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Evil Hour in Honduras: A Banana Republic Lives On
Joseph Grosso | Countercurrents – TRANSCEND Media Service, 25 Nov 2019

23 Nov 2019 – To find callous and hypocritical American statecraft one would have no shortage of choices. From the betrayals of the Kurds, to the support for the House of Saud, including in its brutal war in Yemen, to the billions of dollars pumped into dictatorship in Egypt, to the continual dispossession of the Palestinians. However, in terms of pure cynicism the answer is found closer to home in Central America.

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The Divine Farce: Corruption and Infallibility at the Vatican
Joseph Grosso – CounterPunch, 4 Mar 2013

If the report from the Italian newspaper La Repubblica is true then it turns out that the Pope resigned due to a faction of gay Vatican officials being blackmailed by outsiders. This sordid affair emerged from an investigation by a three Cardinal team that Benedict XVI set up to look into the leaking of personal correspondence by his own butler, Paolo Gabriele, who saw such leaking as a noble act in an organization dominated by infighting and corruption.

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Joseph Grosso, 15 Sep 2009

The news on September 3rd didn’t even receive a front page headline in the New York Times. In fact it didn’t even flash across the headlines of the Times’ Business Section. This is strange if only due to the fact that news did have the novelty of involving the largest criminal fine of all time. […]

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