A Positive Note from TMS Editor

TRANSCEND News, 26 Dec 2022

Antonio C. S. Rosa

26 Dec 2022 – Dear Readers, Friends, Supporters, I am back on my feet again from COVID. Next week TMS will resume its regular Weekly Digest.

We feel deeply grateful for your unconditional support thorough the years and particularly during the present ordeal; it is not possible to reply individually to so many comforting messages but you know who you are.

Blessings, Thank you.
Antonio Rosa

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9 Responses to “A Positive Note from TMS Editor”

  1. Dear Antonio,

    Welcome back from COVID! We all knew your great spirit would remain with us as an inspiration and a challenge.

    Transcend Media Service is You, with Johan smiling in the background.

    How could any of us, move forward without this most important Conflict Transformation service and, one might add, essential International Space Station for World Peace.

    I trust I speak for so many others in cheering your recover and the continuation of TMS as an essential passage towards a Renewed and Restored World Order.

    And now, let us all move forward . . . . . there is so very much illness and misconception waiting to be healed.

    In sincere hope and trust,


  2. Stephen says:

    How did you get diagnosed with “COVID”? There is no validated FDA diagnostic test for “COVID”. See pp. 12-13 in the book, The Real Anthony Fauci. HBOT works if you have sudden acute respiratory distress syndrome (SARS). Therapy is easy. 5 treatments over 5 days of 90 minutes at 2 ATM was what cleared the hypoxia in the lungs with 90%. By comparison 84% of hospitalizations with hypoxia that went onto intubated mechanical ventilators died in Texas hospitals. Other states had higher mortality.

  3. Daisuke Nojima (Transcend Japan, EPU 2008 Summer) says:

    Dear Antonio, I am very glad to hear you have almost recovered. I wish it was light one, however please keep your health! from Far East

  4. Happy to hear you are recovering and now have superior natural immunity!
    Thanks for all you do. I agree with Robert K. Transcend TMS is a precious, valuable, unique resource.
    Much gratitude. I wish you continued strength.

  5. George Kent says:

    Hi Antonio —

    Welcome back. You are already establishing a better new year for me. Please keep spreading your good news.

    Aloha, George

  6. My dear friends, COVID reinforced something of great value to me: your relentless support, friendship, encouragement. THANK YOU!

    @Stephen: I went to hospital due to extreme back pain (scoliosis) and a routine ER check accused positive for COVID. I don’t know what process they used. But it is pretty much over now; I feel well again.

    Antonio Rosa

  7. Baher Kamal says:

    Antonio Dear — Great to hear that you are now doing much, much better. And it goes without saying that I fully subscribe all the well-deserved good wishes that all friends and colleagues have shared with you, Antonio.

    A warm hug, Baher

  8. Faruque says:

    Dear Antonio,

    Welcome back to good health. Stay healthy.

    Warm hugs.

  9. Truht Hurts says:

    You did NOT have “COVID” as the phony virus has never been isolated FROM A HUMAN. In fact, it never existed in the REAL WORLD. 153 replies from FOIA’s from 25 countries, including the CDC, admits this. The ONLY place BS19 exists is in labs that whip it up using monkey kidney cells, etc. Here’s a video that exposes the EXACT process , straight from an Aussie lab that created the abomination in their lab using the BS19 FORMULA. https://153news.net/watch_video.php?v=YSOUA839NDHS