hall, playwright- Dublin, Ireland
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  878. Gyde Knebusch
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  883. Martin O’Brien
  884. Ghislain Poissonnier, laywer
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  888. Cynthia Franklin, University of Hawaii at Manoa
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  890. Goretti Horgan, Ulster University
  891. Jennifer Harness
  892. Alexander Donnaloja, University of Cumbria
  893. Ashraf Al-Ouf
  894. Peter Minter, University of Sydney
  895. Sam Wainwright, Councillor, City of Fremantle
  896. Jessie Chang, Bethlehem Palestine
  897. Heather Mathew
  898. Carlos Jaguande B.
  899. Herbert Escher
  900. Nasser Athamneh, Yarmouk University/ Jordan
  901. Zubaida Alrubai, The University of Sydney
  902. Rick Johnson, Physician
  903. John O’Hara
  904. Donald Barrett, University of Sydney
  905. Dr Prithvi Shrestha, The Open University, UK
  906. Badreddine Nafouti
  907. Shireen Coulson
  908. Patrick Nye
  909. Fadia Hamdi
  910. Rami Ruhayel
  911. Ismail Coovadia, (Retired) Ambassador of South Africa to Israel
  912. Luke Weyland, formerly Sydney University
  913. Terri Ginsberg, American University in Cairo
  914. Willie van Peer, University of Munich
  915. Damon Lynch, University of Minnesota
  916. Priscilla Eppinger, Graceland University Community of Christ Seminary
  917. Ellen Moore, Institute for the Study of Societal Issues, University of California, Berkeley
  918. Evan English
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  921. Marie-Hélène Touzin
  922. David Whitten Smith, Emeritus Professor, University of St. Thomas, Minnesota, U.S.A.
  923. Randy Janzen, Selkirk College, Canada
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  925. Dr Vicky Margree, University of Brighton
  926. Peter Russell
  927. Paul Merrell, J.D. Retired
  928. Lydia Harvey University of Sydney, University of New South Wales
  929. Ruqiya Anwar Pakistan
  930. Cathy Braithwaite QUB
  931. Eryl Court, Canadian Peace Research Association
  932. Aijaz Shaikh
  933. Gordon Fellman, Brandeis University
  934. Bernard Porter, Former Visiting Professor, University of Sydney
  935. Ruth Jamieson, Queen’s University Belfast
  936. Harriet Malinowitz, Ithaca College, USA
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  938. Beth Luppe USA
  939. Nasser Lattouf
  940. Julia Viegas
  941. Mary Baine Campbell, Brandeis University
  942. Bo Fauth
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  944. Tandjaoui M’hammed Mostaganem University
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  946. Sharon Kelly
  947. John Freitas
  948. Aliya Rahma, Najihati Institut Teknologi Sepuluh Nopember (ITS) Surabaya Indonesia
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  950. Bi Glazer
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  954. Mel Deo
  955. Ann Horne
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  960. Julie Drysdale
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  962. Tyler Levitan, Independent Jewish Voices – Canada
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  964. Penny Bright, Anti-corruption / anti-privatisation campaigner
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  974. Scott Lamson
  975. Zabeer Khan UK
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  978. Mark Readman Sunderland University
  979. Kathryn Keen, New Zealand
  980. Helen Roche
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  999. Andrew O’Hara
  1000. Hadassah Borreman Yeshurun, Judaism against Zionism
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  1002. Tiffany Wilson
  1003. Ellen White
  1004. Rachel Myles
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  1006. Michael Breen
  1007. Michael Johnstone
  1008. Eifat Khan
  1009. Carla Batista
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  1012. Richard Seaford, University of Exeter
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  1014. Mirjam Stevens
  1015. Isobel Smith
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  1017. Aimen Zreika
  1018. Alan Weir
  1019. Michael French Retired TU Officer, England
  1020. MD MASUD, Borough of Manhattan Community College, CUNY
  1021. David Cuthbert, The Art Shed, Winscombe UK
  1022. Emma Christopher, UTS, Anti-Slavery
  1023. Sonia von Bornemann, Leichhardt Friends of Hebron – Conveners
  1024. Tess Morand
  1025. Don Williamson
  1026. Jannet Stolinski
  1027. Dr Julie Shaw
  1028. Felicity Morgan, Member, Australian Friends of Palestine Asociation
  1029. Edward Corrigan, Ed Corrigan Law Office
  1030. Rahma Boussida
  1031. Claudette Fortier from Montreal Quebec Canada
  1032. Arthur Mckerron
  1033. Joe Daly St Gerald’s College. Dublin City University. National University of Ireland, Galway.
  1034. Mark Bradbeer LaTrobe University
  1035. Fuad Al Hussein Georgetown University
  1036. Ruth Russell Women’s International League for Peace & Freedom
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  1038. Liam Ward, RMIT University
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  1040. Rosemary Elgani
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  1049. Laurie Izaks MacSween
  1050. Alice Beauchamp, Alumna, University of Sydney
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  1052. Dr Carol Ellis
  1053. Jim Ife, Professor Emeritus, Curtin University
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  1055. Barbara Southon,
  1056. Chris Alison
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  1060. Ayah Touni University of Sydney
  1061. Pat Hewett Friends of Sabeel Colorado
  1062. Doro Pollex John Dowdle FRSA
  1063. Jaime Cader
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  1068. Dr David Glanz
  1069. Zena Haddad University of Western Sydney
  1070. Michael Neill Universities of Auckland (NZ) and Kent (UK)
  1071. Lesley Carnus, Refugee Language Program, University of Sydney
  1072. Bert Jenkins University of New England
  1073. Mannie De Saxe
  1074. Gay O’Connor
  1075. Joseph Bassil
  1076. John Guy
  1077. Ken Blackman
  1078. Ngaire AboudGerry Binder, Peaceful People Power Australia
  1079. Avril Vorsay
  1080. Rosemary Karafili
  1081. Linda Karafili
  1082. Dennis Kortheuer, California State University, Long Beach
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  1087. Ken Blackman
  1088. Dorothy Bassil
  1089. Rosemary Karafili
  1090. Dennis Kortheuer California State University, Long Beach
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  1093. Robert J. Burrowes
  1094. Bruce Hogben retired journalist
  1095. Sean O’Grady University of Sydney
  1096. Dr Stephen Whiteman, University of Sydney
  1097. Liz Ross
  1098. Robert Nola, Philosophy, University of Auckland
  1099. Annemarie Whisson Friends of Palestine WA
  1100. Bert Jenkins, UNE
  1101. Marcia Corderoy, Friends of Hebron (Treasurer)
  1102. Eva Clothier
  1103. Valeriy Retyunin
  1104. Helen Patterson
  1105. Michael Shaik, Australia Palestine Advocacy Network
  1106. Liz Farrar
  1107. John A. Lappart, The Farm
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  1111. Chris August, Banking Solutions Limited
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  1115. Mary Sheehan QUT
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  1118. Madeleine Cohen University of California, Berkeley
  1119. Hikmawan Saefullah, Padjadjaran University
  1120. Rafi Alam, University of Sydney
  1121. Neelo Monteith
  1122. Ammar Al Maani, King Faisal University
  1123. Giovanna Longhi
  1124. Samah Sabawi
  1125. Loren Tairi
  1126. Jordan Brocious, University of California, Irvine
  1127. Earl Perez-Foust University of California, Santa Barbara
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  1129. Dr Susannah Tobin, University of Sydney
  1130. Daniel Mcloughlin, University of New South Wales
  1131. Sam Dickson, University of Sydney
  1132. Craig Lyons, University of Sydney
  1133. Munir El Kadi,  Abu Dhabi Women’s College
  1134. Ali Bahamad
  1135. Tanya Matys, University of British Columbia, Canada
  1136. Jeremy Rabie
  1137. Julie Webb-Pullman, Hemaya Center for Human Rights, Gaza
  1138. Tom Patton
  1139. Tony Gellad, Retired banker
  1140. Mark Steven UNSW
  1141. Stella Groves
  1142. Ammar Sultan, Sur University College
  1143. Lizz Gill
  1144. Dr Maxwell Whisson, MB, BS; FRCPath
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  1147. Stanley Bercovitz
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  1149. Elsa Oréal, Centre National de la Recherche Scientifique (France)
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  1151. Noura Alameddine, Lawyer
  1152. Sofie Loizou
  1153. Aahraf Kodsy, University of Western Sydney
  1154. Rachel Giora, Tel Aviv University
  1155. Nicolette Jackson
  1156. Agron Tairi
  1157. Lorel Thomas
  1158. David Nir, citizen of Israel
  1159. Laura Bannerman, University of Sydney
  1160. Ned Curthoys, The University of Western Australia
  1161. Fadel Ghazi, University of Western Sydney
  1162. Robert Kirkconnell, Chapman University
  1163. Kirsten Tranter, UC Berkeley
  1164. Doug Roberts
  1165. Leona Kieran
  1166. Hanifa Deen, author
  1167. Dr Michele Ziolkowski
  1168. Pat Mcnew
  1169. Nathan Finkelstein
  1170. Alexey Feigin, University of Technology, Sydney
  1171. Dr John Guy, Flinders University SA
  1172. Zora Simic, University of New South Wales
  1173. Dr Golnar Nabizadeh, The University of Western Australia
  1174. Zoe Kenny
  1175. Luke Wojtaskiewicz Alumna, Universityof Sydney
  1176. Andrew (Andy) Alcock AFOPA SA, SA Unions Retired Unionists Association
  1177. Terri Twycross
  1178. Ben Dean University of Sydney
  1179. Heather Watkins
  1180. Robert Crompton
  1181. Chris Brown University of Sydney
  1182. June Tobin Humanity for Palestine UK
  1183. Samuel Lewin University of Sydney
  1184. Yasser Wyngaard
  1185. Dr Petro Alexiou, University of New South Wales
  1186. Christine Rose
  1187. Catherine Kevin Flinders University
  1188. Maureen Magee University of Sydney
  1189. Pilar Salamanca, Valladolid University, Spain
  1190. Brendan Wylie University of Sydney
  1191. Hassan Hamad University of Western Sydney
  1192. Dr Shuruq Naguib, Lancaster University
  1193. Mo Ghaleb University of Calgary
  1194. Kurt Iveson University of Sydney
  1195. Dr Erik Paul CPACS University of Sydney
  1196. Ann Cunningham
  1197. Hamdi Abu-Zalaf
  1198. John Apostolakis AFOPA
  1199. Siobhàn Victorian, Reading University
  1200. Dr Anne Monsour
  1201. Neville Spencer
  1202. Bilquis Ghani
  1203. Alessandro Iandolo, London School of Economics and Political Science
  1204. Paul Avery
  1205. Chris Rose
  1206. Farida Bensalah, France
  1207. Sergio Gonzalez, The University of Sydney
  1208. Skaidy Mandryk, University of Sydney alumna
  1209. Paula Abrams-Hourani
  1210. Patrick Emerton Monash University
  1211. Nicole Sullings
  1212. Penny Leigh-Brown
  1213. William J O’Reilly
  1214. Sharon Fennell
  1215. David Douglas, United Services Union
  1216. Chamseddine Chamseddine, Student
  1217. Lara van den Beemt
  1218. Anne Lanham, Ecumenical Social Justice Group (Western Suburbs)
  1219. Kerry Ann O’Reilly
  1220. Leturc Brigitte, France
  1221. David Houston
  1222. Janice Catherall
  1223. Lynn McAllister
  1224. Richard King, Nottingham University UK
  1225. Tony Mansour Usyd
  1226. Herman De Ley, Ghent University (Belgium)
  1227. Michael Shanahan, Palestine Solidarity Campaign (UK)
  1228. Clive Astle University of Sydney alumna
  1229. Gary Lord University of Sydney
  1230. Stephen McPhillips, University of Copenhagen
  1231. Peter Whyte
  1232. Kate Sinclair, Member of Palestine Human Rights Campaign New Zealand
  1233. Tara Gallagher
  1234. John Miate
  1235. Salam Haddad
  1236. Phil Wallis
  1237. Haytham Bayasi, Freelance interpreter
  1238. Maire Leadbeater
  1239. Harley Price CSM, UAL
  1240. Mark Ziebell, Alumnus of University of Sydney
  1241. Felicity McCall, NUJ
  1242. Kathleen Wallace
  1243. Matthias Reichl, Center for Encounter and Active Non-Violence, Bad Ischl, Austria
  1244. Davie Turner, University of the West of Scotland
  1245. Refaat Alareer, Islamic university-Gaza
  1246. Dr Bernadette McCall, University of Sydney
  1247. Paul Smyth LL.B, National University of Ireland Galway; LL.M Queens University Belfast
  1248. Eamon Harty
  1249. Dr Mei-Ling Dubrau
  1250. Ann Aboud
  1251. Jefferson Lee Alumna UNSW
  1252. Aytac Aktas
  1253. Peggy Howells
  1254. Caroline Millott
  1255. Sakina Chagpar
  1256. Leila Sedlarevic
  1257. Sharifah Jalil Belfast
  1258. Simon Koreshoff, University of Western Sydney (postgraduate)
  1259. Jim Crawford
  1260. Frances Coombe
  1261. Cameron Petrie University of Cambridge
  1262. Phoebus Apostolides
  1263. Mel Frykberg, Australian journalist based in the Mideast
  1264. Nick Deane Marrickville Peace Group
  1265. Andrew Kennedy
  1266. Tom Bertuleit
  1267. Jon Haigh Alumnus of Curtin University
  1268. Jennifer Gorelik
  1269. Dr Zakiya Dadabhay
  1270. Dr Amir Kalanie, Surgeon, NSW
  1271. Ellen Shanks Queens, Belfast
  1272. Mari Korpela University of Tampere, Finland
  1273. Roger Lamb University of Queensland
  1274. Emmanuel Roy Université de Moncton
  1275. Professor Peter Magee Bryn Mawr College
  1276. Georgia Britton
  1277. Gavin Fridell Saint Mary’s University
  1278. Eleni Pitsilioni-Alexiou
  1279. Nora Bawa educator, Washington, DC
  1280. Asbjorn Kanck
  1281. Tara Seabrook University of Queensland
  1282. Leanne Williams
  1283. Tameem Khader Curtin University of Technology
  1284. Marty Morrison
  1285. Lorraine Sinderberry Retired
  1286. Nicholas Harrigan Singapore Management University
  1287. Suzanne Stetkevych Georgetown University
  1288. Ziad Elmarsafy University of York (UK)
  1289. Svetlana M Pettersson
  1290. Ken Seigneurie Simon Fraser University
  1291. Samer Ali U of Texas at Austin
  1292. Patrick Carey
  1293. David Klein Professor of Mathematics, California State University, Northridge
  1294. Jan Oberg Transnational Foundation, TFF, Sweden
  1295. B Zilio
  1296. Richard Weyndling
  1297. Dietrich Hyprath
  1298. Brian McLure
  1299. martin bruveris sydney university
  1300. Joseph Schultheiss
  1301. Hassan Rafique Accountant, Perth WA, Australia
  1302. Federico Zanettin Università di Perugia, Italy
  1303. Laura Elliott
  1304. Maire Noonan McGill University, Canada
  1305. Nino Pagliccia [Retired from] University of British Columbia, Canada
  1306. Michael Ryan France
  1307. Nicolas Raulin
  1308. Glenna Johnson
  1309. Alice Jacobsen Head of School
  1310. Warren Montag Occidental College, Los Angeles
  1311. Dylan Clements The Australian National University
  1312. Siavosh Bigonah Malmö university
  1313. Lubna Safi The Pennsylvania State University
  1314. Tatjana Vasileva Stojanovska NBRM
  1315. Marie Lombard ACAT France
  1316. Hilary Kilpatrick
  1317. Andrew Chubb UWA
  1318. Michael Craig SLCC Ireland
  1319. Richard Matthews Lakehead University
  1320. Rand Carter
  1321. Bo Engberg Sand Københavns Kommune
  1322. Urban Sterner
  1323. Lyn Nasir
  1324. Judy Sieffert Walkabout Farm
  1325. Glenys Davies
  1326. Alia Alatshan
  1327. Catherine Strout
  1328. Deborah Darnes
  1329. Edward Pechter Concordia University (Montreal) and University of Victoria (British Columbia)
  1330. Rashmi Luther Carleton University (retired Lecturer), Canada
  1331. Jane Fisher
  1332. Jessica Nguyen
  1333. Dr Aloysia Brooks
  1334. Maureen Purcell
  1335. Dr Christopher Burns-Cox Frenchay Hospital Bristol UK
  1336. Margaret Edwards
  1337. Gary Weglarz retired clinical social worker
  1338. Peter Kocsis
  1339. Kobi Snitz Wiezmann institute of science
  1340. John Pace
  1341. Peter Bartos, B. Eng (Civil), University of Sydney
  1342. Amna Hansia Alumna, Curtin University of Technology
  1343. Bruce Knobloch, B. Env Sys, University of Sydney
  1344. Rihab Charida
  1345. Thambi UNSW
  1346. Marjory Ellsmore, teacher and teacher trainer
  1347. Erik Green University of California – Santa Cruz
  1348. سعیده جعفرپور
  1349. Elizabeth Gertsakis University of Melbourne
  1350. Rick Price Mandurah, Western Australia
  1351. Mark Roberts, postgraduate student, University of Sydney.
  1352. Marshall Harris
  1353. Peter Jones Australian National University
  1354. Krista McClelland
  1355. Avery Andrews The Australian National University
  1356. Gareth Brinkworth Academic
  1357. Louise Hughes
  1358. Frederick Green University of New South Wales
  1359. Noel Fouchard, France Palestine Solidarité
  1360. Jamal Hamdan Arab Council Australia
  1361. Sary Zananiri Monash University
  1362. Patrick Flanagan, Retired (Pensioner)
  1363. David Whelan B.F.A. (UNSW)
  1364. John Walsh University of Adelaide
  1365. Melanie Mayze LaTrobe University (Postgraduate Student)
  1366. Richard Bailey USYD Graduate
  1367. Fiona White Postgrad student, University of Sydney
  1368. Dr Valentina Baú University of New South Wales
  1369. Majella Thomas
  1370. Dr Maria Elena Indelicato, Ningbo Institute of Technology, Zhejiang University
  1371. Emad Sinan
  1372. Xavier Ghazi, Artist
  1373. Ian Taylor
  1374. Gareth Smith Byron, Friends of Palestine
  1375. Fatema Mohammed Ali, University of Sydney
  1376. Dr Ismail Jalisi, Chartered Engineer
  1377. Madeleine Hodgson University of Sydney
  1378. Antonia Rubino University of Sydney
  1379. David Smith, Australian Friends of Palestine Association
  1380. Neil Robertson, University of Sydney
  1381. Darrell Bickley
  1382. Yvette Giles, University of Technology, Sydney
  1383. Esther Singer
  1384. Miguel Galsim, Australian National University
  1385. Helen Gilbert, University of London
  1386. Matthew Campbell, University of Sydney
  1387. Gay McAuley
  1388. Kathryn Guy
  1389. Arne Nielsen Hansen Dialog på Frederikshavn Lokalradio
  1390. Eleanor Kilroy
  1391. Anwar Raslan
  1392. Christopher Rawlinson
  1393. Paul Tate University of Manchester
  1394. Bryn Hutchinson Faculty of Medicine, University of Sydney
  1395. Isabel Ramirez
  1396. Anna Bernard
  1397. Dennis Doherty
  1398. Dr Hannah Middleton
  1399. Robin Mann St Stephen’s Lutheran Church, Adelaide
  1400. Niamh O’ Connor University of Sydney
  1401. Hilary Jahanpour Reading College, UK
  1402. Catherine Skipp
  1403. Suzanne Caragianis SA Hand Therapy
  1404. Constantino Marzuqa
  1405. Frank Johannesen
  1406. Martin Cowper
  1407. Steven Gelb University of San Diego
  1408. John Beauclerk Freelance at Humanitarian Consultancy
  1409. Nadia Harhash Al Quds University
  1410. Robert Collins
  1411. Anne Tsoulis Australian Friends of Palestine
  1412. Matthew Meagher
  1413. Mette Roerup MS international Cooperation Denmark
  1414. Paul Jackson World Citizen
  1415. Valdis Dunis Adelaide University graduate
  1416. Craig Berman
  1417. Nikolai Haddad
  1418. Gerry Byrne
  1419. Maggie Huang
  1420. Shirley Dally
  1421. Margaret J Roberts
  1422. Ralph Clarke
  1423. Greg Wood
  1424. Brita Bastogi Human Rights March, Women in dialogue, Denmark
  1425. Matthew Davies
  1426. Natalja Nabinger, Griffith University
  1427. Ibrahim Farran
  1428. Isin Korkusuz
  1429. Bob Briton Communist Party of Australia
  1430. Megan Durant University of South Australia (retired)
  1431. Dr Graham Baird Retired Mathematician
  1432. Rebecca Semaan
  1433. Fran McKenzie
  1434. Paul Blackwell
  1435. Brett Harradine University of Western Sydney
  1436. Scott Burnett Graduate student
  1437. James Thelwell
  1438. Judith Anderson
  1439. Anne Bowman Adelaide
  1440. Alexandra Diamond University of South Australia
  1441. Jessica Conte University of California, Irvine
  1442. Anthony Billingsley University of NSW
  1443. Peter Hawxhurst, Education Equals Making Community Connections
  1444. Irene Gale AM DipT ALCM
  1445. Les Cleland, University of Adelaide
  1446. Dr Greg Giannis, Victoria University
  1447. Nick Rodintsis, UNSW Postgrad student
  1448. Justin Colley, University of New South Wales
  1449. Lisa Fennis University of Sydney
  1450. Dr Noah R. Bassil Senior Lecturer, Critical and Cultural Studies, Macquarie University
  1451. Zoe Bedford Sydney University
  1452. Elsa Galbally
  1453. Dr Phil Davies
  1454. Elsa Jureidini, Sydney South West Area Health Service
  1455. Helena Cornelius, Conflict Resolution Network
  1456. Sue Rae
  1457. Mengistu Amberber University of New South Wales
  1458. Dr Rose Martin University of Auckland
  1459. Maria Onoufriou
  1460. Erima Dall University of Sydney
  1461. Dr Jeanette Wright University of Waikato Hamilton NZ
  1462. Caroline Thomas
  1463. Peter Kamphuis
  1464. Tilman Ruff AM, Associate professor, Nossal Institute for Global Health, School of Population and Global Health, University of Melbourne
  1465. Associate Professor Nicholas Rowe University of Auckland
  1466. Gabriela Cuadrado-Quesada UNSW
  1467. Eddie Westfield Open University UK
  1468. Sylvie Gaiguant
  1469. Dom Durham
  1470. Nigel Kellaway University of Wollongong
  1471. Patrick Bradley
  1472. Tom Rainey-Smith
  1473. Sabrina Snow
  1474. Sohoon Lee University of Sydney
  1475. Pratima Mitchell
  1476. Dalia Mostafa, University of Manchester
  1477. Azizah Johari, Melbourne
  1478. Chris Benham
  1479. Donald James Innes
  1480. Kolin Thumbadoo, The Mandela Legacy Trust
  1481. David Palmer, University of Melbourne
  1482. Dr Adnan Abdel-Fattah, Defence Science & Technology Organization – DSTO, (Retired)
  1483. Alexis Bergantz, Australian National University
  1484. Gerard Hetherington
  1485. Nadya Haddad
  1486. Ariella Azoulay, Brown University
  1487. Rose Gates
  1488. Mary Rawlings
  1489. Joao Grillo
  1490. Floyd Kermode, Monash University, English Language College
  1491. Cliff Jones, University of Liverpool, Honorary Senior Fellow
  1492. Johannes de Voogd, Quaker Peace and Justice (NSW)
  1493. Dr Lance Brennan, Flinders University
  1494. Ruth Campbell, Flinders University
  1495. Mary Heard, B Soc Wk UNSW
  1496. Trudy Talbot
  1497. Meredith Burgmann, former President of NSW Upper House
  1498. Anne Noonan, Medical Assoc. For Prevention of War (MAPW)
  1499. Joe Collins (West Papua Project)
  1500. Darnell Henderson
  1501. Marina Lever AFOPA
  1502. Nasser Giacaman The University of Auckland
  1503. Sumin  Zhao  University of Technology, Sydney
  1504. Rex Davis PISUKI
  1505. Jocelyn Hungerford
  1506. Brendan Kelly
  1507. Jacques Arouet
  1508. Sara Knox
  1509. Julia King, Australians for Palestine
  1510. Myriam Iglesias, Solidarity Group Ibiray-Sydney
  1511. Monica Moore, Monash University, retired.
  1512. Sophia Hardy, University of Sydney
  1513. Jo Errey, Marrickville Peace Group
  1514. Martha Augoustinos, University of Adelaide
  1515. Socorro Cifuentes
  1516. Martin and Lois Griffiths
  1517. Pranvera Asipi
  1518. Phillip Staines University of New South Wales
  1519. Reem Abou-El-Fadl, SOAS, University Of London
  1520. Robert Crabtree University Of Adelaide
  1521. Jim Dounas
  1522. Dr Dylan Kerrigan, University of the West Indies, St Augustine Campus
  1523. Roy & Robyn Murray-Prior
  1524. Ajewal Ali, Sydney Water Corporation
  1525. Issam Aburaya Seton Hall University, USA
  1526. Ebbi Shaghouei Leeds Beckett University
  1527. Dr Tikva Honig-Parnass
  1528. Prof Raymond Evans, Griffith University
  1529. Heather Tucker
  1530. Orlando Granda Rivera Latin America Social Forum
  1531. Andy Knott, University of Brighton
  1532. John Boyd, Retired Hon Senior Lecturer, University of London
  1533. Sarah Knox, University of Auckland

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