Global Peace and Conflict Management: Ignorance and Wickedness Pushing Humanity to Third World War

IN FOCUS, 10 Oct 2022

Mahboob A. Khawaja, Ph.D. – TRANSCEND Media Service

Leaders Who Could Not Lead to Human Unity, Peace and Sustainable Future-Making

5 Oct 2022 – The political adversaries against universal peace and brotherhood are propagating a new era of catastrophic fault lines for a Third World War. The ongoing eight months old disastrous conflict between Russia, Ukraine and the West is dissolving human relationships of reason, truth and honesty.  The global leader’s mental microscope obsessed with ignorance and wickedness appear to have an irresistible necessity to deprive humanity of its peaceful future. The favorite perversion sees people just in numbers and digits, not voices of reason for change and human unity.

The dreadful tragedy of Russian-Ukrainian conflict will lead to infallible results to encroach mankind prematurely into accidental annihilation either by nuclear arsenals or a combination of nukes and space weapons for which We, the People could hardly imagine its aftermath destruction of Earth and the systematic functions of the Nature of Things not witnessed by the previous Two WW.  Glory lives in the conception of good, not in evil. The egoistic leaders of NATO, the EU, Russia and the US compete in media propagation to have superior imagery for hegemonic politics.

They have no sense of time and history, how ignorance and political wickedness could lead to unthinkable calamities and disrupt the global socioeconomic, politics and world order. They were not prepared and are afraid of being replaced by the phenomenon of change and future-making. Morally and intellectually bankrupt leaders have no time to understand the aspirations of global mankind. We, the People of globe aspire for peace, not for wars or destruction of human habitats by nukes and aggression against the weak and powerless.

After eight months of warfare and several millions of forcibly displaced refugees, there is no proactive leadership vision and workable plan on table to change the course of contemporary tragic events, massive deaths and destruction as morality and human intellect continued to decline for a navigational change – and for an immediate ceasefire and workable peace. Most leaders are millionaires and supported by the corporate entities selling weapons and devoid of reason and futuristic imagination to end the conflict between Russia and Ukraine and to reverse the picture of utterly indescribable shadows of entrapment for a looming Third World War.

A rational conflict analysis and search for peace involves listening and learning to divergent viewpoints and finding a common place of reasoning without agreeing or disagreeing to halt the animosities. This is effective communication and enlightened leadership traits. The mankind is fraught with sorrows and fear of unknown animosities and daily killings and displacement thinking process, a society – a nation no matter how normal claims to be, cannot function as normal beings to co-exist with their own self, the surroundings – in human culture and make any positive contributions to sustainable change and progress. The US, NATO, the EU, Russia and Ukraine are stuck in this seamless but vicious entanglement. Ironically, desperation could aggravate anyone to use nukes unilaterally with global catastrophic consequences.

This state of affairs reflects complete societal breakdown and march towards self-annihilation. We are witnessing and living in that delusional culture of human degeneration.  Actions result in reactions. Russia taking control of conquered Eastern towns in Ukraine and NATO and the EU leaders are issuing new sanctions as if it will resolve the urgent energy supply crises of gas, oil and Nordstream pipeline from Russia. The rupture and leakage of the Nordstream gas pipeline could have catastrophic environmental problems. Political condemnations and economic sanctions will not change the course of history but a reasoned dialogue of direct talks could produce desirable outcomes for peace. If there are any proactive intelligent leaders, they should initiate direct peace talks between the warring parties. All human acts are subject to change and reformation.

We the People and Global Leaders Are in Conflict with the Nature of Things

 We, the People of globe believe in human unity, peace and the leaders need to learn how to co-exist in universal harmony and be at peace on this Earth. Bombs and ballistic missiles hit the Earth and destroy all living things. Earth was meant for life and human progress, not destruction by human wickedness towards the Nature of Things. The Earth is a living entity and is meant for us – the human beings. The Divine warning is self-explanatory:

Do no mischief on the Earth after it hath been set in order, but call on God with fear and longing in hearts
For the Mercy of God is always near to those who do good.
— Chapter 7: 56: The Qur’an

In all ages, people and nations claiming to be most powerful and transgressors manipulating the Earth and humanity were destroyed by the Laws of God – natural causes. Many empires and egoistic leaders went this natural route of meeting their ends. We, the conscientious people of the globe possess rational understanding of an equilibrium and balanced relationship between Man, Life and God-given living Universe in which we all reside. We, the People of knowledge wonder who else except God created life, the Earth and the living Universe floating in space well balanced and functional since time immemorial. Who else other than God determined the Earth spinning of 1670 km per hour? Who else than God ordained it to orbit the sun at 107,000 km per hour?  And who else than God made it to spin at 28,437 km per hour at the equator? (

Be aware that earth average distance to the Sun is about 93 million miles (105 million km); the distance of Moon from Earth is currently 384,821 km equivalent to 0.002572 Astronomical Units and if the distance between the Earth-Sun and the Earth-moon were ever to change, there will be no sign of life, human civilizations or habitats left on Earth. You as human being as One Humanity has one origin –  why can’t we co-exist in peace and harmony? Do people ponder and realize how human beings are created by God and how societies flourish since the time immemorial?

It is God Who has created you from dust; Then from a sperm-drop,
Then from a leech-like clot; Then He does get you out (into the light)
As a child: then lets you (grow and) reach your age of full strength; then lets you become old,
Though of you there are, some who die before;
And lets you reach a Term appointed; in order that ye
May learn wisdom.
— Chapter 40: 67: The Qur’an

This understanding is critical towards peacemaking and peaceful co-existence within the Universe. The continued bombardments and missile attacks on civilians will increase tragic tensions, not the unity of the masses targeted by war machines.

Witness to Human Tragedies – Are We Waiting for the Third World War?

We, the People, We, the Humanity are reliving the unthinkable horrors, bloodbaths and massacres of innocent civilians watching the daily news screen in Ukraine and what happened during the Two European World Wars – still fresh on human slate of memories. The NATO, the EU, the US and Russia created strategic divides and breathe in perpetuated animosities. What a human catastrophe and ignorance, they cannot think outside the mindless box. They all invest in military campaigns and military solutions.  There is no check and balance strategy open to international accountability – no international law and no so called preservation of the Geneva Conventions. Contrary to the official statements, the daily killings of the civilians go unabated across Ukraine–Russian Conflict Theater. The UN Secretary General and Stoltenberg- the NATO Chief react in confusion to Russian annexation of the Eastern regions as if NATO is not in conflict with Russia but providing assistance to defend Ukraine.

They all watched from distance what was happening in Crimea since 2014. The Western leaders demonstrate moral perversion lacking confidence and intellect to deal with unusual emergencies and crying wolf being unable to find workable solutions. They faltered to challenge Russia directly, yet they claim to be fighting against “aggression.” To make peace with Russia and between Russia, Ukraine and the West, they needed new creative initiatives to talk and discover ways and means to end the regional hostilities.  When ignorant and wicked leaders transgress the limits of the Laws of God and target the innocents, often they are set to be punished by God for violating the basic covenant of human life on Earth. We call it change in historic landscape.

Every beginning has its end. Those looking for military confrontations and solutions are mindless figures. The few obsessed with invincible armies and political powers – the self-centered maniacs – all causing massive deaths and destruction to endanger life, human habitats and the sanctity of Planet Earth. The NEED is urgent to understand – how to change the egoistic and embittered insanity of few warlords into equilibrium of balanced relationship between Man, Life and God- given living Universe in which we reside all.

If we bent on ignoring the living Time and opportunities for peaceful change, our common sense could lead to cataclysm ending. We, the People of Conscience invite you to RETHINK – who you are and your origin and what life and death means in the real world. To make peace and resolve the conflict peacefully, this author proposed a rational framework of direct communication between President Putin, President Biden, NATO, the EU and Ukraine leadership at the earliest: Why Russia, NATO, the EU and Ukraine cannot Make Peace?  Also HERE.


Dr. Mahboob A. Khawaja specializes in international relations-global security, peace and conflict resolution with keen interests in Islamic-Western comparative cultures and civilizations, and author of several publications including the latest book: Global Peace, Security and Conflict Resolution: Approaches to Understand the Current Issues and Future-Making, Lambert Academic Publications, Germany, 2017.

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