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Six More Lawsuits Filed Against Syngenta and Chevron Over Pesticide That Causes Parkinson’s Disease
Carey Gillam | US Right to Know - TRANSCEND Media Service, 17 May 2021

3 May 2021 – More than a dozen similar lawsuits already filed in U.S. courts. First trial set for May 10.

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Lawyers Signal More Lawsuits Likely against Syngenta, Alleging Paraquat Causes Parkinson’s Disease
Carey Gillam | U.S. Right to Know - TRANSCEND Media Service, 19 Apr 2021

9 Apr 2021 – A move by lawyers to consolidate at least 14 lawsuits filed by eight different law firms in six different federal courts is a “telling sign” more lawsuits will be filed against the company over claims its weedkiller, Paraquat, causes Parkinson’s Disease.

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U.S. Retailers Look to Limit Pesticides to Help Honeybees
Carey Gillam, Reuters – TRANSCEND Media Service, 7 Jul 2014

U.S. companies are working to eliminate or limit use of a type of pesticide suspected of helping cause dramatic declines in honeybee populations needed to pollinate key American crops, officials said on Wednesday [25 Jun 2014].

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Monsanto’s Roundup Linked to Parkinson’s, Infertility and Cancers
Carey Gillam, Reuters – TRANSCEND Media Service, 29 Apr 2013

25 Apr 2013 – Heavy use of the world’s most popular herbicide, Roundup, could be linked to a range of health problems and diseases, including Parkinson’s, infertility and cancers, according to a new study.

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Super Weeds Pose Growing Threat to U.S. Crops
Carey Gillam - Reuters, 26 Sep 2011

An estimated 11 million acres are infested with “super weeds,” some of which grow several inches in a day and defy even multiple dousings of the world’s top-selling herbicide, Roundup, whose active ingredient is glyphosate.

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