Nobel Peace Prize Nominations NEW DEADLINE: 31 JANUARY 2017


Fredrik S. Heffermehl | Nobel Peace Prize Watch – TRANSCEND Media Service

Gothenburg/Oslo, January 30, 2017

Dear colleagues,


Please consider making a nomination for the 2017 Nobel “prize for the champions of peace.” Intending to serve the movement to liberate all nations from weapons, warriors and wars Nobel struck at the heart of the war system; we must end the militarism that pumps fear, arms races and power games continuing to destroy international relations.

The Norwegian awarders have long believed in security through military strength, the direct opposite of the peace policy Nobel wished to support. The NPPW, trying to reclaim the prize for the movement for peace and disarmament, sees it as imperative to keep the Norwegian awarders strictly to Nobel´s original purpose; otherwise they will continue spreading “the Norway of Peace” – prizes in all directions. Today the confusion about the actual intention is total, therefore every nomination that argues and refers to the actual intention of Nobel will help to ensure that the prize will serve demilitarized peace.

The Norwegian awarders are hiding their misuse of the prize behind tight secrecy for 50 years, but in our time openness and free discussion are recognized as essential to prevent corrupted practices. We therefore found it necessary to disobey the rules and publish our NPPW list of the qualified candidates. With the full nomination letters and the applicable rules they are published at: All nominations mentioning the true purpose will help the effort to reclaim the prize.

New deadline: Please nominate by Jan. 31, 2017, 12 p.m. CET (Norwegian time). Please also, send us a copy, to nomination of all nominations suited you believe may be suited for inclusion in our 2017 list.

Nobel Committee

Best greetings, The Lay Down Your Arms Association / Nobel Peace Prize Watch

Fredrik S. Heffermehl                         Tomas Magnusson


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  1. Thomas Krogh says:

    A group of people dedicated to nominate each other? Oh dear…