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(Français) La politique est la solution
Megan Erickson, Katherine Hill, Matt Karp, Connor Kilpatrick, & Bhaskar Sunkara | Investig’Action – Jacobin Magazine, 14 Nov 2016

Nous ne pouvons pas nous déplacer au Canada ou nous cacher sous le lit. C’est le moment d’embrasser la politique démocratique, et non de la rejeter.

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Blame Capitalism for Doping in Sports
Bhaskar Sunkara – Al Jazeera America, 11 Jan 2016

Players who take performance-enhancing drugs are only responding to the incentives of the free market. When it comes to corruption in sports, don’t hate the players—scapegoats for capitalism; hate the game.

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Why 21st Century Capitalism Can’t Last
Bhaskar Sunkara – Al Jazeera America, 28 Apr 2014

The response to French economist Thomas Piketty’s “Capital in the Twenty-First Century” has been surprising, to say the least. Though the Amazon best-seller is well written and artfully translated from French by Arthur Goldhammer, the 696-page text is filled with enough charts and footnotes to occupy experts for months.

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