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StopTheCrime – TRANSCEND Media Service

Jul 22, 2015

A song protesting aerosol crime operations in our skies: geoengineering/chemtrails. Written and performed by Kate M Willens. Guitar: Nina Gerber. Produced by Karl Schreiber www.blauerhimmel.info

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2 Responses to “Up Up in the Sky (MUSIC VIDEO OF THE WEEK)”

  1. Dick Bennett says:

    Refutations of the government’s “chem trail conspiracy” abound from reputable journals.
    Chemtrail conspiracy theory – Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
    According to the chemtrail conspiracy theory, long-lasting trails left in the sky by high-flying aircraft are chemical or biological agents deliberately sprayed for …
    ‎Contrail – ‎Cirrus cloud – ‎Solar radiation management – ‎Chemtrails (song)
    Why I Write About (and Debunk) the Chemtrail Conspiracy …
    Take last week’s post on chemtrails, for example. It attracted a good bit of attention in the conspiracy circles, and quite a bit of ire directed towards me. Most of it is …
    People also ask
    What is a contrail?
    What causes jet trails in the sky?
    Why do planes leave a white trail in the sky?
    How do contrails form?
    The ‘Chemtrail Conspiracy’ – CSI
    Committee for Skeptical Inquiry
    Chemtrails are defined on the Web site of Internet pundit Jeff Rense (formerly … and is still hyped as a daring and dangerous conspiracy by numerous Web sites.
    What are chemtrails, and should you be scared of them …
    The trail of clouds that billow from an airplane streaking across the sky can be … And conspiracy theorists have nicknamed contrails “chemtrails” under the …
    Contrail Science
    The chemtrail conspiracy theory seems to frequently misidentify ordinary contrails as “chemtrails” – some kind of secret spraying program. This theory comes in …
    Here’s Where the Chemtrail Conspiracy Theory Actually …
    Sep 24, 2014 – If you believe in chemtrails — a conspiracy theory that’s spawned a political movement — then yes. If you believe in science, not so much.

  2. Kate Willens says:

    To the above commenter: if you are citing contrailscience.com, you are being conned. Best to view the work of scientist Clifford Carnicom for an objective and professional report.