Pakistan: Imran Khan a Victim of Hope for the Future

ASIA--PACIFIC, 7 Nov 2022

Mahboob A. Khawaja, Ph.D. – TRANSCEND Media Service

Pakistan Looks for a Navigational Change

5 Nov 2022 – Pakistan’s trajectory of current affairs unfolds multiple crises of critical nature for its freedom, security and future-making.  Wherever the military comes into power, it destroys the culture of positive thinking, morals and hope for change.  Imran Khan alleges assassination attempt by the current “imported regime of the few” on his life while leading a Freedom March to Islamabad. Masses across Pakistan reacted against this evil act of subversion of people’s rights to decide their own future in a democratic system.

The Generals and their accomplices Sharifs and Bhuttos lack legitimacy to govern the country. They are part of the problems, not solutions. Most have criminal records, no political integrity and honesty and perhaps no other nation will embrace them as political figures. The planned political chaos is intended to drive the nation towards further catastrophic ends and imposition of martial law and coming of an age of great uncertainty and beyond predicting no return to democracy.  All indicators point out to unwarranted intervention by the US-led policy to subdue the rights of people and support a military regime in Pakistan aligned to its foreign policy and anti-China and anti-Russia scenarios.

Today, the nation is crippled with catastrophic events of floods, insecurity and socio-economic and political exploitation. Pakistani ruling elite and the Generals are not open to reason and accountability. They cannot realize the imperatives of hopes and expectations of new generation of educated and morally and intellectually competent people. Future belongs to the new generation of educated people, not to the naive and obsolete Generals. They view “power” and “Pakistan” as their own property. The authoritarian leaders played with its destiny and future without being questioned. They are the wrong people, with wrong thinking doing the wrong things. If there was any fair system of accountability, some of the Generals and accomplice politicians could well have faced firing squads for their crimes against the nation. Pakistan has a history of five major military –led coups which ended up in defeat and loss of East Pakistan. Are the Generals waiting for another mishap of formative history?

Junaid Ahmed and Ben Norton (“Video: Pakistan Coup Regime Bans Imran Khan, Dissidents Killed, as US Eyes China Ties, Israel Normalization” Global Research 10/27/22), try to elaborate how the US intervention could undermine Pakistan’s national interests. Under a false pretext, Khan was banned to participate in any future national elections. There seems to be no legal justification for such an unconstitutional verdict.

Imran Khan, a former cricketer and a former PM is the victim of the established institutionalized political corruption in Pakistan. He made a new beginning of “Teherk-e-Insafe” (Movement for Justice), party to create his own space for a moral and intellectual spirited movement for political change. Not so, the challenge comes from the known thugs, indicted criminals and conspirators who had dominated the national politics for more than 50 years. To change an ill-informed and evil political culture, Pakistani masses were eagerly looking for a new age educated person to realize the hope for a peaceful and progressive Pakistan.

Imran Khan was abruptly dismissed as the PM by a bogus and unconstitutional assembly secretly arranged by the Generals in alliance with the US paid agents to ensure political chaos and instability. This could serve the US-India Strategic interests to control and manage Pakistan by eliminating its nuclear arsenals and making the nation a slave of the foreign Masters and unpayable debts. This is not what people of Pakistan are looking for to surrender their freedom, security and sovereignty.  Ironically, Pakistani Generals have a history of selling their national interests and having been paid by the US to fight in Afghanistan and allow the US to use its bases for military operations. The USAID buys and enslaves people and nations leading to dysfunctional governance of the few.

American foreign policy makers view the Pakistani politicians-Generals as beggars, bootlickers who will perform all kind of superficial acts to please the Master – the one who calls them an ally when needed but will stab Pakistanis when they become a liability. Disillusioned and disconnected with its roots, Pakistan continues to move forward – not towards change, normalcy and progress – but towards tragic events fomenting planned deaths of the citizenry, destruction of the social, economic and political infrastructures, incapacitated and broken lifelines and ultimately to become a battle ground for mindless ethnic and regional divides and national collapse.

Andrew Gavin Marshall “Imperial Eye on Pakistan- Pakistan in Pieces, Part 1 (Global Research: 5/28/2011:, states that “in December of 2000, the CIA released a report of global trends to the year 2015, which stated that by 2015, “The war in Afghanistan is inherently related to the situation in Pakistan……….Pakistan will be more fractious, isolated, and dependent on international financial assistance.” It was noted that the US-led war in Afghanistan was ultimately aimed at denuclearization of Pakistan.

Could Khan Change the Neo-Colonial Dominated Political Culture?

Comparatively. Imran Khan had four years of uncorrupted politics. He did not kill anybody nor robbed any bank s and was keen to have legal accountability for Sharifs, Bhuttos, and Zardari and others. But political governance was infested with corrupt figures of the past.  There are reportedly 632 top civil servants with dual nationalities. Khan was unable to devise a Plan of Action to reform a highly systematic culture of corruption. He needed people of new age education and intelligence to workout creative strategies for political change. That simply did not happen and he was hurriedly ousted by a political –military conspiracy. Imran Khan has the perception and vision for a new Pakistan but he needs people of new and educated generation to plan for a new beginning. Khan and his PTI supporter allege the few Generals and Shabaz Sharif involved in his assassination plan.

Khan’s accusations and past experience could help to identify the in-house evil mongers. Analyzing the videos of his attack, it was a well-planned targeted attack on a national leader for political purposes. While political cynicism is endemic about other so called politicians, Pakistani masses view Imran Khan with great deal of optimism and integrity and hope for a new beginning, free of political corruption paving opportunities for sustainable change. If there is a viable legal system of justice, there should be an independent inquiry to the allegations and those responsible must be held accountable for their heinous crimes. This author has shared specific remedial plan for the current problems: please view “Pakistan in Search of Freedom and Security”, Uncommon Thought Journal and Global Research: 10/20/22.

Western strategic analysts claim Pakistan to be a ‘failing state’ as it is run by dubious political-military elite. The current Pakistani leaders exhibit deafening silence to respond as they have no legitimacy and political integrity. Often when sadistic politicians cannot solve one set of problems, they come up with smart but naïve ideas to create more critical problems to distract the masses. The assassination attempt on Khan’s life could be a diversion in that context. What is the solution to the morally and intellectually sickening political culture of Pakistani politics? In view of the obvious failure of the current regime under Shabaz Sharif, the conscientious people and organized political establishments should initiate action to set up a new Government of National Unity replacing Shabaz Sharif with a non-partisan, intelligent and honest leadership.

This appears to be the urgent political shift to restore normalcy and sustainable political governance. It is hard to imagine a non-existent and unrepresentative National Assembly as is to act against Sharif, only to reaffirm its irrelevance and incompetence being a stooge of the rulers and unable to provide workable democratic option for change – when facts of life warrant a change.  The responsible institutions if any must respond to facilitate change to safeguard the national interests, freedom and integrity of the country. If the Generals and Sharif have any sense of honesty, reasoning, and accountability, they should immediately announce a date for new national elections and safeguard the country from further destabilization and coming of a dark and unsustainable future.


Dr. Mahboob A. Khawaja specializes in international relations-global security, peace and conflict resolution with keen interests in Islamic-Western comparative cultures and civilizations, and author of several publications including the latest book: Global Peace, Security and Conflict Resolution: Approaches to Understand the Current Issues and Future-Making, Lambert Academic Publications, Germany, 2017.

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