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It’s Not Just Coca-Cola: Corporations Have Co-Opted the UN Climate Talks
Kate Yoder | Grist - TRANSCEND Media Service, 21 Nov 2022

15 Nov 2022 – COP27 is covered with logos. But that’s just the start of companies’ influence. The event is brought to you by the largest plastic producer in the world, Coca-Cola.

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How One Tiny Country Is Beating the Pandemic and Climate Change
Kate Yoder | Grist - TRANSCEND Media Service, 22 Feb 2021

12 Feb 2021 – The small Himalayan country of Bhutan, mainly known for measuring national happiness instead of GDP, is the only carbon-negative country on the planet. Believe it or not, it has only had one single death from COVID-19. Is that a coincidence?

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Indescribable Feeling: We Just Hit 410 ppm of CO2 – Welcome to a Whole New World
Kate Yoder | Grist – TRANSCEND Media Service, 24 Apr 2017

21 Apr 2017 – This is not normal: We’re on track to witness a climate unseen in 50 million years by mid-century. We first hit 400 parts per million back in 2013, and that became the new norm just four years later. And on April 18 this year, as predicted, we crossed the 410 ppm threshold for the first time at the Mauna Loa Observatory in Hawaii.

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