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How the U.S. Derailed an Effort to Prosecute Its Crimes in Afghanistan
Alice Speri | The Intercept - TRANSCEND Media Service, 11 Oct 2021

5 Oct 2021 – The new chief prosecutor of the ICC, Karim Khan, sought to reopen a suspended investigation in Afghanistan but it would not include conduct by the USA and its allies. He wrote in a statement that his office would focus exclusively on crimes committed by the Taliban and by the Islamic State Khorasan Province, or IS-K. His decision came after years of U.S. obstruction.

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No One Will Be Celebrating the 25th Anniversary of the Oslo Accords
Jon Schwarz and Alice Speri – The Intercept, 17 Sep 2018

On September 13, 1993, Israel and the Palestinian Liberation Organization signed the Oslo Accords on the lawn of the White House. Israel’s occupation has only become more entrenched — thanks in part to the cooperation of the Palestinian leadership installed by the Oslo Accords.

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It Took a Handful of Italian Women to Kneecap One of the World’s Most Brutal Crime Networks
Alice Speri – The Intercept, 10 Sep 2018

9 Sep 2018 – “The Good Mothers” tells the story of the women who turned against the ’Ndrangheta, a ferocious, family-based Mafia criminal cult rooted in southern Italy.

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A Palestinian Bedouin Village Braces for Forcible Transfer as Israel Seeks to Split the West Bank in Half
Alice Speri – The Intercept, 20 Aug 2018

13 Aug 2018 – Khan al-Ahmar is one of the last-standing obstacles in the way of Israel’s plan to completely swallow up a broad swath of land around Jerusalem.

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The Homecoming: How Ahed Tamimi Became the Symbol of Palestinian Resistance to Israeli Oppression
Alice Speri – The Intercept, 6 Aug 2018

31 Jul 2018 — Ahed Tamimi’s story highlighted the plight of Palestinian children in Israeli military jails. Hundreds more remain behind bars.

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USA: Prisoners in Multiple States Call for Strikes to Protest Forced Labor
Alice Speri – The Intercept, 11 Apr 2016

4 Apr 2016 – Prison inmates around the country have called for a series of strikes against forced labor, demanding reforms of parole systems and prison policies, as well as more humane living conditions, a reduced use of solitary confinement, and better health care.

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