The G7 Psyop

IN FOCUS, 26 Jun 2023

Steve Leeper – TRANSCEND Media Service


“Prime Minister Kishida, you have to support our proxy war against the Russians in Ukraine, and you have to increase your defense budget so you can buy more US weapons because we’re running out of money.”


“Of course, Mighty Shogun, I will do as you request, but in return, you must allow me to hold the next G7 summit in Hiroshima. That will foster the vital illusion that I and the Japanese government care about disarmament.”


“You drive a hard bargain.”

Thus was born the Hiroshima G7 summit. And what an exciting summit it was! For weeks, Hiroshima was occupied by thousands of police pulled in from all over peaceful, low-crime Japan. They shut down the museum. They shut down the whole Peace Park. They even shut down our number one tourist destination, the sacred island Miyajima. As the great day approached, they switched around the closed-off streets and alleys just to keep the terrorists on their toes.

Braving the police occupation were thousands of tourists enjoying the spectacle and hundreds of peace and anti-nuclear activists bringing their carefully crafted consensual joint statements and organizing their side events to bask in reflected glory at this pinnacle of political power. Surely, here in A-bombed Hiroshima, the great power leaders would feel compelled to respond positively to humanity’s pleas for human security, for liberation from the nuclear sword of Damocles, for a dramatic shift from cutthroat competition to urgently required cooperation, for genuine graduation from the war culture to a culture of peace.

Then finally, after all the breathless waiting, there they were. Such a beautiful sight! The august leaders of the seven cruelest, most destructive colonial nations in the history of our planet solemnly and, by all appearances, sincerely presenting fabulous wreaths of flowers (each one costing enough to feed a Rohingya family for a month) to the Atomic Bomb Cenotaph, with “the football” right there in Peace Memorial Park, fully prepared and easily available to extinguish all human life to make sure the evil Russians and Chinese could not pull a fast one and kill us all first with impunity.

After what was undoubtedly several minutes of intense discussion among low-level staff members, the G7 Leaders’ Hiroshima Vision on Disarmament expressed great determination to achieve a world free of nuclear weapons. In doing so, it praised G7 members 14 times while criticizing Russia 11 times and China twice. It demanded that North Korea disarm and stop its provocative actions. It urged Iran to stop its nuclear escalations. Overall, it effectively conveyed the impression that the G7 countries are doing everything possible to rid the world of nuclear weapons but, unfortunately, their valiant efforts are thwarted by the malevolent presence and unbridled ambitions of Russia, China, North Korea, and Iran.

In sum, the G7 was a wonderful war-culture summit. The G7 leaders established that they are all good guys who love each other and, especially, their mascot President Zelensky, while Russia and China are bad guys whom no one could possibly love. Great job! The international peace culture city Hiroshima should be proud to have been used in this way.


Steve Leeper has shuttled between Atlanta and Hiroshima since 1984. He is cofounder and chairman of Peace Culture Village (Hiroshima) and vice president of PEAC Institute (Atlanta). From 1984 to 2007 he worked as translator, management consultant, and peace activist for various companies, NGOs, and government agencies in Hiroshima. From 2007 to 2013 he served as chairman of the Hiroshima Peace Culture Foundation, which houses the Peace Memorial Museum and Mayors for Peace. Now retired, he remains a visiting professor at Hiroshima Jogakuin University and a translator for Peace Culture Translations.

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