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 Covid-19 Vaccines Lead to New Infections and Mortality: The Evidence is Overwhelming By Gérard Delépine, September 28, 2021

This article demonstrates unequivocally that mortality and morbidity has increased dramatically as a result of the vaccine. The incidence of Covid positive cases has also increased.


Scandinavian Governments Announce “COVID Is Over,” Israel Announces the Vaccine Doesn’t Protect By Dr. Paul Craig Roberts, September 28, 2021

There will be no Covid passport.  In Sweden Covid restrictions are scheduled to end this Wednesday September 29. The Danish government decided two weeks ago to end Covid restrictions.


The 2020-21 Worldwide Corona Crisis: Destroying Civil Society, Engineered Economic Depression, Global Coup d’état and the “Great Reset” By Prof Michel Chossudovsky, September 28, 2021

It’s the powerful financiers and billionaires who are behind this project which has contributed to the destabilization (Worldwide) of the real economy. And there is ample evidence that the decision to close down a national economy (resulting in poverty and unemployment) will inevitably have an impact on patterns of morbidity and mortality.


26,041 Deaths 2,448,362 Injuries Following COVID Shots in European Union’s Database By Brian Shilhavy, September 30, 2021

Slovenia Suspends J&J Shot after Death of 20-Year-Old Student  – The European Union database of suspected drug reaction reports is EudraVigilance, and they are now reporting 26,041 fatalities, and 2,448,362 injuries, following COVID-19 injections.


High Recorded Mortality in Countries Categorized as “Covid-19 Vaccine Champions:” The Vaccinated Suffer from Increased Risk of Mortality Compared to the Non-Vaccinated By Gérard Delépine, Global Research, September 30, 2021

Data on Mortality in the Most Vaccinated Countries – Increased Hospitalizations of the Vaccinated


J&J Officials: Kids Shouldn’t Get COVID Vaccines, but Adults Who Don’t Comply with Mandates Should Be ‘Inconvenienced’ By Project Veritas, The Defender, 28 Sep 2021

Project Veritas released the third video of its COVID vaccine investigative series exposing two Johnson & Johnson officials who argue children don’t need the COVID vaccine because of potential long-term side effects.


Tennis Pro Says ‘Season Is Over’ after COVID Vaccine Injury–NBA Players Stand Firm against Getting Vaccine  By Megan Redshaw, The Defender 28 Sep 2021

Professional tennis player Jeremy Chardy, formerly ranked 25th in the world, said his 2021 season is over thanks to a “series of problems” he experienced after getting Pfizer’s vaccine.

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