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Palestine Land Day: Here We Shall Stay
Lamis Andoni – Al Jazeera, 4 Apr 2016

The Judaisation strategy did not only aim at confiscating lands, but also to undermine the rise of Palestinian leaders.

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Let Israel Keep Its Freeze
Lamis Andoni – Al Jazeera, 29 Nov 2010

The freeze being negotiated between the US and Israel is ultimately designed to legitimise illegal Jewish settlements.

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And the real enemy is …
Lamis Andoni - Aljazeera, 1 Nov 2010

The US will continue to fail to convince Arabs that Iran, not Israel, poses the greatest threat to regional stability…. Washington is truly delusional if it thinks it can defeat Iran by convincing Arabs that its pro-Israeli agenda could bring peace and stability, let alone justice to the region.

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The Myth of Israeli Morality
Lamis Andoni – Al Jazeera, 7 Jun 2010

Israel’s reaction to non-violent protests inside and outside the occupied territories is part of its fear of the assertion of Palestinian identity in the historic land of Palestine…. The bullets that pierced the bodies of the activists have boomeranged, shattering the myth of Israeli morality.

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Lamis Andoni – AlJazeera, 13 Feb 2010

Analyst says Arabs can no longer afford to ignore Tehran’s human rights abuses.Three decades ago, the Iranian revolution inspired generations of Arabs and infused in them a spirit of resistance to foreign intervention. It came at a time when many Arabs had been disheartened by the 1979 Camp David agreement between Israel and Egypt, and […]

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