Afghanistan Today – Overview

CENTRAL ASIA, 11 Oct 2021

UK Afghanistan Peace Project - TRANSCEND Media Service

20 Years of Occupation by 31 of the Richest Countries in the World

What has US/UK and NATO occupation achieved?

Afghanistan today:

13,072 confirmed drone strikes

£39 billion on UK military operations

10 million landmines

Biggest bomb ever dropped

174,000 Afghans killed in war

Average 46 bombs dropped per day

363,000 Afghans killed indirectly

4 million internally displaced

$143 billion spent on ‘reconstruction’

2.4 million addicted to opium

68% Afghans suffer depression

29.8% literacy rate for women

87% Afghan women experience domestic violence

46% children live in poverty

Half of all under 5 have acute malnutrition

42% access clean drinking water

1 million child labourers

95% households not enough food

Kabul open sewer system

£3.5 billion UK aid

457 British soldiers killed

3,502 coalition soldiers killed


Afghanistan Peace project

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2 Responses to “Afghanistan Today – Overview”

  1. rosemerry says:

    Well, are we not all lucky to be led by such a successful bringer of peace and harmony to the world?????

  2. The Fourth Anglo-Afghan (and American NATO) War has ended in 2021 in the exact same way as the first three did: humiliation of the Ferenghi military leaders who neither understood the country, nor ever manged to work out what they were trying to achieve. Your excellent statistics illustrate perfectly how stupid and wasteful the fourth Anglo-Afghan war has been.

    In the 1880s, the British and Russians allowed the Durrani Pashtun warlord Abdul Rahman Khan to carve a State from the Hindu Kush mountains and the plains around their foothills: a Buffer State separating the British and Russian Empires, and also the Pashtun conquest of Hazara, Tajik, Aimaq, Uzbek, Turkmen, Kirghiz, Kuchi, Panshiri, Nuristani and other peoples living in those conquered lands. To ensure stability in the North and the South, the Durrani King displaced tens of thousands of rival Ghilzai Pashtuns …. basically (and to simplify) sending them from Kandahar to Kunduz. Many of the Taliban are Ghilzai, taking revenge.

    Buffer States serve a precious purpose. Whether or not you sympathize with the bullied non-Pashtuns of Afghanistan – and their womenfolk – the facts of history show that the Ferenghi were never wanted there and never will be wanted there. America, Britain and NATO have been playing war games with other people’s lives, distributing medals to their soldiers and bombs to everybody else. The statistics are unchallengeable. If Islamic teachers are correct in believing that there are seven levels of Hell, then George Bush, Dick Cheney, Don Rumsfeld, Wolfovitz, Blair and many other Western war criminals will meet in the Seventh Level of Hell.

    The Sixth Level of Hell is what the Americans and NATO have visited on the unfortunate Afghans for the past twenty years. American brutality has been exceeded only by Pentagon stupidity and their political naiveté in starting this unnecessary war. If in 2002 the Americans had not blocked Hamid Karzai, head of the Durrani Popolzai Clan, from making peace with the Ghilzai Taliban, none of this bloodshed would have taken place. Afghanistan – and Afghan women – would be in a far better place than they are today.