Lotus in the Swamp

POETRY FORMAT, 22 Jul 2019

Stefan Schindler – TRANSCEND Media Service

Wall Street is just Las Vegas
fused with a military-industrial mafia
who tell congress and the president what to do.

The primary discourse of politics ought to be
the money trail.  Yet, it is utterly absent
in the mainstream news media fawning
at the feet of the billionaire elite.

America’s motto: “Christ was a capitalist,”
even though Jesus never said,
in The Sermon on The Mount:
“Blessed are the shoppers.”

The world is reaping the whirlwind.
Dionysian evangelists for Faust,
reaching for the rapture on gilded thrones,
send their drones to joust
with the dragons of Eden.

The battle for the soul of civilization
rages on a razor’s edge.

Fear not, say the lion and the fawn.
Today’s folly is but the dawn
of a brave new Queendom of Equanimity.

Imagine, said the sage.  We are the birth-pangs
of a new age.  Forged by faith without cease.
Daily planting seeds of peace.


Stefan Schindler taught philosophy, psychology, education, and religion for 40 years at institutions of higher learning, including The University of Pennsylvania, La Salle University, Berkley College of Music, The Boston Conservatory of Music, Dance and Theater, and the Boston and Brookline Centers for Adult Education.  Co-founder of The National Registry for Conscientious Objection, a Woodrow Wilson Fellow, a recipient of The Boston Baha’i Peace Award, and a Trustee of The Life Experience School and Peace Abbey, Dr. Schindler received his Ph.D. in Philosophy from Boston College (on Freud, Sartre, Hegel, and Jung). He wrote The Peace Abbey Courage of Conscience Awards for Howard Zinn and John Lennon.  His books include The Tao of Socrates and America’s Indochina Holocaust.  His forthcoming book is titled Buddha’s Political Philosophy.



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