Communism, Capitalism and Feudalism: How Nominalism Makes Us Fools


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5 Jul 2023 – I have come to notice that one of the most effective tools for making people easily malleable sheep is through something called “nominalism”.

Nominalism can be thought of as a “rule of reasoning” governing which pathways our minds use as we move from ignorance to understanding on any topic imaginable. In essence, this school of thought presumes that reality can only be known through the names and definitions given to things and processes in the real world.

The definitions of those words/labels are then defined by the ruling perception managers who control whatever systems of authority happen to be dominant in that society. Orwell referred to this as the Ministry of Truth in his “1984.”

I’ll let you think about those power centers that control definitions of words today.

One can see clearly how this sort of thing can be used to get soft-minded people to support (or at least ignore) the growth of fascism. Since nominalism presumes that a ruling power creates definitions, which substitute for “truth”… then definitions can be changed over time as said ruling class deems those definitions to change. Just think of the very different definitions of “man” or “woman” from a decade ago, to today. If changing definitions are truth… then there is no ontological truth at all, and inversely no such thing as a lie. How useful for oligarchs if their victims lose the ability to believe in truth or lies… especially when you want them to lose sight of their true enemies while creating new enemies to hate and fear.

Definitions vs Reality: “Capitalism” and “Communism”

But for this particular exercise, let’s evaluate the mis-use of the words “Capitalism”, “Communism” and “Feudalism”…. starting with the case of Canada.

As many have come to discover during the past 3 years, Canada is under total oligarchical management. Sadly this didn’t begin three years ago or even seven years ago with the introduction of bubblehead mini-tyrant Justin Trudeau into power.

This foreign oligarchical control of Canada has actually been a serious problem for many decades (if not the past 250 years).

Yet Canadians have been given the nominal label of “free capitalist democracy” for generations.

Was it ever true?

Well at times we did enjoy the fruits of capitalism and democracy, but since our last authentic Prime Minister John Diefenbaker was ousted in a Rhodes Scholar-directed coup back in 1963, we have had an extremely captured nation. After ousting Diefenbaker, the British-directed Malthusian death cult took greater controls than ever before and never let go.

The same thing was happening to Canada’s southern neighbors as President John F. Kennedy was murdered by the same London-directed deep state and the USA was taken over by the same foreign directed death cult.

Yet the USA has been called a ‘free capitalist democracy’ since that coup until the present time. But are Canada and the USA actually “free capitalist democracies”?

Let’s try out a little exercise to see if reality proves the nominalist definitions wrong.

Defining our Terms

  1. “Capitalism” is about creating capital. It is also about systems that reward entrepreneurship and enterprise in order to increase productivity, innovation, living standards, longevity etc. In capitalist systems, infrastructure improves (rather than decays), and the buying power of the currency also increases in value. Meanwhile feudal structures of obscenely wealthy oligarchs who produce nothing for society itself will tend to decrease in influence as citizens gain greater powers of wealth and sovereignty.
  2. In the post-JFK/post-Diefenbaker period of 1963-present, all of those variables that I outlined above have diminished. Capital production has decreased as we became a consumer society, oligarchical/feudal structures increased as national controls over bank and corporate regulation were removed post-1971 and mergers and acquisitions of companies under the control of Bilderberger manipulators took power and a new multi-billionaire class was created of sociopathic front-men with names like Bill Gates, George Soros, Peter Munk, Jeff Bezos, etc etc.

This was done under the name of ‘capitalism’ but it was always just feudalism wearing a “capitalist” costume. Entrepreneurs were destroyed and the only innovation permitted was found in systems of control such as Big Pharma, Military Industries and Big Entertainment complexes. Since there was still a level of comfort caused by the sacrifices of earlier pro-nationalist movements prior to 1945, North American citizens more often than not stood by and allowed this feudal oligarchy to quite literally kill countless millions in corporate wars in Vietnam, Laos, Cambodia, Afghanistan (twice), Iraq (twice), etc. The basic low-level logic that this deep cultural corruption took hold was: “if I’m comfortable, then the world must be working fine”.

Taking stock of western-directed wars in “defense of democracies”, we find the list of US-directed regime-change operations amount to well over 200 since World War 2.

Let’s compare this to an “authoritarian hater of freedom and capitalism” like Iran which must have done so much worse to the world in the same time frame in order to merit being part of the “Axis of Evil”.

Ouf. that’s embarrassing.

So maybe the time has come to accept the fact that whatever it is that the west uses as a system of governance… capitalism isn’t it. And since I don’t recall anyone in the USA voting for those wars, maybe the idea of democracy has to also be relinquished.

Now let’s simply apply the same standards of measurement to “communist” China since 1949. Ask yourself “how many governments has China regime changed, how many wars has China launched and how many heads of state have China’s intelligence agencies assassinated?”.

Just make a list and see how that goes.

Now let’s see if China qualifies as “communist” using the criteria I outlined above.

Since capitalism is literally based on capital creation and private ownership, do we find these metrics decreasing or increasing in China?

Capitalism should also make people healthier, live longer and decrease poverty. How are these metrics trending in China when compared to the west over the past 50 years?

How about patent-registrations and innovation into R&D? Are those increasing or decreasing?

How about infant mortality and poverty? Are those increasing or decreasing?

How about the private sector? Marxism states that private ownership should be abolished in his utopia. So it is worth asking: has private ownership and private enterprise decreased or increased in the version of communism active in China?

How have these things fared in the capitalist democracies of the USA or Canada?

How about industrial productivity? Is that increasing or decreasing?

Is food production increasing or decreasing? How about energy use and energy availability? How about cost of energy use per capita? Are these things increasing or decreasing in China? How about in the “free capitalist west”?

Rethinking some Definitions

When taking all the above metrics into consideration, you can prove that China doesn’t fit the simplistic definitions we are given of ‘communism’ despite their party name having the word ‘communist’ in it.

Maybe the Chinese government has learned to take what it finds useful in Marx as well as in capitalist thinkers while leaving out the bullshit it doesn’t find useful?

Could it be possible that China is acting like a grown up by not simply embracing any fixed ideological matrix or extreme dualism of radical individualism vs radical statism? Is it possible that their government has been trying to use what works to make themselves prosperous and secure?

Last I checked, the USA was founded upon a co-existence of the principle of 1- inalienable rights of individuals (contained in the US Declaration of Independence) and 2- the General Welfare of the whole society (as contained in the Constitution). So maybe the trappings of “British liberal capitalism” vs hardcore “communism” is a fraud which pre-WWII Americans were smart enough to avoid.

Exercise #2: Have the “Chi-Coms” Infiltrated Canada?

Canadian victims of nominalism have been told that Chinese agents of the CPC have infiltrated our society with the help of their puppet Justin Trudeau in order to destroy our free and democratic capitalist order.

Those “commie Chinese” just hate us that much and that’s why there are so many ultra rich Chinese living in Canada working to inflate housing prices, and manage drug inflows into North America.

But now ask yourself:

WHY has Canada received these thousands upon thousands of these super rich Chinese? Are these exiled super rich Chinese truly agents of the CPC?

Is it possible that China is cracking down on it’s CIA/MI6 directed deep state resulting in massive fluxes of Chinese traitors and criminals receiving sanctuary in the west?

Since Xi Jinping’s anti-corruption crackdown was launched in 2012, millions of Chinese party officials have been punished with many former Justice ministers, State intelligence controllers and even private sector WEF-operatives like Jack Ma being removed from influence or given life sentences in jail. Those operatives who made their fortunes as feudalist capitalists under the direction of the London/Wall Street central command from the 1970s- early 2000s have found themselves faced with a choice: Go to jail as foreign traitors which they are or 2) seek sanctuary in friendly Anglo-Five eyes states.

That is the simple reason why Canada houses Chinese billionaires.

This is also why Britain houses countless thousands of Russian exiled oligarchs since Putin came to power over 20 years ago and these sociopathic creatures jumped ship like rats. This is also why the CIA houses billionaire gurus like Fethullah Gulen of Turkey whose army of Turkish deep state cultists was deployed to carry out a regime change in Turkey in 2016. Fethullah Gulen’s vast luxury compound in Philadelphia is reminiscent of the 430 acre compound in New York owned by Li Hongzhi– spiritual god-head of the Falun Gong cult and New Tang Dynasty Media empire teaching westerners about the evils of “Communist” China.

Does that mean that I’m saying every single Chinese person in Canada or the USA is a western deep state operative and uber rich oligarch?

Of course not.

The True Reasons for Chinese Immigration into North America

Many Chinese also came here for legitimate reasons over the past 150 years starting with the tens of thousands who built our railroads in the 19th century.

Others came here because China was turned into a third world country before and during the Cold War suffering abject poverty (since the British had coordinated the total destruction of China from 1800-1950). Poverty was bad in the 1970s and 1980s and so it is understandable why many normal and well-intentioned Chinese people emigrated west.

Chinese Deep State Western INFLUX #1: 1989

But when China survived a CIA-directed regime change and kicked out George Soros in 1989 there was a big crackdown on the Chinese regime change operation who escaped to the west via Operation Yellowbird via MI6, CIA and Hong Kong Triads to safe sanctuary in the west. (INFLUX #1)

I tell this story of the 1989 crackdown here

These exiled Chinese clusters were used to seed organize crime operations on behalf of their Five Eyes London controllers to take part in drug money laundering and offshore banking in British Cayman Islands zones. These groups saw their wealth expand massively within Toronto and Vancouver which also saw the creation of a massive housing bubble made possible through British-directed Chinese expat shell companies.

But the key here is that they were never representative of the Chinese government as Canadians have been told but rather by the actual foreign agency controlling our captured state.

Chinese Deep State INFLUX #2: 1997

The next influx of immigration of super rich Chinese exiles was in the months prior to the return of Hong Kong to China after the British 99 year lease expired in 1997. Those British-directed multi-billionaire overlord class of managers built up in Hong Kong didn’t know if the restoration of China’s rule would result in an immediate anti-crime crackdown and so took as much of the ill-begotten loot they could carry and escaped to…Canada mostly.

Keep in mind that the British have always used the tiny strategic island as a British base of operation to run asymmetric warfare, banking warfare and other forms of attack onto China during the Cold War. Hong Kong (whose currency is STILL controlled by London’s biggest drug banks HSBC and Standard and Charter) was the central point of drug production along with Taiwan of “silver triangle production” infusing drugs into North America via Vancouver.

Since the CIA’s NED-directed Hong Kong regime change operation failed in 2019-2020, the west is again granting sanctuary to the thousands of operatives who were used like human weapons to burn Hong Kong to the ground and are desperate to avoid arrest.

Chinese Deep State INFLUX #3: 2012-2023

Between 2012-2023, over 4.7 million Chinese party officials faced punishment for bribery and corruption charges, while CIA front groups tied to the National Endowment for Democracy were cut off from their western support. US Intelligence operatives including disgraced neo-con John Bolton admitted as much in a Nov. 10, 2021 Bloomberg article which read:

“Xi’s sweeping efforts to change China’s domestic politics and consolidate his control also have taken a toll on American intelligence… The shift from a system of ‘collective’ leadership under former Presidents Jiang Zemin and Hu Jintao toward one dominated by Xi means that the CIA has had to go from focusing on the inner circles of seven or even nine top leaders to, effectively, just one.”

Some examples of high officials purged from positions of vast power within China include Ministry of State Security officials Ma Jian (vice minister for Public Security from 2006-2015) and Zhou Youngkang (minister of public security from 2002-2007) who were arrested and sentenced to life in prison in 2015 and 2018 respectively.

According to investigative reporter Pepe Escobar, both men were handlers of Miles Guo (a bankroller of Steve Bannon, close friend of Tony Blair and ally of Connie Morgan– heiress of the Morgan Family dynasty). These men were also close allies to Ling Jihua (Chief of Staff to Hu Jintao) who was found guilty of bribery and sentenced to life in prison in 2016.

Another associate of this hive was Sun Zhengcai who found himself ousted as a Politburo member and sentenced to life in prison in 2018. On top of this list, former vice minister of police Sun Lijun was arrested in 2022 on corruption charges, Chinese Interpol Chief Meng Hongwei was jailed for 13.5 years in 2019 on bribery charges while former Justice Minister Fu Zhenghua was given a suspended death sentence in 2021.

Based on the simple review of the origins of the Chinese ultra-rich operatives in North America, the evidence points to the fact that those worst elements of Chinese billionaires in Canada or the USA are not working for the Chinese government, but are only here because the Chinese government would have put them in jail if they didn’t escape.

Say no to nominalism and yes to reality

Just as we were played throughout the Cold War, ignorant westerners have been tricked YET AGAIN into believing China is our arch nemesis. This sleight of hand has been made entirely possible by our tendency to 1) lie to ourselves about our own un-earned virtue and 2) our tendency to believe in nominalism.

Nominalism works because people haven’t learned how to use the god-given tool called their MINDS in order to look for context, nuance and truth that fall outside of the controlled framing of approved definitions given to “names/labels”.

Reality can be known…but not through narrow definitions and categorisations.

China- which has an abundance of private enterprise co-existing with national planning is no more communist than our captured western governments qualify as being capitalist or democratic.

There is one fight today just as there was long before anyone knew of the name of Karl Marx or Adam Smith: Are you committed to organizing society around principles of Natural Law or around master-slave feudalism?


Matthew Ehret is a member of the TRANSCEND Network for Peace Development Environment, a  journalist, and co-founder of the Rising Tide Foundation. He is the Editor-in-Chief of Canadian Patriot Review, Senior Fellow at the American University of Moscow and host of The Great Game on Rogue News. He has authored the book series The Untold History of Canada and the recently published book series The Clash of the Two Americas. Email:

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