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NATO-Backed Network of Syria Dirty War Propagandists Identified
Aaron Maté | The Grayzone – TRANSCEND Media Service, 8 Aug 2022

1 Aug 2022 – Defaming journalism on the OPCW’s Syria cover-up scandal, The Guardian and its NATO-funded sources out themselves as the real “network of conspiracy theorists.”

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In Ukraine, a Proxy War on the Planet
Aaron Maté | Substack – TRANSCEND Media Service, 18 Jul 2022

15 Jul 2022 – As the Ukraine crisis causes global havoc, US officials won’t negotiate with Russia to end the fighting — and are even willing to “countenance” mounting hunger as a result.

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On Ukraine, ‘Progressive’ Proxy Warriors Spell Disaster
Aaron Maté – TRANSCEND Media Service, 13 Jun 2022

7 Jun 2022 – Urging leftists to support the Ukraine proxy war, Bernie Sanders aide Matt Duss whitewashes the US role, attacks dissenting voices, and advocates the dangerous militarism that he claims to oppose. His proxy war apologia will certainly win him a warm reception in establishment DC circles. For the US progressive movement, Ukraine, and the rest of the planet, it only spells disaster.

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Funding the Ukraine Proxy War, Bernie Sanders and the Squad Abandon Progressives and Peace
Aaron Maté | Substack – TRANSCEND Media Service, 30 May 2022

24 May 2022 – By voting to enrich the US arms industry and escalate a proxy war against Russia, Congressional progressives are enabling a militarist agenda that threatens their political cause, and the planet.

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How Obama-Biden Team Empowered Terrorists in Syria
Aaron Maté | Substack – TRANSCEND Media Service, 25 Apr 2022

20 Apr 2022 – Ukraine is the Obama-Biden team’s second major proxy war against Russia. The first was Syria, where US support for the insurgency helped create an Al Qaeda safe haven.

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Siding with Ukraine’s Far-Right, US Sabotaged Zelensky’s Peace Mandate
Aaron Maté | Substack - TRANSCEND Media Service, 18 Apr 2022

10 Apr 2022 – In 2019, Zelensky was elected on an overwhelming mandate to make peace with Russia. As Stephen F. Cohen warned that year, the US chose to side with Ukraine’s far-right and fuel war.

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