Let’s Hope for a Happier New Year!

TRANSCEND News, 1 Jan 2024

Antonio C. S. Rosa | Editor – TRANSCEND Media Service

1 Jan 2024 – Dear friends, I hope that you, your family and friends have a Happy New Year of 2024. But to be candidly honest, I have my doubts.

Ronald Reagan labeled the Soviet Union ‘evil empire.’ The evil empire today is the USA-NATO-West irresponsibly salivating with the idea of a nuclear war while barking at everyone in sight. Have we lost our minds–our humanity? Most wars on the planet today point to Washington and/or Brussels directly or indirectly.

Meanwhile, the world citizenry is under a sort of spell from big media and big tech, staring at their cellphones and electronic gadgets in a zombie-like trance exactly like cattle being led to the slaughterhouse totally oblivious to their fate.

But on the same breath: I believe (hope?) that the youth of the world will eventually reject and defeat the militaristic politics of doom and its accomplices: War Journalism, War Science, War Capitalism. Militaries and Wars don’t produce heroes; they produce psychopaths with a misperceived license to kill that in time becomes a compulsion.

May the Internet as an avenue for the Globalization of friendship and respect for life prevail over the US Department of Defense’s 2.86 million employees–the  largest employer on Earth. Also over the Pentagon–largest budget on Earth. Their stated mission is to destroy, maim, kill, undo life at all levels. Evil by definition, a serial-killer factory.

May the youths who travel the world carrying backpacks and naïve dreams about rosy futures, who make friends everywhere, recognize and own their strength and ability to bankrupt the armies of the world. Generals don’ fight wars; soldiers do. So, no more soldiers–aka warriors–, scientists or budgets for the generals.

Let’s go back to being Homo Sapiens.




This article originally appeared on Transcend Media Service (TMS) on 1 Jan 2024.

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2 Responses to “Let’s Hope for a Happier New Year!”

  1. Baher Kamal says:

    Dear Antonio — Most grateful to both your good wishes and the excellence of TMS!

    Otherwise, I am afraid I also share your droughts.

    Warm hughs to to you, Antono, and to ALL TMS friends and colleagues.


    • Dear Baher, many thanks my friend, for taking the time and your praise. Noted.

      Happy New Year and remember: you are a role model. We are in this together.

      Big hug,

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