Conflicts with Asteroid Mining


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30 Aug 2022


Questions abound about unregulated space mining:

  • Who monitors, regulates and reports to the public (via media) on a corporate-driven Wild West gold rush in space?
  • What will be the impact of Obama’s bill (S. Space Act of 2015) allowing American corporations and individuals to make land claims which further violates existing space laws like Outer Space and Moon Treaties that declare the celestial bodies to be the ‘province of all humankind’?
  • Will there be nuclear-powered mining colonies? Who will regulate the fabrication, testing, launch, deployment and clean-up of these nuke mining devices?
  • Will there be growing international conflict as one rich person, corporation or nation claims ownership of various planetary bodies – again in violation of existing Outer Space and Moon Treaties? How will these conflicts be mediated?

It appears that before humans rush off into the heavens in a quest to extract wealth, that the institutions on Earth must be enabled and prepared to monitor and regulate the process.

If not done then we will be re-creating the current deadly ‘global war system’ in space.


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