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MILITARISM, 10 Jul 2023

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Jul 2023 – News from the Source of War and Destruction

Unmanned ground vehicle technology has been progressing, but familiar obstacles remain. Read More

The new contract is the culmination of “many years of research and development on what is an extremely complex” topic, an Army official said. Read More

The aircraft carrier Washington’s refueling ran two years long, due to the pandemic, industrial base challenges and unplanned work in the propulsion plant. Read More

Video released by the Department of Defense shows Russian fighter jets interfering with American drones in the skies over Syria. Read More

Following the port call, the ships will conduct joint drills with their Chinese counterparts focusing on ship-to-ship communications, among other missions. Read More

Are maritime affairs more important than those on land for New Zealand? We put that question and more to Air Marshal Kevin Short. Read More

Pentagon to tighten controls over classified info after major leak

Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin approved a set of recommendations to improve Pentagon policies and procedures that protect classified information. Read More

Germany unveils increased defense budget

Germany’s Cabinet has approved a draft 2024 budget that foresees lower spending, with defense among the exceptions. Read More

DoD looks to block Chinese and Russian influence on US academia

The Pentagon released a list of foreign groups it says engage in problematic activities that threaten DoD-funded research at higher education institutes. Read More

Pacific Fleet goes to Washington: How Adm. Paparo will refine the Navy

The nomination of Adm. Paparo is fortuitous in setting the stage for the return of an aggressive maritime strategy in response to China and Russia. Read More

NATO extends Stoltenberg’s mandate, safe pair of hands as war goes on

The former Norwegian prime minister has been NATO’s top civilian official since 2014. Read More

Neutral Switzerland and Austria will join European air defense project

The Alpine country is the second neutral nation after Austria to signal its intention to join the European Sky Shield Initiative launched by Germany. Read More

China accuses US of turning Taiwan into a ‘powder keg’ with arms sales

“This is tantamount to accelerating the transformation of Taiwan into a ‘powder keg’ and pushing the Taiwanese people into the abyss of disaster.” Read More

China accuses the US of turning Taiwan into a powder keg with its late

“This is tantamount to accelerating the transformation of Taiwan into a ‘powder keg’ and pushing the Taiwanese people into the abyss of disaster.” Read More


Submitted by TRANSCEND Member Alberto Portugheis, President HUFUD (Masterclasses)

“There is only one way of ridding the world of wars: the Abolition of Militarism, universally.”
— Alberto Portugheis

“Militaries are the ultimate manifestation of direct, structural and cultural violence—a cancer that must be extirpated from humanity.
— Antonio C. S. Rosa, M.A. Editor TRANSCEND Media Service


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