Inside I Cry

POETRY FORMAT, 11 May 2020

Dr. M. Ashaq Raza – TRANSCEND Media Service

Whenever a Militant kills an army man, I cry
Whenever an Army man kills a militant, I cry
Whenever a Pakistani kills an Indian, I cry
Whenever an Indian kills a Pakistani, I cry

Whenever, A Muslim kills a Hindu, I cry
Whenever, a Hindu kills a Muslim, I cry
Whenever a Hutu kills a Tutsi, I cry
Whenever Tutsi kills a Hutu, I cry

Whenever an Israeli Kills a Palestinian, I cry
Whenever a Palestinian kills an Israeli, I cry
Whenever an ISISian Kills an American, I cry
Whenever an American kills an ISISian, I cry

Whenever a black, kills a white, I cry
Whenever a white, kills a black, I cry
Whenever a rich, kills a poor, I cry
Whenever a poor, kills a rich, I cry

So, on and so forth
And as a sincere devout
Of very humanity
Whenever anyone kills anyone, I cry

No matter, who is wrong or right
But one’s might is other’s plight
And ultimate loss bearer is humanity
So whenever someone kills someone, I cry

Can’t we join heads and think wisely
Resolve perpetual conflicts amicably
And give peace a chance to prevail
And from war, generations we save
I think, Inside I cry

Can’t we stop producing terrorists
The widows, orphans and martyrs
And innumerable sufferings others
Can’t we live together as brothers
I think and inside deep I cry

Ashaq Raza, Ph.D. – Ass. professor of botany, Govt. College for Women, Gandhi Nagar, Jammu; former director of research at Eritrean Institute of Technology; currently an academician in Department of Higher Education, Govt. of Jammu and Kashmir (India). Founder/president “Attitude Change International”, a non-profit peace NGO engaged in sustainable peace and development; charter president, Rotary Club of Darhal Malikan. Website:



This article originally appeared on Transcend Media Service (TMS) on 11 May 2020.

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