See inside ‘Wet Markets’ Operating NOW, Where Diseases like COVID-19 Originate


PETA – TRANSCEND Media Service

8 Apr 2020

Why on Earth are these markets still open? Help prevent the next global pandemic: New investigative footage reveals blood, rotting flesh, terrified cats and frogs, and other deplorable sights at Asian “wet markets”, which are STILL open.

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One Response to “See inside ‘Wet Markets’ Operating NOW, Where Diseases like COVID-19 Originate”

  1. rosemerry says:

    OK, it is always easy to stigmatize “others” but the disgusting intensive raising of so many animals and their crowding together, treatment with antibiotics, genetic modifications, slaughterhouses where people work in terrible conditions for humans as well as the animals, are the main ways “advanced economies” provide huge quantities of meat fro their customers. Forest destruction is one of the main “advances” to allow more room to have more cattle raised for beef, for the rich who over-eat meat products.

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