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‘RT Broadcast Halt in Argentina Is All-Out Psychological Onslaught on Latin America’
Adrian Salbuchi – Russia Today, 13 Jun 2016

The suspension of the broadcast of RT Spanish in Argentina, that provides a much-needed alternative viewpoint, along with TeleSUR, is “psychological warfare” and part of the West’s all-out onslaught on Latin America.

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‘They Want Their War And They Want It Now!’
Adrian Salbuchi – Russia Today, 25 Aug 2014

If you are playing chess and the next moves will lead to a checkmate, you have two options: either topple your king accepting defeat, or… You can kick over the chessboard, refuse to accept defeat, and let all hell break loose…! Is that what the “four horsemen of the Apocalypse,” the elites running the US, UK, EU and Israel against their own peoples’ interests, are thinking of doing?

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Why the US, UK, EU & Israel Hate Syria
Adrian Salbuchi – Russia Today, 10 Sep 2013

‘Top Eight Reasons Why They Hate Us’ is an excellent wrap-up, applicable to just about every self-respecting country in the world: no Rothschild-controlled Central Bank, no IMF debt, no genetically modified foods, oil and pipelines, anti-secret societies, anti-Zionism, secularism and nationalism.

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George Orwell’s Guide to the News
Adrian Salbuchi – Russia Today, 5 Dec 2011

The Western mainstream media falsifies the news resorting to euphemisms, half-truths and lies in the best (worst) style of George Orwell’s novel 1984. We all live in the unreal world of “Newspeak” used by the Global Power Elite to control our minds. Today, mainstream media coverage uses programmed distortion, confusion, even outright lying when its Money Power masters order it to support the “official story” on any major political, economic or financial process.

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