Message from Dr Vandana Shiva for Holi and Women’s Day


Prof. Vandana Shiva | Navdanya International – TRANSCEND Media Service

8 Mar 2023

Navdanya wishes to all the diverse women around the globe a colourful and joyful International Women’s Day and a Happy Holi. We are celebrating Women and Biodiversity, taking inspiration from the diversity of nature through colours and food to celebrate Holi, a festival of India. Since times immemorial the festivity of Holi has been deeply linked with nature. Its celebrations were meant to say goodbye to Winter and welcome Rituraj, Spring. As Dr. Vandana Shiva, president of Navdanya, stated:

“Women of the world are the primary guardians and custodians of biodiversity and life. They are holding and protecting the ancient and precious knowledge on how to use and preserve biodiversity for healthy food, healthy communities and healthy environments”.

TRANSCEND Member Prof. Vandana Shiva is a physicist, ecofeminist, philosopher, activist, and author of more than 20 books and 500 papers. She is the founder of the Research Foundation for Science, Technology and Ecology, and has campaigned for biodiversity, conservation and farmers’ rights, winning the Right Livelihood Award [Alternative Nobel Prize] in 1993. She is executive director of the Navdanya Trust.

Navdanya and the Navdanya movement were created by Dr. Vandana Shiva 30 years ago in India to defend Seed and Food sovereignty and small farmers around the world. Navdanya pioneered the movement of seed saving and seed freedom, which began in response to the crisis of erosion of agricultural  biodiversity and introduction of GMOs and patents on seeds through intellectual property rights (IPRs) and so-called ‘free trade’ agreements. It has long fought against biopiracy, the patenting of indigenous knowledge by self-interested multinational corporations and won cases related to Neem, basmati rice and wheat in India. Navdanya promotes a new agricultural and economic paradigm, a culture of food for health, where ecological responsibility and economic justice replace the present greed, consumerism and competition which have become dominant in society. It aims at regaining the common good as a foundation for a renewed sense of community, solidarity and culture of peace. We strive to achieve these goals through the conservation, renewal and rejuvenation of the gifts of biodiversity we have received from nature and our ancestors, and to defend these gifts as commons. – More…

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