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Dr. Hooshmand Kalayeh – TRANSCEND Media Service

28 Oct 2016 – We, regardless of race, religion, nationality, and gender, have common basic needs. We need oxygen to breath, food to eat, water to drink, a safe home and community to raise our children, and a moral compass to live in harmony with one another and with the natural world. But the world’s equilibrium has been moving toward a state of instability and humanity is facing many challenging problems such as:

  1. Energy, water, or food shortages; the magnitudes of these problems exponentially will increase as the rate of demand on these basic limited resources of our planet will increase. So the energy, water, or food shortages soon will become energy, water, or food scarcity.
  2. Self-interest, greed, divisions, conflicts, and wars also have been the pattern of humanity’s habits when there has not been energy, water, or food scarcity. Now, can you imagine what kind of future humanity will face when there will be energy, water, and food scarcity? We can definitely say that the likelihood of wars around the world will exponentially increase and extinction of all living beings will be a possibility.
  3. Our individual and collective egoic-habits, which dwell to control and dominate, have been the root cause of our inner and outer conflicts, imbalance, and injustice. The traces of the destructive power of our ego can be found throughout the history around the world.
  4. Women who have been imprisoned in the backward and regressive vial of inequality, religious minorities who have been killed, imprisoned, and prejudiced in name of God, millions of people who live in extreme poverty, and millions of refugees who have been forced to leave their countries.
  5. We also must realize that we have been conditioned to compete for our personal, local, and national short-term self-interests. These competitions have led to many scientific and technological advancement but they also have led to an endless cycle of imbalance, injustice, inequality, and wars. We have ignored the accumulative long-term consequences of our competitions for short-term self-interests.
  6. Scientific discoveries and technological advances have verified the interconnectedness of our all our planet’s inhabitants and enhanced a more unified global community, but we promote peace based on the principle of mutual mass destruction.
  7. The catastrophic events which have occurred throughout the history of humanity represented a shocking demonstration of the degree of hatred and ignorance that some members of the human family are capable of harboring towards their brothers and sisters.
  8. We are living in a world of extremisms; extreme materialism, extreme economic inequality, extreme poverty, extreme fanaticism, extreme divisions…
  9. Humankind is divided against itself by race, religion, nationality, and gender. Brothers and sisters of human family have been killing each other in name of God, race, religion, nationality, ideology, greed, and power; we have checkmated ourselves! We human beings are experiencing world-class problems, but acting in opposition to each other. Humanity has come to a cross-road; Extinction or World Peace.

We can no longer wait for another tragedy to bring us together temporarily. We can’t afford make the same mistake again and again and hoping we will get it right this time.

Many people of good will around the world are anxious to be part of the solution, but don’t know quite where the solutions may lie, and do not have a way for their voices to be heard.

There are about 2.2 million different organizations around the world addressing these problems. There are many good-will people around the world with good ideas but no resources to implement their ideas.

Everyone proclaims that he or she has the solutions to these very complex problems. The good-will people and originations around the world have been working to solve these problems. But each organization has focused on healing small aspect of the symptoms. Without right resources and a collective unifying vision we can do so little;

The magnitudes of the problems exponentially have been getting larger and larger. Therefore to move forward, I envision an integrated systematic scientific system;   a gathering of the best scientific minds, key good-will people, and good-will organizations with different expertise on various aspects of these problems to collectively develop an integrated solution.

Finally humanity recognized our personal and tribal stories have been the root cause of all of our divisions, conflicts, and wars. Our common concerns for the future of the earth and all her inhabitants kindled a World Unifying Vision.

First, we must realize the old ways of doing things will be unsustainable, costly, wasteful, and unjust. Second we need a collective unifying vision to bind us together to build the foundation of a positive world future for the well being of all, third we must recognize that this foundation must be based on universal law, education, love, ethics, ideal values instead of sin, salvation, hell, and heaven. Furthermore, the foundation for a positive world future for well-being of the planet and all her inhabitants must be based on improving the quality of this life instead of the afterlife, creating heaven on earth instead of hell, inward revolution instead of outward revolution, universal virtuous actions instead of words, cooperation instead of competition, helping others instead of hurting others, peace instead of war, justice instead of injustice, equality instead inequality. And finally this foundation must be based on the principle of oneness that we are members of one race and citizens of one planet, and the roots of our oneness must be celebrated in the beauty and power of our diversity and common humanity.

Here are preliminary proposed principles for a World Unifying Vision to start the journey:

  1. A World Unity Day; the journey of humanity toward her ultimate destiny must start with one second, one minute, one hour, one day… of personal, local, and global unity and peace. If we can, at least in our thinking, set aside one day of zero division, zero conflict, zero violence, and zero partisanship – then it will create the space for association, appreciation, and celebration.  It will enable cooperative experiences, cooperative ideas, cooperative actions, and – HOPE for a positive world future.
  2. A World Unity Conference; let’s create a World Unity Conference that shall inspire the World’s Citizens to become more aware of the oneness of humanity. Let’s make the World Unity Conference be a common project among all the goodwill universities worldwide to raise the consciousness of our inner and outer unity. I propose that local universities take steps toward implementing this initiative and gradually expanding the circle of unity to include more and more universities around the globe toward a World Unity Conference.
  3. A World Unifying Vision Debate and Dialogue; in the new world, I envision a worldwide dialogue and debate toward building bridges between nations and the foundation of a collective unifying vision based on local, national, and global secular democratic system of governments.
  4. A World Unity Council; the democratic elected leaders of different nations will be members of this council to optimally manage and justly distribute the resources of the world for the well-being of the Earth and all her inhabitants.
  5. A World Moral Law; to celebrate our common humanity, unity in diversity, universal human rights, and individual liberty; e.g. do unto others as you would have them do unto you; personally, locally, and globally.
  6. A World Secular Democratic Law System; personal, local, national, and global secular democratic laws for living in harmony with each other.
  7. A World Sustainable Economic System which will be based on 100% renewable energy.
  8. A World Integrated Scientific Solutions to solve critical problems facing humanity.
  9. A World Peace System to free us from all military industrial complexes.


I got my doctorate in Electrical Engineering from Purdue University. I have worked professionally as an Image Pattern Recognition Scientist at leading scientific corporations throughout the United States. Although I was born in Iran, but I consider myself to be a world citizen. My love for all inhabitants of this planet parallels my work in the scientific field. For this reason, I am the founder of Unity Day and World Unity Day. My vision of Personal, Local, and Global Unity is about solving critical problems facing humanity.  I am also the founder of The Light of Unity Foundation http://thelightofunity.org/  and author of  https://www.amazon.com/Hooshmand-Kalayeh/e/B00MRJOHEW


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