(Português) Vídeo flagra a extrema angústia de elefantas aprisionadas em poço de concreto


Aline Khouri - ANDA Agência de Notícias de Direitos Animais

Um vídeo de pouco mais de um minuto mostra a realidade sombria do cativeiro de animais emocionais sociais e curiosos como elefantes em zoológicos.

Their concrete life

This is why we do what we do. It is undeniable, when you watch this video, that this is no life for an elephant. This is no life for any living being. Both the Argentinian government and the zoo agree and have chosen to send their four elephants to sanctuary. This includes Guillermina and Pocha (mother and daughter up front) Tamy (Guillermina’s father in the back behind bars) and an African female Kenya. All four of these elephants have a chance to leave this barren concrete landscape forever and enjoy a natural life of sanctuary here in Brazil.Although our determination and work ethic are never-ending here at GSE, we can’t do this without help. We know our supporters enjoy reading about Maia and Guida’s journey of healing. You can help create those same stories for these four elephants. Imagine the joy when Guillermina (who was born at the zoo) sees the world around her for the first time instead of just walls and the sky above. Feel Pocha’s relief when she is able to let down her guard, knowing life will now be good for her daughter, and her own personality and sense of self are able to blossom. The love she’ll feel as she watches her daughter play for the first time in 20 years. Tamy, labeled a killer, will finally know the comfort that love and nurturing care brings. As many males, his life has been full of misunderstandings and negativity. We see his soft side and know it will only grow when he begins to believe he is more than what he has been told his entire life. And sweet Kenya- imagine her elation when the trees are no longer out of reach and she is able to nurture the true needs of her species and explore for the first time.These are all stories you can help create. This is the future many feel they want for elephants and now we need those same people and some new ones, to help create it. These next few days will be all about the Mendoza4. Right now a tweetstorm is already under way. https://sites.google.com/view/mendoza4/home Its purpose is to share their story, expanding our sanctuary family, giving Guillermina, Pocha, Tamy and Kenya a better chance at a new life. A phenomenal tweet sheet has been put together by a group of volunteers who are just as lovely as their work. For those already on twitter, it will be as simple as clicking on the links and retweeting. A few moments of your time can help share their story with thousands who have never heard of their struggles.TODAY the Big Payback: https://www.thebigpayback.org/globalelephants a 24-hour fundraiser geared towards raising the money necessary to bring these four elephants home to sanctuary. This event is hosted by a foundation that has collected $173,000 to be given away as prizes to participating nonprofits throughout the day. This day is the epitome of every donation and dollar having an impact. Many of the prizes go to most ‘unique’ donors, not highest donations. So even if you feel you only have a little to give (BTW, we feel there is no such thing) and it can’t possibly make a difference, on this day $10 can literally turn into $5000. We are actually trying to focus on one of the big prizes of the day, the most unique donors between 7 pm to midnight CST. We are hopeful that people will come together and change the world for Pocha, Guillermina, Tamy and Kenya.We started this post by saying this video shows why we do this. 25 years of caring for elephants at sanctuary is what has shown us the depths of harm that a life of captivity can cause. The elephants who we have watched heal over the years, have shared the most intimate parts of their lives and taught us the real meaning of sanctuary. It is hard to watch the Mendoza elephants, knowing the emotional damage caused every day. Spending hours reaching up over a wall, taking in any smell they can find, trying to create some sort of picture of the world outside of their walls; searching for a morsel of anything different and new. What makes it easier is knowing sanctuary can heal even wounds decades old. We just have to get them here. Every person can make a difference over the next few days. Share our posts on your page. Even those who might not necessarily be elephant people, but who would like to be part of helping to change a life can have an impact. Join the tweetstorm and click to share the Mendoza4 with the world. Give to allow us to rescue Pocha, Guillermina, Tamy and Kenya. You can help write their happy ending.Thank you

Posted by Global Sanctuary for Elephants on Dienstag, 2. Mai 2017

16 Maio 2017 – Guillermina e Pocha, mãe e filha exploradas pelo Mendoza Zoological Park, na Argentina, são vistas tentando esticar as trombas o máximo que podem para sair do poço de concreto onde vivem, como se estivessem lutando desesperadamente para explorar o mundo exterior.

Foto: GSE

Felizmente, as elefantas não devem ficar no zoológico por muito mais tempo.

Em 2016, o local decidiu transferir os quatro elefantes que mantêm – a família de elefantes asiáticos Pocha, Tamy e Guillermina e o elefante africano Kenia – para o primeiro santuário de elefantes da América do Sul, o Santuário de Elefantes Brasil, inaugurado em outubro do mesmo ano.

“O fato de o Mendoza Zoo ter a iniciativa de transferir todos os quatro elefantes é um ato altruísta que é inspirador e merece elogios enormes”, declarou Scott Blais, CEO do Santuário Global para Elefantes (GSE), a organização que coordenou o acordo, ao The Dodo.

Foto: GSE

“Sabemos que os elefantes são altamente complexos emocionalmente, socialmente e psicologicamente. Felizmente, o zoo percebeu o impacto negativo que o cativeiro possui sobre esses seres sencientes e fez a escolha adequada para lhes dar um futuro melhor”, acrescentou.

Foto: GSE

Porém, o santuário ainda precisa arrecadar dinheiro suficiente para transportar os elefantes e a viagem pode não ocorrer rápido o suficiente.

“É difícil observar os elefantes de Mendoza, sabendo o prejuízo emocional causado diariamente”, escreveu o GSE, referindo-se ao vídeo de Guillermina e Pocha.”[Eles] passarm horas estendendo-se sobre uma parede, absorvendo qualquer cheiro que conseguem encontrar, tentando criar algum tipo de imagem do mundo fora das paredes, procurando um pedaço de algo diferente e novo. O que torna mais fácil é saber que [um ] santuário pode curar até mesmo feridas que têm décadas.Temos apenas que trazê-los até aqui”, adicionou.

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