Yemen’s Houthis in Defense of Gaza


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21 Dec 2023 – The genocide committed by Israel in Palestine continues to break our hearts every day.

Zionazis massacre children, women, babies, elderly journalists and doctors without showing the slightest sign of humanity. 70 days have passed since the war started on October 7.

At least 25 thousand people were killed by the Israeli army, at least 22 thousand of them were civilians and most of the civilians were children and babies.

Not only Muslims, but the whole world is standing up, Christians, Atheists, Buddhists and even Jews are in outrage against this Zionazi genocide.

So, if you ask what Arabs are doing, the answer will be nothing.

Jordan, which said at the beginning of the movie, “If you sweep Gaza, we will fall apart,” is now capturing and destroying the weapons going to the resistance axis on behalf of Israel.

There is no feeling from Egypt either.

Saudi Arabia and the UAE are concerned about opening a new trade corridor to Israel.

You ask why?

Because of the Bab El Mandeb strait closed by the Yemenis, who understand the suffering of the Palestinian people best.

We are talking about the Yemeni Houthis, who have been fighting for years with Saudi Arabia, supported by the USA, Israel and the UK, and which caused at least 150 thousand children to die from hunger and disease during the embargoes imposed.

These men, fighting with slippers on their feet, hit Saudi refineries and shot down F-16s, Eurofighters and Reapers.

A ceasefire was reached after China intervened by reconciling Tehran and Riyadh and Saudi Arabia made a geopolitical move.

Those Yemenis are now dealing a blow to Israel that no one else has dealt.

They stop and confiscate merchant ships going to Israel, and shoot down those that do not stop with missiles (they even have their own missiles called Burkan).

That’s why the four major logistics companies, which provide 53 percent of the world maritime trade, changed their routes and turned to Africa towards the Cape of Good Hope.

This means a delay of at least 3 weeks and a 120 percent increase in freight prices.

That’s why the port of Eilat, which is key in Israel’s supply chain, was disabled.

When Israel started to cry, the USA had to use its navy, which it deployed in the region after October 7, against Yemen this time. US Defense Secretary Austin Lloyd rushed to Israel and then to Bahrain.

In Manama, Bahrain-based American Naval Task Force CTF 153 announced the multinational “Prosperity Guardian” operation to prevent Yemeni attacks on Israel-bound ships in the Bab El Mandeb Strait and the Red Sea.

He also shamelessly said:

“If Iran does not stop the Houthis, world peace will be disrupted.”

Shameless man, you should first stop the genocide of your child Israel!

We have been watching images of babies being dismembered on live broadcast for 70 days, and we see Zionists rejoicing about this.

We read about Zionazis on social media saying ‘Let’s turn Gaza into Aushwitz’ and shouting ‘Palestinians are not human beings’.

All of the USA’s democracy and human rights literature went to the wastebasket of history with Israel.

USA is now not only for people like me! It is a fascist state that wears Hitler’s boots in the eyes of the whole world.

Meanwhile, there were also important developments.

As you know, Vladimir Putin’s last visit to the UAE and Saudi Arabia was very spectacular.

In both countries, Putin was welcomed with grand and magnificent ceremonies.

The Russian leader has also been in intense telephone traffic not only with the Iranian Leadership but also with Egyptian President Sisi since the beginning of the crisis.

I think these attempts bore fruit, and Egypt, Saudi Arabia and the UAE refused to participate in the US “Guardian of Prosperity” operation. (Although Yemenis’ threat to destroy oil and gas fields if the Saudis and the UAE get involved may also have been effective.)

Although oil continues to flow from Ceyhan, Turkey has not participated in the American operation (for now).

The countries participating in the US operation are listed as follows: England, Israel, France, Netherlands, Norway, Seychelles, Canada, Italy and Bahrain.

If we look at the countries other than Bahrain, we can say that a Crusader Navy has been established.

Europe has already shown that it is a vassal of the USA and its neo-Nazis from the beginning of the Ukraine war. Now he serves the Zionazis.

Bahrain is a British colonial country and 60 percent of its population is Shia, like the Houthis in Yemen.

There had already been some uprising attempts before.

Following these developments, the Houthi leadership also called on Shiites and Sunnis in Bahrain to revolt.

Ret. Admiral Cem Gürdeniz, one of Turkiye’s rare geopolitical experts, commented on these developments and warned that they could turn into a war that would engulf the world.

He said:

“This crisis, which emerged as a reaction to Israel’s massacre in Gaza, is a result of activities on land rather than at sea. Therefore, it is impossible to solve it without intervening on land, that is, on the coasts of Yemen under Houthi control. A US-led air or land attack on Yemen would suddenly escalate the Israeli-Palestinian war into the Iran-USA crisis. In a conjuncture where major maritime trade and giant oil companies such as BP have given up on Suez and Bab El Mandeb, the world economy cannot handle such a crisis that will cause the Strait of Hormuz to be closed.”

This time, there are no poor gangs with rifles against USA, there is a strong and organized army.

The resistance axis led by Iran; It consists of the Islamic Jihad in Gaza, various resistance groups in Syria and Iraq (such as Hashd al-Shaabi), the Lebanese Hezbollah, and the Yemeni Houthis.

The militia will reportedly consist of 55,000 volunteer forces with 33,000 ships and will carry 107 mm rockets.

Russia and China also provide serious political, economic and military support to Iran.

The fact that the USA is (once again) stuck in the Middle East quagmire gives Russia’s hand in Ukraine and China’s hand in Taiwan.

These are the geopolitical consequences of the event.

But from a humanitarian perspective, the “Che Guevaras in Slippers” in Yemen became the heroes who saved the crumbling honor of the Arab and Muslim world.

Three days ago, the Ansarullah (Houthi) movement managed to hit an MSC ship traveling at a speed of 25 knots with an anti-ship ballistic missile with a range of 300 km and a speed of Mach 8.

The Houthis told all ships,

“If you are not going to Israel, there is no problem, but we will continue our attacks against those going to Israel until Israel establishes a ceasefire and allows medicine and food to enter Gaza.”

The men do not step back an inch.

Ansarullah Defense Minister said the following about the US-led Operation Prosperity Guardian:

“The Red Sea will be your graveyard. We have weapons that will sink your aircraft carriers and destroyers.”

As we enter 2024, we will be watching a crisis in which the USA plays the leading role turn into a regional war.

By the way, the Houthis’ Slipper Resistance against the genocide will go down in history, after the mother’s slipper, which is the most effective punishment tool!

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  1. anaisanesse says:

    Great article. There needs to be resistance to the “defense” policies of the USA which is the main support for the Zionists .

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