Is Israel Imposing ‘Apartheid’ on Palestinians?

IN-DEPTH VIDEOS, 20 Mar 2017

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Mar 16, 2017 – The UN Economic and Social Commission for Western Asia has issued a report [HERE], [HERE] and [HERE], which condemned the Israeli government for its treatment of Palestinians.  It says Israel is violating three international laws that list apartheid as a crime against humanity. The authors call Israel an apartheid regime, saying it operates a system of divide and rule. But the office of the UN Secretary General has distanced itself from the report. And the Israeli government says it’s an attempt to smear the only ‘true democracy’ in the Middle East.  So, will this UN report help or hinder the cause of the Palestinians?  GUESTS:

  • Virginia Tilley – Co-author of the UN ESCWA Report and a Political Science Professor at Southern Illinois University.
  • Robbie Sabel – Professor at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem and a former Legal Adviser for the Israeli Ministry of Foreign Affairs.
  • Mustafa Barghouti – Leader of the Palestine National Initiative.


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One Response to “Is Israel Imposing ‘Apartheid’ on Palestinians?”

  1. Fitzhenrymac says:

    Sabel brought nothing relevant to the discussion. In fact he spoke as did many whites in South Africa during apartheid and the southern states of America during the Civil Rights era. I almost expected him to say he was so tolerant of non Jews that he had an Arab servant. I can’t imagine him saying he had a Palestinian relative.

    He also seems to be suffering from severe moral myopia. He can’t see the wall- all 708km of it; 8m/28ft high.