Peace to Unity: A Framework for Peace Between Palestine and Israel


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22 May 2021 – As Jerusalem Post reported that thousands of Jews and Arabs were marching in Tel Aviv for coexistence, Irene Publishing launched a new book by Omar Dweik presenting a framework for sustainable peace between Palestine and Israel.

New book from Irene Publishing:

Peace to Unity

A Framework for Peace Between Palestine and Israel, by Omar Dweik


Reviews of the book:

“Omar Dweik’s study provides some highly needed out- of-the-box thinking, urgently needed for a long awaited solution to the Palestinian-Israeli conflict.”

— Nikolaos van Dam Former Dutch ambassador to various Middle Eastern countries, including the Palestinian Occupied Territories

“With an impressive amount of creativity and courage, Omar Dweik offers a timely and unique attempt to find a formula which might put an end to the long-lasting Palestinian-Israeli conflict. His exposé is both insightful and provocative and deserves to be studied carefully.”

— Paul Aarts Middle East expert at the University of Amsterdam


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Jørgen Johansen is a nonviolence author/activist, editor of Irene Publishing, and a member of the TRANSCEND Network from Norway living amongst the trees in Southern Sweden. He is the co-editor of the Journal of Resistance Studies and coordinator of the Nordic Nonviolence Study Group, or NORNONS. After 40 years of work in more than 100 countries he has settled and is inspired by Cicero: “If you have a garden and a library, you have everything you need.”

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