Should the UN Investigate 9/11?

ANGLO AMERICA, 19 Sep 2022

Roger Kotila, Ph.D. – TRANSCEND Media Service

18 Sep 2022 – The problem of a deeply corrupt government poses a challenge to honest citizens. When your government is suspected of committing a crime, but refuses to provide an independent investigation, you are stuck.  There is nowhere else to turn.  What about the United Nations?

There is an UN Office of Drugs and Crime which states its responsibilities include “accountable criminal justice responses to terrorism.”  Could UNODC investigate the U.S. government if the evidence points at 9/11 being an “inside job”?  (Probably not. The UN, the UNODC, the World Court, and the ICC lack independent enforcement powers.)

This is the situation in the U.S. when the 9/11 Commission Report appeared to be a cover-up as explained and documented by the brilliant Dr. David Ray Griffen  (“The 9/11 Commission Report – Omissions and Distortions,” 2005).

The September 11, 2001 attack, blamed on the alleged hijackers, became the excuse for the U.S. government’s out-of-control “war on terror” with wars in Afghanistan, Iraq, and elsewhere.   If it is true that 9/11 was an “inside job”, then the rogue elements from within the government who launched 9/11, can themselves be considered the real “terrorists.”

To this day the government’s cover story (narrative) is that “19 Muslim hijackers” did it — al-Qaeda terrorists directed by Osama bin Laden. The attack’s “mastermind” was attributed to Kahlid Sheikh Mohammed, detained at Guantanamo Bay where he was relentlessly tortured (probably to obtain a false confession).

In my personal opinion, the evidence is so overwhelming that the US government’s 9/11 narrative is false, that when journalists continue to parrot it, I wince.  A highly complex operation conducted by 19 Muslim hijackers?  Absurd.

In reality, the degree of complexity of 9/11 points to a highly sophisticated false flag operation, conducted by powerfully corrupt insiders and their allies.  A “false flag” means that the blame is directed to others (Muslims), not to the real perpetrators (inside job).

Repeated calls by 9/11 researchers for a new investigation have been ignored.  Why?  If 9/11 really was an inside job, then a deeply corrupt government would not want to have an objective investigation.  Frankly, I feel that the 9/11 Commission Report was like asking a criminal enterprise to investigate itself.

I believe that there is ample justification to argue that there has been heavy censorship on 9/11 truth researchers and ongoing attempts to discredit them.  A BYU (Mormon) professor, for example, who identified nanothermite explosives at the site, gets fired.

I’m guessing he was naive about the politics of finding nanothermite evidence…and BYU got scared pressured by the Bush regime, so they fired him.  See

Another attempt by the government to discredit truth researchers is by claiming they are “crazy,” “tin hats,” or “conspiracy theorists.”

The 9/11 researchers I met are not only not crazy, they are highly intelligent and psychologically healthier than the average person.  These folks are strong and smart, and have integrity. See  (I’m a clinical psychologist with over 40 years of experience in the diagnosis and treatment of psychiatric disorders.)

I teach young peace activists that if they are not a conspiracy theorist, they don’t understand the situation.  As proof I discuss the CIA, Mossad, and similar covert agencies who routinely conspire to assassinate, overthrow governments, etc.  In order to overcome this type of corruption in national governments, I believe it is time to establish a “new UN,” one modeled after the EARTH CONSTITUTION whose design offers citizens a better judiciary and enforcement system to achieve real justice.


Roger Kotila, Ph.D. is a peace activist and a psychologist (ret.) with many years of clinical experience with the California Dept. of Corrections doing psychiatric diagnosis and treatment with inmates. President of Democratic World Federalists he is co-editor of DWF NEWS, and editor of Earth Federation News & Views. He supports a “new UN” under the Earth Constitution. Email:

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