Professor Dietrich Fischer, Ph.D., Co-Founder of TRANSCEND, Passed Away Today, 18 October 2015

OBITUARIES, 19 Oct 2015

Johan Galtung – TRANSCEND Media Service

Prof. Dietrich Fischer

Prof. Dietrich Fischer

Dear friends, Members of TRANSCEND,

My dear friend, co-founder of TRANSCEND in 1993 with myself and Fumiko Nishimura left us today after a short hospital stay in coma, basically due to his diabetes for many years.

Very competent in mathematics, modeling and economics he was for many years a professor in New York, till early retirement and full dedication to TRANSCEND, first from Basel, in Switzerland, then in Germany; particularly responsible for TRANSCEND University Press and as board member for TRANSCEND as a whole.

He was deeply committed to peace and expressed very often his happiness at working for peace rather than for the economic growth built into economics.  But he also found a very important in-between field of specialization:  the economics of disarmament.  His basic work, however, was on Karl Menger and strength as being strong in oneself, not in the sense of over others.  He applied this to military power, contrasting the Swiss strategy from 1971 of very high defensive strength with neither intent nor capability to attack others, nor as reaction to attack.  Swiss history goes far to illustrate the validity of this thesis.

Dear, dear Dieter–you are deeply missed.  But my mind turns from sadness to gratitude to you for our wonderful friendship–40 good years of cooperation with no quarrel!  You often referred to yourself as phlegmatic, unperturbed by the ups and downs of reality–including our little TRANSCEND part of it–taking problems as they came, having the long term perspective, as we gained in experience.  Countless were the dialogues between us, mutual questioning and learning, never debates to prove oneself right.

Let us celebrate your life while deploring that you are no longer among us, in deep gratitude for all you did to inspire and help–and for peace in general. Rest in peace. Requiescat in pace.

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5 Responses to “Professor Dietrich Fischer, Ph.D., Co-Founder of TRANSCEND, Passed Away Today, 18 October 2015”

  1. Andrew Hoffman says:

    Requiescat in pace.

  2. Professor Bishnu Pathak says:

    In true sense, the Dieter’s passed away is a great lost of human generations on the course to talk on human security to all human beings. This is a irreparable loss towards generosity, humanitarianism, just peace, harmony and friendship.

  3. May his soul rest in peace I love I call him master I attended his lesson for three mouth non certificate course In university of baseline peace and conflict resolution his Lecture is easygoing is like plugging In to your brain master is gone rest in perfection I send my condolences to his family to take courage.Best regards Salemy Wise man.

  4. The late Professor Dietrich Fischer exhibited immense humility, a deep sense of humour, did not teach peace only but practiced peace in every respect as a peace maker. A friend, father and mentor he was to those who came in touch with him as the EPU fraternity can testify. A brilliant shining star has not only left the peacemakers fraternity but humanity at large. Dietrich will be deeply missed. May his virtues and values continue to live beyond his demise.

  5. Professor Dieter Fischer’s passing a big loss for scientific
    community. He was a very good friend and nice person for all
    us. I remember him from sixties, when he was studying
    mathematics and I was studying physics as a student in
    University of Bern, Switzerland.
    I express my condolences to his family, and we all miss him.