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‘Rolling Emergency’ of Locust Swarms Decimating Africa, Asia and Middle East
Kaamil Ahmed | The Guardian - TRANSCEND Media Service, 22 Jun 2020

8 Jun 2020 -Unseasonal rains have allowed desert pests to breed rapidly and spread across vast distances leaving devastation in their wake.

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Malaysia Cites Covid-19 for Rounding Up Hundreds of Rohingya Migrants
Kaamil Ahmed | The Guardian – TRANSCEND Media Service, 4 May 2020

2 May 2020 – In move condemned by UN, refugees including Rohingya detained amid rise in xenophobia.

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Deaths of 16 Rohingya at Sea Raises Fears Trafficking Ring Has Been Revived
Kaamil Ahmed – The Guardian, 17 Feb 2020

12 Feb 2020 – Activists fear a dangerous transnational trafficking network is being revived after at least 16 Rohingya refugees drowned in the Bay of Bengal yesterday morning. Smugglers responsible for mass atrocities in Thailand may be linked to capsized boat carrying refugees from Bangladesh to Malaysia.

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