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COVID19 - CORONAVIRUS, 26 Apr 2021

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Country Health Profile: How does Coronavirus/Covid19 rank among other illnesses? Is it the most lethal?

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One Response to “World Coronavirus Map”

  1. The information about Covit-19 of Transcend Media Service is the best I found so far, Congratulation.
    In a very short time I was able to establish, for example, that Australia with 25 million people had so far little less than 1000 victims (and stabile since the end of 2020), while Italy with 60 million people has so far 120.000 victims and increasing still now. Relatively to population number, Italy should have less than 3,000 victims …. This could open a discussion about responsibilities, for example, mistakes by authorities vs population’s faulty behaviour.
    Piero P. Giorgi 26 April 2021