No to NATO (Music Video of the Week)

Music Video of the Week, 10 Jul 2023

Mistahi Corkill – TRANSCEND Media Service

This song goes out to all peace loving people who are taking a courageous stand against US empire building and expansion of the aggressive, warmongering military alliance, NATO.

Hear the warmongers speak, “NATO must expand to the East”,
“Trust us”, they say, “Russia and China are enemies”,
“They won’t get down on their knees!”,
But we know who’s to blame, For the path to WWIII,
We say no, we say no NATO!

Right before our eyes, US/NATO commits heinous war crimes,
Empire leaders of the day try to hide their crimes away, War in the name of peace,
But we know what to blame, Their bloody crusades,
We say no, we say no NATO!

They spread fear – lies – and hate, To justify regime change,
World control is their aim – state terror on display, Violence is their only way,
And we know who’s to blame, as the war machine gets paid,
We say no, we say no NATO!

Defend the rights of all, Don’t let them demonize the world,
Disband NATO, Bring the troops home, It’s the only way to peace,
‘Cause we know who’s to blame, So raise up your fist and sing,
We say no, we say no NATO!

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