Eternal Life [According to Millenary Vedas]


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The world is suffering from terrorism with ignorance of the truth behind aim of life on the earth. It has created conflict and chaos in the society on the name of faith. Every human being has the right to know the truth and aim of life for world peace.

The God is one for all. The eternal truth is one and the same for all. He is not different with different names. All human beings have different fate and mentality in life is due to their actions of past life.

We have ancestry in single DNA with eternal Vital fundamental Energy as source of all.  The life is eternal, under the cycle of birth and death. The aim of life is to evolve one’s own self from animal instincts to human instincts and to touch divine instincts for higher next birth. The individual soul has to fight with one’s own self for materialistic lust and power for higher next birth.

The Life is Eternal with Aim of Life

The Life is eternal with two types of Human beings, Divine and demons from generation to generation. The eternal truth is one and the same for all, He is not different with different names. All prophets, Saints and seers have realized the same eternal truth with divine unity in their language, under different environmental, social and geographical conditions of that time. We should not inter mix religion with divine unity.

They have described their experience in their language, the eternal truth is universal, but codes of conduct are different with different climatic conditions of Arab with extreme desert and Europe with extreme cold climate. India has different climate with three distinct seasons Hot, cold and rainy seasons. Hence we should not mix God with religion.

World is Global Village

Now the world’s condition has changed with rapid condition of transportation and communication.

The recent discovery of gravitational waves by LIGO 2016, Phonon can disintegrate photon in a crystal 2014, Higgs field space God particle 2015, DNA 1953 have explored that unseen, invisible force of life can be seen, it has changed the world scenario that world is like global village.

The man is divine in himself with inherent divine and demoniac mentality. With dominance of one of the mental quality, he may be divine or demon.

For world peace, Every One should know the Aim of Life and divine guidance. He is without attribute and character. We have ancestry in single DNA with unending cycle of birth and death. The vital fundamental energy is source of all with Higgs field space within us.

The divine and the demon 

To wipe out Arjun’s ego of caste and race, Lord K‚–‡a shown him the evolution of human species from single DNA, and express the nature of two categories of human mentality.

There are only two kind of people Sur-divine and Asur-demons, you are Sur- divine  by nature, and to fight with Asur- demons is inevitable.

The Sur-divine – Nonviolence in thought, word and deed, truthfulness and geniality of speech, absence of anger even on provocation, disclaiming doer-ship of actions, compassion towards all creatures, away from malicious gossip, a sense of shame in transgressing against the scriptures in usage, and abstaining from frivolous pursuits Geeta 16-2

Sublimity, forbearance, fortitude, external purity, bearing enmity to none and absence of self-esteem- these are marks of him, who is born with the divine gifts, Arjun Geeta 16-3

Asur demon – Hypocrite, arrogance, pride, and anger, sternness and ignorance, these are marks of him, who is born with demoniac properties 16-4

They have no external or internal purity. Nor good conduct nor even truthfulness. These are the enemies of mankind prove equal to the destruction of the universe Geeta 16 9

Cherishing the insatiable desires, and embracing false doctrines through ignorance, these man of impure conduct move in this world, full of hypocrisy, pride and arrogance 16-10

They are devoted to the enjoyment of sensuous pleasures and are positive in their belief that this is the highest limit of joy 16- 11

Intoxicated by wealth and honour, those self conceited and haughty men worship God through nominal sacrifices for ostentation without following sacred rituals 16-17

They are born life after life in demoniac womb and then verily sink down to a still lower plane 16-20

The Sattva, Rajas and Tamas – These three qualities born of Nature, they tie down the imperishable soul to the body 14-5

The people are working in the nature with these three inherent mental qualities. They are inherent with birth and only go out with death. They tie down the soul in the body.

The human species is under the process of mental evolution, under the cycle of rebirth and death as the controller of the self. He is free to think for his welfare with his mental abilities, where, a man is himself a friend or foe of him self. He has expressed that according to the mentality, the human beings acts in the society, and accordingly as per their predominant mentality in life, they are subject to take birth in higher or lower family or even in the animals or plants.

Lord Krishna said whatever is going on in the creation is nature only. The human species is under the process of mental evolution, under the cycle of rebirth and death. The three quality of the mental nature are inherent from the birth. To evolve one’s own self from animal instincts towards higher Human, and divine quality is the aim of life.


The consciousness in the living beings is proof in the self; it is universal. The creation has evolved from a single ancestor. We all human beings are fellows, and related with each other at root level with the universal consciousness. The Brahma, God or Creator is un-manifest.

With the cosmic-dawn, the beings are emanates from the Un-manifest, and with cosmic sunset merge into the same. It is going on under the compulsion of nature. Where the ‘Brahma’-God is male principle and the nature is female principle. The Supreme Brahma is invisible, just like air in the ether moving every where. As the ether does not bind the air, in the same fashion the Supreme is not bind with the beings and stand a part.

The cycle of existence of the world is endless. The every event of present life is the result of an action done in a past one, the same must hold true or each preceding existence ad infinitum. The subsequent effectiveness of guilt and of merit, commonly called unseen, invisible, but often also called simply ‘Karma’ ‘deed or work,’ it is believed to regulate not only the life of an individual, but the origin and development of everything in the world. For whatever takes place cannot but affect some creature, and must therefore, by the law of retribution, be due to some previous act of that creature. In other words, the operations of nature are also the results of the good or bad deeds of living-beings. There is thus no room for independent divine rule by the side of the power of ‘Karma’ action, which governs everything with iron. Hence, even the acknowledgement of Brahma – God can only assign to him the function of guiding the world and the life of creatures in strict accordance with the law of retribution, which even he cannot break. Hence, it has been said that the ‘Brahma’ God can give the blessings, but he can not share the sins.

The theory that every individual passes after death into a series of new existences in the bodies of men and animals, or in plants on earth, where it is rewarded or punished for all deeds committed in a former life. It is the cause of multiplicity of human mentality, where the human species is under the process of mental evolution. Hence, the aim of life is to evolve one’s own self from animal instincts to human instincts and to the divine nature is the aim of life on the earth under the cycle of rebirth and death.

Brihadaranyaka Upanishad

The creation is a system, which is self-sufficient and self-regulated under the fundamental energy. The system is operating under the bio-geo-chemical cycles, synthesis and degradation is the law of nature, where nothing is stable, every thing is moving forward towards its disintegration with time. The human species is highly evolved under going evolution of mental qualities, under the cycle of rebirth and death, through their past deeds and thought.

The Prajapati Lord of beings

The Brihadaranyaka upnishad has a passage, which shows evolution of mental qualities among the human beings, the Prajapati ² lord of beings have three sons Deva– Gods, Manushya ² Men and Asur ²Demons. Before entering in the world of life they went to the Prajapati for instructions. First Deva reached to the Prajapati and asked kindly instruct us. Prajapati asked them, have you understood the meaning of Da? They said yes we have understood, you said to us Damyata– self control.. Prajapati said .yes you have understood.

Then men reached to the Prajapati and asked kindly instruct us, to them Prajapati asked the same have you understood the meaning of Da? They said yes we have understood you said to us Datta– Sacrifice-Charity. Prajapati said yes you have understood.

Then the Demons reached to the Prajapati and asked kindly instruct us, to them also Prajapati asked the same, have you understood the meaning of Da? They said yes we have understood you said to us Dayadhvam– be compassionate. Prajapati said yes you have understood.

Then the Prajapati said that thundering of the clouds have also generates the same sound Da means Damyata ² self control, Datta– Sacrifice and Dayadhvam -compassionate, Prajapati said that these are the three teachings, which should be practiced by all and now go and enter in the world. This is the great secret of life, which indicates multiplicity of human nature that according to the mental status of the individuals one and the same word has different meanings, which are according to their past deeds of their previous births. Through the practice of these three inherent qualities, one can elevate one’s own self for a higher next birth the same is the aim of life in the world, through birth one has got the chance for progress in a spiritualistic way.

The Deva– God, Manushya– men, Asur– Demon, these are three inherent qualities of human beings, Commonly known as  Sattva (Real), Rajas (Light) and Tamas (Dark) .

Satvat (Real) ² It is the quality of God like persons, they are near to the truth, having self control over desire, and hence they understood Da as self control.

Rajas (Light)² It is the quality of common persons, who  in the light of truth act ethically with having desires in life, hence they understood Da as sacrifice of desires .

Tamas (Dark)- It is the quality of Demon like persons, they are in dark about the truth of life, they full fill their desires on the cost of others, hence they understood Da as Compassionate .

These three qualities are by virtue of birth and according to the past deeds of a individual one of the quality is dominant, accordingly the word Da – communicates different meaning to different individuals, otherwise commonly these three qualities are inherent in a person with birth. They are stimulated with circumstances in life, and to control them with wisdom is aim of life, to elevate one’s own self from animal instincts to human instincts, and to the Sattvika divine nature, under the cycle of birth and death.

The creation has evolved from a single ancestor. He is source of all

I invoke the Agni- (fundamental energy) who is the priest, Deva (fundamental particles), sacrificer, and reciter of the creation sacrifice, which is the treasure of jewels Rg.1-1-1

We all are fellows, and related with each other at root level. The Vedic seers have prayed for unity, and integrity of heart, mind, thought and action of the human beings. The life is one and the same with reference to the universal consciousness.

Assemble, speak together: let your minds be all of one accord,

As ancient Gods unanimous sit down to their appointed share Rig.10-191-2

The place is common, common the assembly, common the mind, so be their thought united.

A common purpose do I lay before you, and worship with your general oblation Rg. 10-191-3

One and the same be your resolve, and be your minds of one accord.

United be the thoughts of all that all may happily agree Rig-Veda 10-191-4

It has been expressed that the life consciousness in all its forms is one and the same, but the human mentality is different with evolution of mental qualities. The purpose of life is common for all to evolve one’s own self towards higher mentality. Where earth is common place for all. Hence, for the unity, and integrity of heart, mind, thought and action has been prayed for universal peace.

We are sailors of the same boat in ocean of life.


Divine light

The enlightenment related with divine light is the source of confirmation of formless God and soul symbolically, and said that God is light of light. Along with this they have also said that they are not preaching a new thing, it is the renovation of the old truth preached by our ancient ancestors.

Divine Light is a scientific fact related with pineal gland situated in mid brain. It is a photo receptor gland, and secretes darkness hormone Melatonin at night. It receives messages along fibres from nerve cells of the suprachiasmatic nucleus of the hypothalamus, which themselves receive signals from the eye via fibres of the optic nerve with rising of sun.

The pineal gland can be stimulated from the base of sitting with meditation. It is actually the stimulation of nerves of nervous system. The pineal gland is related with biological cloak. The nerves shine and disturbances in the biological cloak gives psychic experiences with flame and light. These experiences are beyond explanation and different from man to man. Hence they can not be confirmed by another person, but the experience of the divine light is one and the same. It is the common sign of enlightenment. The great wars have been fought in mid century on the name of faith. Modern terrorism is not away from the same.

The Life is not the battlefield to fight among Human beings on the name of faith. The Life is to fight with one’s own self against materialistic lust of power, for higher next birth.

We have ancestry in single DNA with space Higgs field with vital energy as source of all on the earth. We should act with integrity of heart, mind, thought and action as of one accord to cross the sea of life, during the journey of life; the individual soul is himself responsible for his own welfare on the earth.


Prof. Chandra P Trivedi, with incredible amount of experience as professor, researcher and Principal of lead college, Bhind and Ratlam under Jeewaji University, Gwalior, and Vikram University, Ujjain respectively. As an academician author of more than 10 books, his books and work has been published in many leading papers of the subcontinent and books from India and Germany. He is former senior fellow, Department of culture, Govt. of India, Associate IIAS, Shimla. As a Professor and Scientist, he has gone into the depth of Yoga, Meditation, Spiritualism and Vedas at Vedic Research Institute, Ratlam. He is among original thinker with innovative approach to solve the national problem. He explored India’s glorious past with answer of Einstein’s Grand Unified Force. As an academician, Vedic Scientists and professor, he has first time crack the Vedic code with oldest un-deciphered symbols of the world ‘Advanced gene technology’. Going ahead Prof. Trivedi has given the answer of modern problems related with origin of life consciousness and Higgs field 2013. E-mail:


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