GHA 12th Anniversary: Spherons of Global Peace and their Science

HISTORY, 20 Feb 2017

Leo Semashko – TRANSCEND Media Service

Looking back on the 12-year history of the Global Harmony Association (GHA), we ask ourselves: What is our main result? For 12 years we have created eight books and more than 50 projects of global peace from harmony, an integral crown of which has become the unique, first globally and in history “Global Peace Science” from harmony. What’s its center, essence and heart? We can say with full certainty: it is SPHERONS – universal harmonious classes of the population employed in the spheres of social production and providing global peace as its actors. They were discovered 40 years ago.

Irresistible SPHERONS’ logic in its essence is simple. If we recognize the reality of the four necessary and sufficient spheres of social production (Marx), which continually produce four necessary and sufficient for the society/human resources PIOT (Toffler) due to the energy of vital employment, ‘autopoiesis’ of every person from birth to death (Maturana), then we have recognize the reality of the four necessary and sufficient SPHERONS, classes employed in the production spheres, covering the entire population, without exception, making its eternal social genome and deep structure (see their scheme and picture below). This is a simple truth that no one has ever denied and which cannot be refuted because of its unshakable fundamental ontological foundations. SPHERONS’ logic was proved in the GHA not only theoretically, but statistically, empirically also.

But it is deeply hidden under a thick cover of the historical fragmentation and endless cultural diversity of quality and graduation of the spheral objects (spheres, spheral resources, spheral employment and SPHERONS). Therefore, it has been available only in the late 20th and early 21st century, in tetrasociology. This is the Copernican revolution of the social sciences in general, as well as worldview and social consciousness of the 21st century.

We, GHA, for the first time globally and in history substantiated the discovery of SPHERONS, used it to resolve all global challenges and practically applied in our 8 books and more than 50 projects for all spheres. All unique qualities and applications of SPHERONS’ idea for 12 years make historical merit and unprecedented world achievement of GHA. To this add nothing more fundamental in society and there is nothing to take away. With regard of recognition of the world achievements in history, they always require a long time of thinking and overcoming countless conscious and spontaneous obstacles. In our time of rapid historical changes to await recognition of SPHERONS reality, cardinally transforming social being life and consciousness, has a little – a few years. Already now their science was nominated for the Nobel Peace Prize. And 10 million visits to the GHA website “Peace from Harmony” of SPHERONS ( also means something in terms of global interest and recognition.

We, GHA, have full right to be proud for this immortal scientific achievement, which makes immortal all those involved in it. Please, take my heart thanks and warmest congratulations on the glorious anniversary of GHA, which united us in harmony and led us to the highest its scientific comprehension in SPHERONS as the actors of global peace and all of human values.


Dr. Leo Semashko, GHA Founder and Honorary President


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