WCPA’s Two Track Strategy for Earth Federation Government or a ‘New UN’


Roger Kotila, Ph.D. | Earth Federation News & Views – TRANSCEND Media Service

16 Mar 2023 – The World Constitution & Parliament Association has adopted a plan for a global citizenship movement which they believe can “change the world.”  The goal is the establishment of a new geopolitical peace system to replace the failing United Nations global (war) system.

Since the signing of the UN Charter in 1945 world federalists have warned that the Charter’s design was wrong, and that the UN would be unable to end war.  So what is the solution?  Only world government could do the job explains Albert Einstein in “Einstein on Peace.”

Einstein and other world federalists noted, among other defects, the absence of enforceable world law in the UN Charter.  Bully nations routinely violate international law with impunity.  Leaders of countries who are responsible for world crimes, especially those among the UN Security Council P-5 veto powers (U.S., Russia, China, UK, France), are never held accountable for what they’ve done.  They are untouchable, even by the International Criminal Court or the World Court.

WCPA activists worldwide (India, Europe, US, South America, etc.) have adopted a Two Track Strategy to establish a democratic world federation with a charter/constitution (the Earth Constitution) which corrects the fatal defects in the present UN Charter:

  • Track A: Fulfillment of  THE SAN FRANCISCO PROMISE.  Under Article 109-3 the UN General Assembly is legally required to review the obsolete Charter.  Such a review by the UNGA could open the door for introduction of the Earth Constitution as a model, guide and authority in actually forming a “new UN,” one with the tools needed to end “the scourge of war.”
  • Track B: If the UN is unable, or unwilling, to fix itself, then the building blocks for Earth Federation government are already being put in place.  Adopting the Earth Constitution, activists are building an alternative world organization which is parallel to, but independent of, the UN.

Already Earth Federation activists have hosted Sessions of a Provisional World Parliament, and are developing a House of Peoples with 1000 electoral districts.  At long last the world’s 8 billion people would get democratic representation in a World Parliament.

WCPA’s Two Track Strategy insures that if the UN fails to reform itself, then peace and human rights activists will already have in place an alternative, independent world organization with growing popular support for a global system change with the potential to end war.


Roger Kotila, Ph.D. is a peace activist and a psychologist (ret.) with many years of clinical experience with the California Dept. of Corrections doing psychiatric diagnosis and treatment with inmates. President of Democratic World Federalists he is co-editor of DWF NEWS, and editor of Earth Federation News & Views. He supports a “new UN” under the Earth Constitution. www.earthfederation.info Email: earthstarradio@aol.com

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