The Significance of Abu Nuwar Evacuation in Light of the “Ultimate Deal”


Walid Salem – TRANSCEND Media Service

5 Jul 2018 – Out of 46 Bedouin Communities that Israel is planning to eliminate in area C of West Bank, the Abu Nuwar one in Al Khan Al Ahmar was the first to be evacuated yesterday. According to B’tselem report 62 people were evacuated including many children, nine houses, and three agricultural constructions were also demolished.

Abu Nuwar story started in 1950 when the State of Israel evacuated them from the Negev. The Jordanian Government settled them in State Land in West Bank. After the 1967 war the Israeli Authorities put their hands over these lands, and here on the suffering of Abu Nuwar Bedouins started( Also continued taking the 1950 evacuation) by evacuating them twice ever since: Once when the Israeli Authorities decided to build Kfar Adumim settlement on the area of their residence, and the second was yesterday with the aim of expanding on their place the Maale Adumim settlement and starting E1 settlement that will disconnect the Palestinian West Bank Cities from each other.

The Abu Nuwar brutal evacuation yesterday were a lot of force was used, is just the rehearsal of what will follow: The Cleansing of Area C from the 150 thousand Palestinians that are living there, to be followed by the annexation of this area that consists of the two third of West Bank to Israel. It was the Minister of Agriculture in Israel Uri Ariel who called a year ago for the evacuation of the Area C Palestinian population, and then annexes it to Israel. His Party ( Habayt Hayihudi), adopts this plan, and calls to start implementing it by first annexing the Maale Adumim settlemet to Israel and the Israelized Jerusalem, then the other parts of Area C will follow.

The first target for evacuation from Area C will be the 46 mentioned Bedouin Communities, and then the other communities there will follow. The answer of the question about why these kind of crucial steps to eliminate the two states solution are taken now can be referred to different components. The first among these is the position of the United States: Previously the United States who was supporting the Israel settlement expansion all the way ahead, was yet not supporting the collective evacuation of the Palestinians from their homelands. Trump Administration broke with this traditional Policy, and decided to give a free hand to Israel to go ahead evacuating and annexing.

Second, there are the developments inside Israel itself which signal to the development of the settler colonial agendas through time, reaching the point of the existence of a government today that include ten Ministers who live in the colonial Settlements in the West Bank. As such the colonial settlers lobby is the main deciding factor in the Israeli politics. This lobby has the characteristic that it is not elite based, but it represent the settlers themselves in addition to their supporters in all the Israeli right wing parties that governs Israel today.

Thirdly: The international community is completely divided between the Evangelical American trend who supports Israel steps for Messianic reasons and the rest of:

  1. Europe who is still a hostage to the policies of the past of calling for a “ peaceful solution to the conflict” as if this call will find listeners among the settler colonialists and their government who look for the grab of land and annexation rather than of dividing the country any more between the two peoples.
  2. The other big powers that follow more or less the European position.
  3. There are yet the emerging blocks such as the BRICS countries, which did not yet create a balancing power. Therefore they are not yet influential on Israel.
  4. The other blocks in the world are unfortunately either not influential or weak enough for different reasons that prevent them from influencing.
  5. Besides these the Palestinian division and weak level of struggle makes the Palestinians as a “non- element” so far in confronting seriously the settler colonial project. Yes in this regard there are annoying components to the Israeli settler colonialism done by the supporters of Palestine such as the BDS Movement globally and the non violent resistance from Gaza and in West Bank, but these yet did not Develop to a crucial factor for changing direction.

This local and global context is the one that gives the settler colonial project in Palestine the courage and the persistence to do what they are doing reaching the crucial point of starting the process to eliminate Palestine from the map.

In a link to the so called The American “ultimate deal”, this one looks to be facing in one hand different obstacles that prevent it from being declared such as the Arab rejection of giving up with the two states solution and of Jerusalem as a capital of the Palestinian State. But this factor is not enough to conclude that the “Ultimate Deal” was defeated after the last trip of last month by the American Team of Jared Kushner, Jason Greenbladt and David Freedman.

The “Ultimate Deal” In other hand is about what is going in the ground by giving Israel a free hand to evacuate and annex as shown. This component is the most crucial expressing the content and the objectives of the Ultimate Deal, and it is the one that expresses very well the significance of the Abu Nuwar evacuation and the other evacuations that will follow.

There are harder days that yet to come, unless Israel will be isolated as done internationally with the former Apartheid regime in South Africa.


Dr. Walid Salem is a member of the TRANSCEND Network for Peace Development Environment. He was born in East Jerusalem in 1957 and teaches democracy and human rights at AlQuds University. He is a writer of thirty books and training manuals, and tens of research papers on Democracy, civil society, citizenship, refugees, and Jerusalem. He is also a consultant, evaluator, and trainer for several public and private bodies. Salem trained more than thirty thousand Palestinians on these issues since 1990, and, since 1993, he is the Director of The Centre for Democracy and Community Development, East Jerusalem. He is the Coordinator of Middle East Citizen Assembly as regional network of experts and activists on citizenship issues that include participants from 19 countries from the region since 2004. He has lectured at several international conferences and seminars about democracy, Jerusalem, refugees, and development in Palestine.

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