The Giraffe from Africa


Dr Usha Roopnarain – TRANSCEND Media Service

In the savannah, he stands tall
Masculine, and strong.
Towering in height, everyone looks small.
The African sun falls over his shadow.
His long neck sets him apart.
Elongated so he can touch his toe.
His spots are unique with long eyelashes.
While he eats,  he is vigilant for lions and hyena.
Human greed in the form of poachers.
His body amounts to profit.
It’s a product for the poacher`s pocket.
So, slowly and silently to extinction.
Hunters having no moral conviction.
Now you see the earth`s affliction.
Greed for pelts and profit is their only addiction.
If this continues, he will never see his own reflection.
Stop this annihilation!
Poachers hold back your ammunition.
This is just greed and corruption.
Heartless, merciless- devoid of emotion.
There will be no  Big Five!
None of them will be left alive.


Dr Usha Roopnarain – Former parliamentarian in the National Assembly of South Africa, social activist and passionate about human rights and gender equality.


This article originally appeared on Transcend Media Service (TMS) on 8 Nov 2021.

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